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  1. Exactly that! We both can't wait untill it's 26th of may. Yes you do!
  2. I'll let you know when they release it, okay?
  3. I always watch but it's dutch. you could just try find some news feed for ps4 in your country
  4. I'm so agreeing on this one, i love FarCry3 with badass Vaas in it. The whole story was great and I can't wait to redo it. And you have one awesome friend! it's great that some people share it with ya!
  5. The Gold edition of Far Cry 5 adds Far Cry 3 classic on your PS4, but does it have trophies for the FC3 game??
  6. Thank you both!
  7. It wasn't supposed to be a click bait at all. 😅 I can't wait until the last episode comes out! It has been great playing the Batman series!
  8. I'm so sorry! I was so busy writing the post instead of the topic name. Won't happen again mate!
  9. As far I can tell I found out that they will release episode 5 around February/March 2018, i'm just curious when exactly they will release it.
  10. This game sucks. The music is really annoying.
  11. Forgot that Volition made the game, my bad!
  12. Everyone has his or her opinion, I respect that.
  13. I do hope they will bring out Saints Row 5 or V. here is for hoping though.
  14. Yes it is! Deep Silver also made Saints Row. But I was affraid that it might suck but honestly it doesn't I really enjoy this game!