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  1. I can't understand why Square don't remake final fantasy 7.. they seem to spend a lot of time making trash, 7 needs a new gen reboot imo, hook some more fans. Mind you the FF coming up looks amazing.

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    2. JadedDragos


      That would be nice, but companies re dumb and greedy.

    3. VetoShizuko


      IMO 7 have plently of spin offs and stuff so I rather see a 6 or 9 remake

    4. Precision-Playyy


      The reason he said he didnt want to make a 7 remake is because it is already accessible to playstation users at the moment as it is on the playstation store, and the reason they remade FFX/X-2 and are more then likely to remake 12 is because it is not accessible, unless you have a backwards compatible PS3 which are pretty rare these days, also said it would be the pinnacle of his career to make the 7 remake and is more then likely the last thing the owner will do before he retires, thats what...