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  1. I just have Final Fantasy XIV, so Lightning sidekick for me. FFXIV is all I play anyway, so this might be as far as I get!
  2. Greatest mount ever in FF14. Time to call up some old gaming buddies!
  3. Just wondering what ppl think of the 3 new "extra jobs" from Heavensward. For me, Astrologian has grabbed my interest the most. The cards took some figuring out, but I think I've got the hang of it now. Most in my FC in Malboro don't like Machinist, gripes are it's too low DPS as you lvl higher, and dungeons take longer to DPS down. Just started with Dark Knight, so far so good. Anywho, what do ppl think?
  4. You should try it out! The game isn't that hard, but it's a serious time commitment if you're going for the platinum. After a while, you do forget about the PSN trophies though, at least I did.
  5. They probably won't add trophies this far past the launch. As Demon said though, it hardly matters. Game is amazing.
  6. It's not free, the expansion is 40 USD and 60 for the collectors edition. With all this awesome content, it'll be well worth the $.
  7. Those patch notes are insane! Can't wait til Friday, Machinist (and flying mount) here we come.
  8. Beyond: Two Souls.
  9. Honestly, don't focus too much on the settings. I did at first and it became a distraction. Go with the standard settings and keep those heavy cars steady with soft to medium braking. If you're using a standard PS3 controller like me it's hard to find that sweet spot with the braking, but once you get it right you'll be smooth as silk through those corners. I found the S-4 test to be the toughest on the narrow Brands track. Good luck, you'll get it.