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  1. [Far Cry 5] Just finished the Zombie Score Attack Gold Medals. Doing that solo was a massive pain. Glad to have my 100%!

  2. After two days and at least 100 tries (and some new blisters), finally got Best of the Best in CoD:MW. I'm shocked this isn't an UR. What a freakin' pain.

  3. Definitely my Ghostbusters plat. I got this years ago, in its original form before the servers closed. I was still fairly new to trophy hunting then, and this was my first truly scary, not-sure-I-could-get-it-done one. It was also my first real experience with multiplayer. It was almost impossible to get a match going, but I got extremely lucky and met a great player who helped me out a lot. Between the fun of the main campaign, the overall challenge, and the nostalgia factor, this is one that would really hurt to lose.
  4. In Dishonored 1, basically all of the Dunwall City Trials trophies. Some are slightly better than others, but they're all firmly in nightmare territory. The worst for me were "By My Hand Alone" and "Daredevil." That last one was especially horrid--not only do you have to put in lots of practice, but you have to wait and wait and wait for the right combination of checkpoints to spawn (and then hope you don't screw it up). Those two trophies alone took me weeks.
  5. Just finished Soma. I thought it was just the right combo of creepy, scary, and gory.
  6. Just finished my 100th complete game, AC 4: Black Flag. Now to aim for plat #100 . . .

    1. MidnightDragon


      Congrats! I just 100% it a couple days ago myself. Damn fun game.

    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. DamagingRob
  7. #75: Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag (PS3) This one also happens to be my 100th completed game. I picked it because I wanted a fun, quality title for the milestone. Definitely lived up to expectations. The multiplayer trophies can be tedious, but not as bad as some. The hardest was the DLC one “Sacred Land,” because it’s so hard to even get a legit game with the right conditions, let alone win it. In the main game, I had the most trouble with the Legendary Ships. Those things are a pain, especially the one that rams you over and over. Overall, I thought it was a lot of fun, with nice scenery, smooth controls, and a pretty good story, especially if you’ve played other games in the series. Those sea shanties will be stuck in my head for a few days!
  8. I've always been a completionist, and I became a trophy hunter the second I accidentally got my first one on PS3 and was like, "Huh, what's that?" I found out about PSNP later. I would still go for trophies if it wasn't around, but I really enjoy the layout and stats on the site. Also, when I'm deciding if I want to play a game, I always pull up the trophy list to check how hard the plat is, if there's DLC, etc. A very useful resource.
  9. Just finished Uncharted 4. What a great game! Also happened to be my 100th game played. But it does add another reason why I'll never have a 100% complete account. Damn you, Naughty Dog! :shakefist: 😉

    1. douchebro


      congrats! all in all you still have an outstanding completion rate. be proud.

  10. Just finished the RE speed rn with 20 seconds to spare. 


  11. Decided to play Resident Evil for my Halloween game. Actually never played it before. Eeep.

    1. AJ_Radio


      You're missing out.


      I played the old games back in the day. Resident Evil 4 is the newest game I've played, which definitely tells you how long it's been since I really cared about the franchise.

  12. dancing the tango
  13. I'm going with Mass Effect: Andromeda. I played the first 3 on PC and loved them. I would really like to play Andromeda, but I'm worried it will ruin the series for me.
  14. I found it very hard to get both 5 stars and 3 perfect scenes in the same run on this level. Fortunately, the level isn't very long. To get the perfect scenes, I used the Clocktower Cog and the charm that increases your pile driver range (Bearicorn Hoof). You should also have Parry Flurry and Air Slam unlocked. To start, wait for an enemy to attack, then parry flurry him. After that, keep trying for flurry attacks, and use the pile driver as needed to keep the combo going. The increased range is helpful for the annoying flying enemies. Another helpful tip I found online was that if you screw up, you can let yourself die and start at a checkpoint--your perfect scene progress will be saved. For 5 stars, it's basically the same thing, only slightly more forgiving. Use charms that increase mood, and don't forget to use your special attack. Basically just keep spamming the flurry attack whenever you can.