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  1. I thought maybe there is a chance for it to be able, but if you think about it it seems impossible.
  2. Ooh! Might just be a free upgrade after all. So PS4 > PS5 confirmed I'd say. Now the other way around?
  3. As the title says, my question is if it's possible to upgrade freely to ps5 version if you buy the ps4 game and vice versa? (vice versa meaning freely to downgrade to ps4 version) Digital version of the game cost 59,99 (standard) and will get you the ps4 and ps5 version. Here in The Netherlands we got the game for €46,69 (nice) for ps5 and 52,99 for the ps4. If this is correct I'll get the physical edition instead
  4. Ah there is my issue. thought May 2nd was time set as PM. my bad, but thank you for explaining it to me.
  5. Yup, but currently the attention would be going to us and it's about someone else. Let's get our focus on that shall we?
  6. Did you even try to look at the timestamps?
  7. Your timestamps are currently saying: Chapter 5 Chapter 6,7,8,9,10,11,12, 2 (in this particular order) Chapter 3 & 4. It simply doesn't add up and you will remain flagged for that.
  8. I can still smell bullshit straight away from a point that I notice it later on.
  9. I smell bullshit straight away. So explain how you got Chapter 5 first, then Chapter 1 after that Chapters 6 till 12 + ending and then Chapter 3 and 4. It reaks in here, just come clean.
  10. 1. Oh dang, I totally missed that part. From what I experienced is that the trophy system had always been there. To be fair I started playing on my brothers account in 2009 with some FF13. 2. I actually missed that part, now I see that chapters weren't achieved in a logical order. This will never be unflagged. Sorry for my dumb message earlier, I just tried to find it myself but apparently I can't read somehow
  11. (cross posted, also on dispute thread) There is just one theory OP has which I don't really understand. I know that with migrated saves from ps3 -> vita (MGS 2 & 3) or many ps4 games to ps5 games lately the timestamps should be close to each other, in seconds. Looking at the timestamps of Dead Space I can't find any trophy that has been earned within seconds of each other. Since PS3 came out it introduced us directly with the trophy system, games got their trophy collections right from the start as far as I'm aware of. So what I'm curious at is why is OP defending this case on autopopping trophies while it clearly hasn't autopopped?
  12. I was so into MR Polska (Dutch/Polish rave rapper back in the time) And I wanted to make my psnid MRChezka, but I found it not fitting. After a while I cam with MRTheChez, since 2009 great fit imo
  13. People cry about the auto pop or not, like bruh if you want to recollect the trophies from start how about NOT importing that save file and spare us all your bs. Love the salt though, it's like 1st world problems imo. You want to auto pop trophies? No problem. You don't want to auto pop trophies? No problem. Just get over it and enjoy a free upgrade.