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  1. #200 - Persona 5: Dancing Star Night ダンシング☆スターナイト "全てのトロフィーを取得した" Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 2/10
  2. #199 - Persona 4: Dancing All Night (NA version) Dancing All Night "Obtained all trophies" Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 2/10
  3. #198 - Persona 3: Dancing Moonlight ダンシング☆ムーンナイト 全てのトロフィーを取得した Enjoyment 8/10 Difficulty: 3/10
  4. My Vita needed some love!
  5. #197 - Burly Men At Sea Ye've Done It “This day, you reach the end of a story,” she continues, “and the last of its paths.” Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 1/10
  6. #196 - God of War (2018) Father and Son "Obtain all other trophies" Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 3/10 SPOILER! #195 - A Way Out All The Ways Out "Collect all trophies" Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 1/10
  7. #194 - Steins Gate 0 (PS4) To the Promised Place "100% Completed Steins;Gate 0." Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 7/10
  8. #193 - Gravity Rush 2 Ultimate Shifter "Collected every trophy." Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 3/10 I absolutely love this game. It started really slow, but once you get to explore the world and do some side quests; it gets really good. One of the best things about this game is the soundtrack; absolutely fell in love with it! The overall story, characters and art really hooked me in. It's been 5 years since I played the original Gravity Rush, so unfortunately I don't exactly remember everything that happened in that game, but it did feel awesome to return to the world of Gravity Rush. Now I really feel sad that I have to leave this game behind and move on the other games.
  9. Crash Bandicoot. I've played 2 & 3, but I have yet to start Crash Bandicoot 1. I know it's going to be the hardest Crash Bandicoot platinum to achieve out of the 3 games. I've played the original PS1 version before and it totally kicked my butt.
  10. #192 - Devil May Cry 3 HD (PS4) Platinum Trophy "Unlock all trophies" Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 4.5/10
  11. It's time to curb stomp people again...
  12. Arrested for violating my dog’s left nippletit
  13. #191 - Batman: The Enemy Within I Am the Night "Completed Batman: The Enemy Within" Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 1/10
  14. Homemade blueberry muffins!
  15. Nope. Never heard of it