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  1. [Paladins] Got a 5 kill ult with Terminus, Top Play goes to a Jenos 3 man. Algorithm please!

    1. SkyesUnholy


      You were clearly outplayed by Jenos.

  2. Warriors Orochi 4.
  3. So I gave up on GH Live after I realised I needed 600,000 strums in GHTV. After hearing about the server closures due for November, I've remembered every platinum cockblock I've had before and now I'm just fuck fuck fuck. I don't know why I do this comp anyway though. Commitment is the one thing that just cannot
  4. If I didn't already have all of this I'd give it a go.
  5. That's nice, but keep it off my walls.
  6. I think you can use the Wolfpack mode for level 50 which makes soloable I think. It's just boring always getting the synchronised kill without fail. I haven't had any bad inputs in Guitar Hero Live, if I feel it's being funny I just let the game calibrate itself. EDIT: Literally on the perfect run, fully focused, and I cocked up my timing by singing along. I want to punch something.
  7. Yeah, on regular. If the highway moved any faster than that I'd struggle unless the chords were basic enough.
  8. I am alternating between the 1000 note streak on Cry of Achilles and Expert 100% on Demons and I am seriously missing like one note everytime and I'm gonna start crying like a bitch very soon but now I want to turn this into a drinking batsu game Y/N?
  9. Hello friends, I forgot this was a thing and that I was part of it. Again. That's like 30ish times over 3 seasons. I must say, Guitar Hero Live is probably the best gaming experience I've had in a long time. I didn't play any other entry in the series, and I just haven't encountered anything that I can visually see my progress so easily (moving up gradually from amateur to expert difficulty) since like... Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. If I can land 100% on Expert Demons in Quickplay four times, I might actually be able to nab myself a fancy plat (ooooooooh). Hey, what's my poo log again? I've done two of the bitch ones, I know that much.
  10. There is so many things wrong with a no campaign Call of Duty. First of all, CoD campaigns have an exceedingly good habit of being a solid single player shooter experience, something that's almost dead. The only other guys doing it at that level right now are Machine Games with the Wolfenstein titles and DICE with the Battlefield series. I don't know why it seems to be profitable to ditch when you are one of the few still doing it. I mean think about the actual campaign content in the series from Modern Warfare onward. There are memorable characters like Price, Reznov, Woods, E3N, even that dickbag Pierson. Memorable moments, like the infamous escape the sinking cargo ship scene from MW, Shepard betraying and lighting Ghost on fire, the psychological torture of Mason, watching Logan getting pulled away from Hesh by a seemingly undead psycho (RIP Ghosts 2 and any chance of continuing that cliffhanger), Holding F to pay respects, the complete lose-lose outcome of Infinite Warfare which almost never happens in games and is great summary of war in general, and every moment with dickbag Pierson. I mean I won't hand out a writers award for Call of Duty but they know how to deliver the experience they aim for. Replacing with a Battle Royale just to ride that bandwagon? How about replacing zombies instead, a mode that's overused and overrated and isn't even synonymous with Treyarch anymore. Why Infinite Warfare, a space opera, decided to stale out with another Zombies mode instead of following up with the oh-so conveniently themed Extinction mode from Ghosts... missed opportunity and a million. That and multiplayer jackal dogfighting. At least Infinite Warfare can fall back onto its campaign *hint hint*. The last thing I absolutely don't understand, is why you would set yourself up to be a microtransaction churning machine in the entirety of the game. There's no single player experience to turn to, and you can bet your sweet arse that all three alleged modes (MP, Zombies and Battle Royale) will be roofied with as many money pinching schemes as they can possibly muster. Why do that NOW? Player awareness shot up exponentially over the last year when it comes to this, and even governments are coming hard with the banhammer. It's like they really want the franchise to burn, putting all the markers to this game saying "Don't buy me, I'll steal your grape money". I mean, fuck, I really like grapes. Why do this Activision?
  11. Any answer that isn't Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is wrong, wrong, wrong.
  12. The most important thing I want to ask is that titles should include or had included some sense of exclusivity. A lot of people are throwing P5 out there despite its availability on Steam and Steam. I figure if you can throw in a reasoning for claiming exclusivity to the PS4 (like Crash N.Sane Trilogy holding timed exclusivity, or PS4 only localisation to the west) then it should be a valid entry. This opens the topic up more and terminates XYZ niggling that often comes with this type of topic. I just wanted to put that out there. For whatever stupid reason some peeps get into heated debates over these minor grievances everywhere, on a few occasions consuming the whole topic. I'll update my current list when I'm not at work.
  13. It's not out but IIRC that UE4 marketplace masterpiece Lost Soul Aside is being made by a Korean man.
  14. It'll probably be the skill points.
  15. Spyro had significantly less platforming hell so it probably came off more enjoyable by default.