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  1. It will be God of War. It was my very first platinum on PS3 and now I am playing it on PS Vita. First one was done at April 2010, so this one will be earned after more than 10 years 😉
  2. Can you please advice me what setup did you use for elastic band throttle grind? What event or race? Did you only kept throttle pressed?
  3. I am using mobile data for updating my profile. Its always working even if your home network is blocked.
  4. That's great for you, man! Yeah, cancer is cancer of this world, lost my father (55) to it when I was 35, hate it. I am happy that you literally cheated death.
  5. Are the servers still up? I saw some recent MP trophies earnings... Can anyone confirm?
  6. Well... Can't tell You can try and let us know.
  7. Yes, real online is not working anymore, unless someone use Gonespy for it. I am really surprised with so many IT skilled gamers that it was not done yet. Anyway, ad-hoc mode uses direct connection between 2 Vitas, so there is no reason to not obtain those trophies. Also 100 fatalities etc can be easier boosted via ad-hoc.
  8. Ad-hoc matches can be played without any problems.
  9. Hmm, I am pretty sure he is only sharing with me. Is there any restriction WHEN can I play Muppets DLC? I haven't play LBP2 yet, also online section seems not to be working...
  10. Hello guys. My friend recently bought LBP2 Extra edition, my PS3 is second PS3 bound to his account. When I check his download list on my PS3, I can see Muppets DLC, but it looks like 100kb unlock, not like downloadable package (I hope you know what I mean). So once I clicked on download, it was instantly installed. Under his account of course. Now my question is - is there any way how to unlock it also under MY account? I am able to start LBP2, but cannot see that DLC...
  11. Game is now in sale, can anyone confirm that MP can be boosted with PS4/PS Vita? Is online still working?
  12. Actually you do not need any challenge from your friends. Just complete tower and send challenge to any of your friends. They do not need to be owner of the game. Just wait until the challenge expires (you should inform your friends they should not play it) and you will get the trophy. Note that you need to log in some time after it expires to earn it as it may be cancelled at all. Just check it regularly.
  13. Can anyone confirm that the glitch for not able to get 100% ingame is present on PS Vita, too?
  14. Ok, I can see that there are 2 people now who got 100% in game. First one was obviously some cheater as he has been removed some time ago from 100% club. Now the second one appeared today but still not visible. Why is so? Developers confirmed that PS Vita game should be just fine. Is there any other reason? Who obtained the 100% trophy and was it on Vita? Lot of players are waiting for confirmation that this game is 100%able on PS Vita, so...