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  1. Sure it's easy. But before calling a trophy bullshit make sure that clicking 10.000 times with My Name is Mayo is also bullshit. So your answer remains hypocrite.Seeing your average trophy rarity is 68.36% makes it clear that you buy easy games for easy platinum. Perhaps shots fired, but I encourage multi cultural games. Even if it's German. And yes even if it's easy. They did make a game for their community. Let's just appreciate that.
  2. Hello Gamers! I was thinking about Telltale games and the news they are going to close their doors for good. That is terrible. However, I was looking up their games which are pre orders or yet to be announced. And I found something worth sharing. (perhaps.) They tell us that the small group of 25 men (or woman, don't get me wrong) are obligated to finish what they started. According to that this means that "The Walking Dead : Final Season" will be finished after all. At least, that's what my feelings tell me. However they have other games I believe that will not see the sunlight at all. The games: Stranded Deep (pre order PS4 available, no further information found yet) The Wolf Among Us : Season 2 What is your opinion? (If not allowed please lock this thread)
  3. If you want to play the worst game of the world, go ahead haha.
  4. Who in for COD IW Zombies in spaceland? hmu

  5. Have you played eekeemoo?
  6. Mobile games are pretty fun I believe. And it's bringing in more diversity in games.
  7. We are a gaming community with a lot of fun. Mostly PSN minded but open for everyone. Join us
  8. I hope so! Please keep me updated.
  9. Is it because you play with unlimited money?
  10. Hiya! We are actually searching for more teamplayers, currently we are a team of 2 and need to find 4 others. There will be a play offs for the ones who make it etc. What ya need: - PS plus - Variaty on games - Trophy hunting exp - A damn lot time - A fine working headset Just send me a pm and we will be talking soon. If I posted this in a wrong section, my apologies I didn't know.
  11. I would have helped you out if you wanted haha. Amazing! Thank you, take my up vote.
  12. Way easier than the vietnam dlc. Can't wait to play it. But it dissapoints me on how easy these trophies are achieved.
  13. Oh shit yes forgot that. I will add you then
  14. The game was supprisingly way too easy to get all trophies. but hey we had fun
  15. You can add me, I'm a trophy hunter!