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  1. Platinum #49 - Xblaze Lost: Memories. I really enjoy this series. Well, the visual novel set since the fighters would just end terribly for me.

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    2. Royalredpanda


      Thanks all! =^.^= Next up, grinding the remaining battles for Operation Abyss.

      @Blue Flare - Do it! Embryo is what got me into this series since I liked the themes in the story.

    3. Shana Alter

      Shana Alter

      The BlazBlue games are so good though as long as you DO NOT play on PSV... and are where most of the story is to the series too with Calamity Trigger, Continuum Shift, CHRONOPHANTASMA and the coming Central Fiction.

    4. Royalredpanda


      Is that the order they go in or does the order not matter?

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