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  1. Just went through and added author and level hearts for the following users: @kagealchemist @konrad_89 @Dasnake10 @Haruhii @SpyroChampion @gobbledigook-ros @ill_359 @Espada-girl @Kevwino @quadboy_007 Please return the favour if you haven’t already! And if you have, thank you!
  2. Done!
  3. Added a bunch of hearts: @Deezle34 @SeRGioPRoXy @me-ins @stellar_gamer @grifteskymfning @dottyduke1 @TWILIGHT-GUYVER @SolveSoul @nachurrias @GTRP_Lancerlover @LifeIsSenseless @Jarinator923 @Bossi15 @JackPJSummers @LordZolima Thanks to everyone who has given author/level hearts so far. I’m still looking for author/level hearts and plays if you can help out. Will return the favour!
  4. In need of player and level hearts. Will return the favour!