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  1. Tennis tour? Really?
  2. I'm hyped about this, finally shows people who actually got the real platinum trophies and not only the "buy a platinum"-trophy, but that's in my honest opinion of course.
  3. Althought Play on hard mode doesn't mean finish the game on No Future Mode / Hard mode right? Or am I wrong here? It seems very easy compared to Trials of Mana.
  4. I think Hitman 2 also came with an extra set of trophies, but who cares! Free trophies! Let's roll!
  5. Your topic is misleading, lock this thread please. From what I can read of your post is that you are going to stream or that other streamers don't clean everything? How is this a discussion?
  6. Most hated game I know is Orc Slayer, holy shit..
  7. We should be able to always get our content digitally. Closing the store should not be a problem for what you already own. Downside now is that you won't be able to get games digitally which means you have to get them secondhand. Hopefully the price won't rise because of this, but in overal meh. Wouldn't be that much of a problem
  8. This is not a trophy guide imho.
  9. Thanks I got this, and it actually does the thing I was looking for!
  10. As the title says, is there a possibility for backlogs on PSNprofiles? When making a session for getting certain trophies you an select the trophies you are hunting for, is there an option to do this for yourself on here? I think this feature will help people organize their trophies a bit more, well at least for me though. If this is absolutely not possible is there a great alternative? I'm sorry if I posted this wrong, I think it was feedback since it is actually something great for the future on PSNprofiles.
  11. Sony is not going to do anything about it tbh, I think contacting the Game dev. would help sooner, but still it's a long haul. Look to the trophy of Wolfenstein 2, many petitions to make the hardest trophy a bit easier. nothing helped, sorry
  12. You can get banned for redicilous behaviour, if you bully someone or troll someone. PSN takes that seriously. Not saying that it happened, but you can never know for sure how your friends behaviour is online.
  13. I think I got some Playstation Home trophies. Or did they delete the whole trophy list?
  14. Isn't sony already giving store money for the x trophies achieved?
  15. Aww yes! I can't wait for the extra BGM and other features. I'm psyched! I'll get it wether it gets another trophy list or not. Love the series