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  1. Feels bad man
  2. 10.000 Trophies, it's such an epic achievement for myself in the gaming world. Yass!

  3. The bugs are still there, the game got completely ruined for me. I have also asked the PS store for a refund, and at Bethesda as well. It's a gem of a game, but thanks to the cheats and the bugs in the game It went to shit.
  4. This game is so buggy as fuck! Also annoyed that not all cutscenes can be skipped.
  5. The dlc content was dissapointing for me. But, hey, it's free.
  6. And then enter a leaderboard? What's the point of that.
  7. Looking forward to it! And it's free, you don't hear me complaining.
  8. If people need to cheat, tell me what is the point to even play a game?
  9. I wish I could read like you guys, I have already got trouble reading more than 3 sentences.
  10. I hope the optional bosses are amazing. The game alone looks amazing!
  11. No sepiroth? Shame, but still fun. but shame
  12. Me too! I'm checking it almost daily. and be like, noooooo still 60. hahaha
  13. I have been depressed since I was 11 years old, I'm 27 now. I have been getting help since a year ago, Meeting the real "you" is so difficult. But it got me more grateful for the people around me. I have actually been genuinly nice to people I don't know. Playing games is my way to escape reality, and past all this I think I will become a better "me".

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    2. skateak


      From my own experience, I would say the biggest thing is to continue to talk about it to friends, family and maybe even yourself. Not necessarily seek advice though. I feel like advice and help are two very different things on different levels of a scale. There are multiple reasons and layers to depression and a good amount of it is unique to that person. Whether it is thoughts, feelings or circumstance. It is really hard to convey something unique to yourself when talking to another person because it is exactly what it sounds like, a unique thought, feeling or circumstance to you personally, as an individual. The grey area of the uniqueness and not being to explain how it affects you, to someone with no reference point can lead to frustrating conversations and dismissive opinions, sometimes adding to the weight.


      Of course this is all my personal opinion and your mileage may vary. Like I was saying, everyone is unique.  I just saw the status, thought about it and came up with my post. 

    3. ResoluteRock


      I definitely feel the same way sometimes, I find games to be a nice way to immerse myself in another world and put myself in somebody else’s shoes. It’s nice to “become” a character that you know will be able to save the day. In reality, that kind of thing is never guaranteed and it’s really hard to face sometimes.


      Personally, I’ve begun to try to draw strength from others around me. For example, I see my older sister as one of the strongest people I know, and I try to emulate her in tough moments instead of running back to video games as a way to deal with stress. At the end of the day, you’ll thank yourself for having stood up to whatever is in your way, regardless of whether the attempt was successful or not. It’s definitely helped build up my self-confidence over the past few months. Best of luck to you, I hope everything works out for you! ;)

    4. MRTheChez


      @skateak Thank you for your kind words and wisdom, I do appreciate your time and thoughts. My English is not as good as yours is, but I got the picture. And it's so true, your personal opinion is in my eyes factual. It has been so weird for me to find people like you on the internet or forums or even in games. It's kinda special, and thanks to your words I feel supported, because you know how it is. And it's pretty damn hard sometimes, haha!


      @ResoluteRock Loosing myself in a game takes the realist effect out of me, at that point I don't feel depressed or bad, at that time I feel someone else a character made up by the game dev's. But I am so happy to have videogames around me, multiple worlds I can loose myself in. In which I love of course, loosing reality is sometimes good as an escape of the moment. Thank you for your kind words and wisdom, and I thank you from my heart for your support and time you took.

      @AlchemistWer I do own a copy of persona 5. I could actually focus myself on that. And I'm open to learn something out of games, it's the story that completes a person. (in my eyes of course) I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your opinion, wisdom and support. Thank you so much!

  14. Alina Devecerksi - flytta på dig
  15. I think they were like: "Yo dude we got this game already, let's throw it on PS4 with 4k and shit like that. And Ask 59,99€ for it." "Lit fam." Imagine it was something like that.