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  1. I have almost platinumed this, 2 more hidden packages are all I need for 100%, but I just can't find them. I even didn't pick any up during the game so i could make sure I get each one with a checklist, to make sure this wouldn't happen. So I am quite sure they're glitched, but I've never heard of it glitching like this before. is it possible it's glitched or have I just made a really dumb mistake somewhere?
  2. I have a lot but ill just name few Aoi Asahina - Danganronpa Junko Enoshima - Danganronpa Hikage - Senran Kagura Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Aigis - Persona 3 Yuna - FFX Metallica - Witch and the 100 knight I have a lot more but thats probably enough.. lol
  3. how often is this game going to try updating? I turned auto updates off but it still tries to install the update each time I start it. I can just delete it though and I need to disconnect wifi or else it is stuck on authorization anyway. I don't really mind those things, but im worried the update could just randomly pop up for example if I leave the PS4 on overnight for other downloads. then my free tables will be gone
  4. I watch anime or TV shows. almost all anime I watched was while grinding games (or in class lol).
  5. I have been trying all day, about 12 hours on and off, probably around 8-10 hours of actual game play. going to have to try again tomorrow, im going to beat this if it takes me all summer break. got to the final enemy once, then messed up the stun lock by pressing it too early and died.
  6. Woah I saw this just in time lol. I bought wolf among us. I would buy the Vita ones but im in the UK so so I wouldn't be able to play them on my Vita without another memory card and yeah... I am also guessing that it wouldn't be on the same PSN account.
  7. I hidden two platinums that was from using the cross-save thing (on sly cooper and motorstorm RC) as well as a couple of games I didn't like enough to play.
  8. I only have Godhead left to unlock, I wish I could just use the seed run exploit lol. I tried deleting and reinstalling, but it deleted the save too and I couldn't sync to get it back without updating. So I guess there's no way to keep a save AND delete the patch?
  9. I guess I should get it then. im just starting to like fighting games, so im worried if I dont buy this now ill regret it later on or something, lol.