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  1. Looking to boost all online trophies, psn id: huskies_hoops Thanks in advance:)
  2. Whoo! I'm really excited for Rainbow Skies can't wait. I'm deftnely looking foward in playing any of those other games on the list :3.
  3. Just like the title of the topic says I would like to know if there is a way on skipping the animation when you perform the skills? I have been playing this game for about 70+ hours (ps vita version) and I haven't found a way on skipping the animations. Any help is much appreciated thanks in advance
  4. Thank you! I just beat him. I saved the shield for the wave when you have all zombies coming at you that way I was protected it the whole time, my heart-rate went up like crazy when I was about to shoot the last few bullets especially because my health was down to 15 % of life lol.
  5. So, basically has any of you beat chapter 6 boss without dying? And, if so can you comment and provide some tips on how to beat him? I'm having such a hard time trying to beat him ! It gets me soo frustrated haha. Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm buying it today:) feel free to add me huskies_hoops
  7. Sometimes it happens to me when I'm not connect it to the Playstation Network