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  1. That sucks I did it straight through one Saturday. I took short breaks here and there, but just left it paused. I guess I lucked out. Playing through BF4 sp, I found a ton of minor glitches and even feel through the map a time or two, haha. I heard about an issue where you lose all sp progress of you play any mp, so I finished all sp trophies in as close to one sitting as possible. It's pretty irritating that games are coming out with bigger price tags and bigger issue than ever before
  2. I concur. The cut scene graphics are amazing. The in game graphics are quite awesome too, but the contrast of the two makes it seem like the in game are inferior to me. I'm thoroughly enjoying the campaign and trophies.
  3. I recently started my hc playthrough and am able to back up my save to USB and ps+. I'm not sure why it wasn't working for you unless your USB drive didn't have enough room on it. There was recently a patch though, so maybe the save file was locked prior to that. You could always re-import your ps3 save and start from there. Data loss ducks
  4. I would definitely purchase it!
  5. I'm a little late to this party, but I had the same issue. I thought the Ghuls just had to kill the Groug, but the explosive damage from dispatching them is the key. I searched high and low for a good place to do this in free-roam... While it should be possible, I struggled with getting enough Ghuls branded to actually do anything to the Groug. I ended up using the 2nd save slot and starting the DLC over. It doesn't take long to get back to this point and it worked like a charm on the first try once I knew what I was supposed to do, haha.
  6. While you can filter down the trophies in the Trophy Log, I believe he is looking for numerical statistics. For example: 2014 Statistics 10 Platinum 15 Gold 32 Silver 211 Bronze 32 Games Played 12 Games Completed etc.. You can get these numbers manually, but it would definitely be nice to have a snapshot of the year (filterable, of course) that does all the counting for you.
  7. Pretty much what everyone else has said. In addition, there seems to be lag issues from time to time. 1 second of lag makes all the difference in PvP - I can't tell you how many times i've gone around a corner to get out of the line of fire and died. The biggest point to note here, is whether you are in Iron Banner or not. Iron Banner allows "level advantages".
  8. There seemed to be a lot of interest when you originally asked about them. I'd be willing to purchase more to help you offset your "losses".
  9. How many orders did you get Simula?
  10. # 150 Destiny Earned by 644 of 111,953 PS4 game owners This game is a fantastic pile of crap. LOL. What usually defines a solid game is its story. Bungie decided to waiver from this paradigm with Destiny. The story starts out very strong - even if it is a bit confusing. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal because you would understand things as the game progressed. Nope. Not in this game. You won't get much in terms of story from this game, so don't get your hopes up too much. Now even though the story sucked (or was non-existent), the gameplay is highly addictive. The game has beautiful environments to "free-roam" through where I found myself constantly getting distracted and exploring. There are a few ways you may choose to spend your time in Destiny. You can enjoy Story Missions, Strikes, Raids (currently only 1 available), or multiplayer - which I will get into later. The major content will only offer you rewards on a once per week basis. There are bounties to keep you occupied on a daily basis while you are waiting for the weekly reset however. Most of your time will be spent playing the same things over and over again hoping to get legendary weapons and gear. My advice is to get a group of friends, fire up a party chat, and just have fun. For a RPG/MMO, this game has a very terrible loot system. EVERYTHING is based on a RNG (Random Number Generator) when it comes to loot drops for weapons, armor, etc. This may seem okay and you may be wondering why i'm mentioning/complaining about it... well, the difficulty of your tasks do not correlate to the rewards you are given. For example, I can play Patrol (free-roam) for an hour and have the same chance at getting a legendary engram as doing a level 28 strike (high-level enemies and 1-2 bosses). Personally, I think the player should be rewarded for their efforts in the harder tasks... Bungie does not share that opinion. The multiplayer in this game is called the Crucible. There are a few varieties of TDM (Team Death Match) along with 2 objective-based modes.Unfortunately, the playlist is very restricted and the 2nd objective mode (Salvage) is not always available for play. I don't really understand why they felt the need to limit the game modes you can choose from I don't particularly enjoy this game's multiplayer. There are only a couple of maps, limited play modes, and the team balancing is terrible. If you have a group of friends to play with, you may really enjoy yourself though. The vast majority of the trophies in this game are simple and will simply take time. The trophies having to do with the Raid (currently on the Vault of Glass on Venus) will test your skills, patience, and luck. Completing the Raid on Hard (lvl 30) is going to take some good players and better strategy. You will be running the Raid many times before you will feel comfortable enough Platinum Difficulty: 9/10 Overall Enjoyment: 9/10 Big thanks to TDYWS! ChaoticDoomOfBob, daftprophet, lylababy, REDSHIRT64, and Rowdi1 ...and special thanks to TigreBoo and DaemonisNoctis Video of Platinum:
  11. Where's your picture?
  12. Do you think you could join a hard raid about 7ish tonight?

    1. SitusKiss


      Possibly. I'll see what's up when I get home in a few hours, but I should be good to go.

    2. REDSHIRT64


      That sounds about as fun as eating a box of good n plenty

    3. SitusKiss
  13. This was always a complaint for me as well. If there is an option, disable it in game. Otherwise you could look for a large controller accessory. The Jak series was painful for me due to the back touch pad.
  14. Lovin' it!!! Thanks a million simula