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  1. All of my old worlds got fucked up, guess I'll start another world, ugh.
  2. Trophies are not that hard, just some grinding and time consuming.
  3. It was my birthday on August 26th. And I wished for an awesome lineup for the PSplus Games September. My wish came true. It's amazing!
  4. Invalid state, great
  5. Nevermind, deleting the game and reinstalling it fixed my problem.
  6. Played the game on nightmare dificultly from the start. A Ending, neither the A ending trophy or Nightmare trophy popped. Kinda pissed right now.. Edit: Butterfly's 13 (but it keeps saying 12 while I have 13 in my inventory) Father 30 Saved everyone (10 people)
  7. I just finished checking 41 of 42 shipwrecks loot. Did the mission "We are not thieves" but still can't open the only one locked chest. anyone else experiencing this? Edit: There was another chest that needed a key that was located in the same area, perhaps a update or something. Locking the topic, sorry
  8. Nice verzameling aan trophies! Je stats zijn solid, nice man

  9. I use the Dutch website Ps4.headliner, it got all the important headliners I need.
  10. Feels bad man
  11. 10.000 Trophies, it's such an epic achievement for myself in the gaming world. Yass!

  12. The bugs are still there, the game got completely ruined for me. I have also asked the PS store for a refund, and at Bethesda as well. It's a gem of a game, but thanks to the cheats and the bugs in the game It went to shit.
  13. This game is so buggy as fuck! Also annoyed that not all cutscenes can be skipped.
  14. The dlc content was dissapointing for me. But, hey, it's free.
  15. And then enter a leaderboard? What's the point of that.