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  1. @HuntingFever Not at all. "Legacy Mode" is the original game with the original item balancing.
  2. I didn't follow any sort of guide for the most part (Just to look up a few locations of things), and it was fairly challenging to find everything, especially for the one Silver trophy, "The Wooden Shoe Drops." I would say that's the toughest one there is, but nothing too bad. You may need a second controller for the four co-op trophies. Enjoy the game, though. It was really overlooked, and I think a lot of people who missed it would really have fun with it.
  3. I got the Platinum and gave the game back to my brother, so I can't accept any more D4D requests. Thanks, everyone.
  4. I absolutely loved this game. They really made it feel like you were part of a play, and the platforming was great. I'm happy that more people will play it now that it's coming to Playstation Plus.
  5. Specifically, Nightmare's Rook Breaker attack is useful in the sense that the A.I. has trouble blocking it. I also recommend Kilik as a good choice, especially for the Extra Survival Death Match trophy. While not very difficult to begin with, Kilik's long range attacks make it even easier.
  6. Anyone looking for the Medic trophy, you can also get it yourself offline with your PS Vita if you own one. Just use the Remote Play feature.
  7. On the Lt. Colonel mission "Terminal Termination," I know there is a chest immediately to the right with a Quality Pin inside. Depending on how many you need, it might be annoying to keep getting it, but once you do get it you can just call Bobby to pick you up and then go back into the level. Each time you return to camp, though, you can make another meal and work on your Foodie trophy. EDIT: Just realized you already have Foodie. Oh well.
  8. Thanks, guys. I'll give them both a try.
  9. Topic. Where can I get a lot of steel really quick? Thanks.
  10. Also, try to boost while drifting. Shaved a few seconds off my times.
  11. Message me on PSN after you download my karts, mods, and tracks, and I will download yours. Thanks. PSN is NUTTY_CRUSADER.
  12. Download my karts, tracks, and mods, then send me a message on PSN (NUTTY_CRUSADER), and I will go and download your stuff. Thanks.