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  1. Nothing but great, do we have it yet? If we don't, we should.
  2. Your opinion bro, I just can't help but feel that this is somewhat disingenuous a little, I'm not bitching about it, just saying it's all a little pretend, if walmart made this video the same way but about them would you find it sincere and believable?
  3. Most gamers are seen in a negative light because they bitch over dumb shit, like first party exclusives and consoles lol I just don't believe sony are thankful lol, it's all corporate bs man. Sony Playstation are there to provide a service and make money, this time they provided a good service and they made money, everyone's happy.. aside from the xb fanboys; no need to get all mushy about it, they want consumers to fall for it. Mr sheldon cooper up there was considering buying a PS4 just thanks to this video, they want you to feel like part of a family/team whatever to hook you in, they're thankful for the money is all, if the ps4 was post XB1 numbers; this video wouldn't exist. They wouldn't be saying thank you for 8 million shares ect ect.
  4. Ugh great EU PS content for April is awful.

  5. Awesome man, good job, keep 'em coming,
  6. Ahh great another dude who just because he has man titties thinks that qualifies him to call himself a lady, all seriousness though maybe you are a girl, maybe no one cares, maybe it doesn't matter.. so why did you mention it. You rage a lot on mic I assume, well there's someone I want to play with, sounds like fun being screamed at by a lady with sideboob just because I didn't capture B flag. Do you have a friend called lilkitythatcouldnt? Feel free to add me, I'm sure we can insult each other. - bwuthole
  7. Different strokes for different folks man nothing wrong with not caring for plats, in fact I welcome it, I would've accomplished more real life stuff, like ending world hunger, making poverty a thing of the past and successfully being the first man to ever take a shit on the moon, unfortunately I started platinum trophies; anyways welcome to the forums, no one cares about your trophies we only care for the content of your character.. wow did I just say that? I'm such a nice fucking person. Have fun playing and not caring at all.
  8. Corporate bullshit to make you feel loved yay! team playstation yay! ehh go away.
  9. Ahh man I was really hoping they were going to make a synchronized swimming 2014. I can only dream of being in control of 14 fat women swimming under water all doing the same shit.. ahh man Handball 2014 it is. ;/ I'll play it, but only because there's no swimming.
  10. The Shiny show called, they want their shiny platinum trophies back.. that's where they went, you have over 100 I'm sure you can spare a few.
  11. Couldn't be more useless if you tried, the guy never asked for an English lesson, it clearly isn't his first language, I'm English and I immediately understood what he was getting at, if you can't answer the actual question, don't bother posting. As for the plat being achievable still, I'd only be repeating what the other guys said so yeah I should imagine it kind of is. Your English is good enough my man, google translator is a thing too, so you could type in your first language on there and have it converted too English, just so you know.
  12. I get you you see it a lot when people ask for specific things on here though, people always seem so quick to jump to the 'oh you should have done it here' thing now, kind of reminds me of the 'first' comment on youtube that every one posts, if you give em a friendly pointer and say hey man this really belongs in this section and then you add your two cents after, that's awesome, it's helping the noobs and it's answering the persons question. Most people just go straight to telling them they're wrong, telling them what to do and not answering their question at all lol, so ass backwards and not needed, you didn't do that, I wasn't implying it was you either, the posts here were fairly good and helpful, not that they need my approval lol, just bugs me when I see the useless whiny bitches, whining at new comers because they made a mistake. lol I'm ranting, my bad.
  13. I can't understand why Square don't remake final fantasy 7.. they seem to spend a lot of time making trash, 7 needs a new gen reboot imo, hook some more fans. Mind you the FF coming up looks amazing.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JadedDragos


      That would be nice, but companies re dumb and greedy.

    3. VetoShizuko


      IMO 7 have plently of spin offs and stuff so I rather see a 6 or 9 remake

    4. Precision-Playyy


      The reason he said he didnt want to make a 7 remake is because it is already accessible to playstation users at the moment as it is on the playstation store, and the reason they remade FFX/X-2 and are more then likely to remake 12 is because it is not accessible, unless you have a backwards compatible PS3 which are pretty rare these days, also said it would be the pinnacle of his career to make the 7 remake and is more then likely the last thing the owner will do before he retires, thats what...

  14. ughh can't stand it when peoples only replies to the OP are them bitching about what the OP did wrong with the post they made.. gtfo, as for some advice, try searching on youtube or google, or perhaps look at the trophy tips for that trophy, maybe some of those places may help. Worth a try right.