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  1. There is matchmaking? I hope so bc that will help
  2. Any chance this is coach coop? Can use two controllers?
  3. Coach co-op I'm assuming?
  4. Couch coop?
  5. Loved the first game - and honestly dont know why - so looking forward to this platty!
  6. Grindy as hell.... And I like the grind!
  7. Agreed - from what I can tell, this will be very obtainable
  8. Day one, no question - always good gameplay, fun easy plat and they support the Vita.
  9. Depends on the challenges but I love the look of this list... Couldn't stand Destiny 1's trophy for beating a raid without one of your crew dying - no trophy list should have trophies tied to another person's gameplay
  10. Bahahaha - that's hilarious
  11. IGN just gave this port a whopping 3 on its review...I think I'll pass
  12. You are the one that has an opinion about a question I asked... How about not attacking someone for a question and dying on a hill to try and prove you were right for being a prick? I stand by it... As long as there is one game on the market with with VR in the title that you can play with or with VR, in my mind it's a fair question. The reality is I've sent over a factual list of games on the market right now that show that... Sure some don't have VR in the title but some do but the point still stands. If you have different factual info, please share. The reality is you wanted to attack someone because you have an opinion on their question which is childish to begin with... That's your choice. Outside of all of that, this is a trophy forum and you are talking about "ridiculous" questions - that's laughable
  13. Here's a list of 70 games that you can play in VR or non-VR... https://store.playstation.com/en-us/grid/STORE-MSF77008-PSVRCOMPATG/1?direction=asc&sort=name Oh, and if you weren't aware, Borderlands was original a "flat" game and not a "VR" game to begin with - hence the question
  14. Thanks for answering this yes, and I've platted it both on PS3 and PS4 and was asking because I would do it again You can others answered this question - to add to it, most games started shifting to allowing people to play with or without VR because it significantly opens up their game to a larger audience. Tetris Effect is another recent example - I love Borderlands and wouldn't mind playing this in VR sometimes, but platting this entire game in VR would be too much for me personally is why I asked the questions I want to get the plat again but not if I have to play the entire game in VR - my brain and eyes would explode. I'm aware - I've platted both of the and was asking because I would do it again for another plat. Its probably my favorite game of all time, or at least in the top 5. As a trophy hunter, getting another plat and playing again would be great, but not if I'm locked into VR the entire time. Maybe a mix My thoughts exactly and why I inquired if it was a VR game that could be played either on VR or regular.
  15. Yes really. A very large percentage of VR games can be played in VR or without.