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  1. OmegaXXlI 俺たちに翼はない This was not hacked or anything. This was a a visual novel i played back a few years ago where I created saves right before acquiring that specific trophy. Character/heroine branches are different as well as the choices you choose and make so I simply created a save spot right before I got that specific ending then I branched out into another characters branch and created another save before their ending, after that it was as simple as loading the saves I had created prior and earning the respective ending trophy. I followed the guide on and I created several visual novel guides as well. I own and played this game legitimately. Furthermore the game in question was played on the PS Vita back in 2015 which was impossible to even hack at the time. Both Hakoom and Roughdawg4 can vouch for me and know that I did not hack/cheat this game.
  2. Hello there, any chance you still have a Paragon avatar code set still? If so I would like to have one please and thank you!