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  1. Thank you, that was it. I was really looking for L (like Lord of the ...), M (Middle-Earth ...) or W (War in the North)
  2. I am not able to create boosting session for this game. Am I missing something?
  3. Which one? LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2?
  4. Well, it looks like thats... Sony. I would understand in case that game has two versions - PS4 and PS5 (AC: Valhalla), that saves are not compatible. But the same game? Hmm.....
  5. Hello everyone, I just want to ask if it is possible to use save files between PS5 and PS4. Yes, I know that if you run this game on PS5, you can use your PS4 saves, but I want to know if saves from PS5 can be used on PS4. I tried to upload saves to cloud on PS5, but I did not see them on PS4 when checking cloud storage. Are there some limitations? And yes, I know that I can use PS5 remote play on my PS4, but that is not an option for me right now.
  6. Hello, as far as I remember, Drake's Note is by the corpse where you find Glass Eye.
  7. Easiest method is to find someone whose rank is the same as the card you need /color can be changed using sidearms etc/. Then just play public match with him and earn his card. That way I was able to collect last card I needed.
  8. Hello my friends. I am in need of advice here. Some time ago I bought Order 1886 on Indonesian PSN store. The game is Eng/Chin/Jap version. But when I downloaded the game, there were only Chinese and Japanese languages to select from. So I did a little googling and found the solution - it had something to do with deleting game data, setting PS4 language to english and re-downloading the game. It fixed it. But, I did not finish it. So, here I come again but this time - I am not able to find the article with the exact steps to fix it. I am desperate now, can someone help me, please?
  9. Hmmm, well, this is some ... not going to curse here. So, is there any chance to get the DLCs? E.g. on physical disc or on other stores? Like with Enslaved ultimate version which can be bought on US Store and includes also DLC?
  10. I tried to message you via PSN, but you probably have privacy set not to bother you. So you can add me if you want I will then post you picture of what am I missing. And thank you very much.
  11. You should be.. But this game is glitchy... I had to play the last level over 5 times to get the last Intel.. Kept on interrogating the guy over and over and didn't work. Then I took a break cause I was about to throw my Vita at the wall. Hello, is here anyone who can give me precise information how to obtain cards into valour deck? I got 4 cards missing and 1 intel. I need to obtain at least 1 card so that I can finish collecting intel and fill remaining 3 cards. But: - I am doing contracts and no cards has been given to me so far - I read somewhere that if you rank up to rank with different name (e.g. colonel to general) you will be given 1 card - no card given - MP is quite dead... So my question is - how can I obtain at least 1 card? Can I obtain specific card? If I start new campaing, will my card deck reset?
  12. Thank you very much, it really helped. I have created Activision account (on PC) and linked it with my Indonesian PS account (this is where I bought the game). Then when I entered game and went to Campaign it finally checked all installed components and allowed me to download missing Data packs.
  13. Did you figure it out?
  14. You can check trophy progression from main menu - > extras - > personal information and scroll to the end. Greyed quests count as done.
  15. Yeah, most of the modes are doable in 2 players. I strongly advice to find another dedicated partner for Flying the coop trophy. I did this with 2 friends (each one separate) and it required lot of time, effort and dedication. But we really enjoyed the feeling at the end 😉 Fingers crossed, its doable