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  1. The platinum for Bioshock Infinite on PS4
  2. Hello all, according to my hero card so far i have 13 online ranked wins but still no trophy ?? Anyone have an idea as to why it isnt popping ??much appreciated
  3. Add SirJayBee1993 please
  4. Got to be DMC 3, also my fav platinum so far
  5. Hello, just tried to play on my dante playthrough to complete bloody palace mode after completing the game with vergil, but all of my devil arms have gone, all my mission data is messed up and as soon as i start a mission with dante, the game freezes. Need some help as i dont want to lose my dante file as i've put more than 40 hours in to it.
  6. Have done, still nothing. Really pissing me off since i will need to re do it all again to get the last costume to complete bloody palace as its hard as shit, done a bit of research and cant do anything to fix it
  7. Hello all, question for anyone who's unlocked all the trials, on the anti-air emplacments side op, when you tag all the enemies ive tagged all of them but one, and once ive blown the armoured vehicle up it says ive failed the trial, anyone know why ? Do i need to tag the vehicle or the guy inside somehow ? Any help is much appreciated