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  1. Can anyone confirm that the glitch for not able to get 100% ingame is present on PS Vita, too?
  2. Ok, I can see that there are 2 people now who got 100% in game. First one was obviously some cheater as he has been removed some time ago from 100% club. Now the second one appeared today but still not visible. Why is so? Developers confirmed that PS Vita game should be just fine. Is there any other reason? Who obtained the 100% trophy and was it on Vita? Lot of players are waiting for confirmation that this game is 100%able on PS Vita, so...
  3. Ups...
  4. Fingers crossed for the Tuesday trophy. I definitely hope that 100% is achievable on PS Vita. Last time I was disappointed by Plus game not able to get 100% was Squares. At least EU version as US version was patched (I hate these differences between regions)
  5. As far as I know patch on PS4 made game impossible to 100%. Even if you do everything in the game, counter stops at 99. something. Someone playing this game on Vita could check if this has been fixed and/or game can be played unpatched. Will definitely keep an eye on this.
  6. What version is game on Vita? Does it have cross save function with PS4? As it has shared trophy list you should be able to get True Tuesday on PS4.
  7. The game has been released today as free game for PS Plus members. I am thinking about starting this game but won't do it unless someone confirms that all trophies can be obtained (I am talking about PS Vita version)
  8. Shame... On him. Why isn't he banned then?
  9. Do we have a real platinum achiever? There are some interesting platinum trophies in his profile...
  10. Thank you very much for your reply. Clears a lot and saves lot of energy to reach 1st place after those who already reached 4095
  11. Btw how the places are counted? If e. g. there are 300 players on the challenge, it means that 3 first places should earn Diamond cup, right? If there are 5 players with the same distance, is it counted still as 1 and other 2 players will receive Diamond Cup or only those 5?
  12. Yep, same answer here, but at least they know that we know
  13. Ok, does not some regulation apply for this? If one region receives fixed game and another one broken, does Sony have any word on publishing the games? As far as I know it cannot be published without their approval so I think they should be (or at least they should have to be) able to push the devs to fix it or to change the version of game on store. Can someone post mail address to devs? Maybe if we spam them they will change their minds?
  14. What the f*ck!!! What money do they need? Shouldn't we contact Sony to upload the same game version to EU store? What got devs to do with that?
  15. Ok, so I seem to be in the same situation here, completion rate at 97.1% and granade capacity on 24. May I know if you remember where did you find the last capacity upgrade, please?