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  1. Can you set a credit limit on it? I was older than my peers were before I got my first credit card, and the bank offered me some ridiculous multiple of my monthly salary as the limit. I said no thank you, and asked them to issue one which had a limit low enough that even if I maxed it out I would be comfortable paying it next pay-day. Do that if you go for the card, if you can and are worried about debt. There is no point in having a crazy credit limit which would ruin you if you reached it.
  2. Fine by me. I'm still working my way through a backlog of 2017 games (well, with MHW as a pleasant distraction from that undertaking). Heck, take another year, please - there is so much quality gaming out on the system already I can wait. Just don't stick loot-boxes in it.
  3. It's hard to be specific when you say nothing about your preferences, but I would say that these are the must-have games that are on PS4: Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection Uncharted 4 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Nier: Automata The Last of Us Remastered Horizon: Zero Dawn Persona 5 Monster Hunter World Ratchet & Clank The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt DOOM (2016) The Witness I would research all of these and see if they appeal to you.
  4. Well done everyone! (Just checked and realised I didn't finish a guide last year...! Must do them.)
  5. What you talking 'bout? That movie was great. A benchmark in my childhood: there was the me before watching that movie, and then the me that had seen that movie.
  6. Microsoft wouldn't be doing it if they didn't think it would make money. Getting people to sub probably leads to more long term revenue from that consumer than selling individual products. Since I bought a Netflix sub, I haven't bought a DVD/Blu-Ray. People also don't tend to un-subscribe from services they no longer need as efficiently as they should if they were behaving like the "rational" agents assumed in micro-economic theory. I know I left it for years to cancel my TV package after getting a Netflix sub, even though my viewing habits had changed and I exclusively watched Netflix/Youtube/catch-up services, and stopped watching live TV entirely. (I know that's anecdotal evidence, but I doubt I'm the only one. There was this niggling fear that if we cancelled we could "miss out" on something and it wasn't that expensive per month.) My guess would be that Game Pass would follow a similar trend, that once people subscribe they seldom un-subscribe. Having a reliable income stream could also be good for games - companies might feel less pressure to get a game out in any particular financial year, so we might see fewer rushed games. There's also the point that MS and Sony have different histories, which probably inform their business philosophy to some degree. MS has historically been a software and services company. Sony has historically sold products. It makes sense that their different reactions to market trends would be informed by their histories. MS sees the rise in streaming services in other entertainment markets and says "great, we can do that too with our existing infrastructure and sell another service, we don't care if you access it via XBOX or PC". Sony says "great, we can sell another product which can access services, but we don't want to give them too much service because then they won't buy our other products".
  7. Darksiders 1 was better, IMO (played both on 360). It was a tighter, more focused game, and very Zelda/Metroidvania esque, with having you revisit locations once you had more abilities to grab collectibles. Darksiders 2 suffered from feature creep.
  8. Oh come on, like you wouldn't be doing that kinda thing if you could get away with it! I'd find something more interesting to do than play golf though...
  9. Yeah, thinking about it, these two rules have sort of come into play for me too, without really thinking about it. Like, I want to try AC: Origins at some point because it apparently tries to do something new with the franchise, but I have no desire to play Syndicate, no matter how cheap it goes. That's sort of the application of your rule 2, but I didn't really think about applying it. And yeah, the indie scene is really good at the moment. I started Sexy Bruatle with a friend over the weekend (it's really good for pass-the-controller-co-op: we took it in turns to play each of the game's "days" and puzzle things out) and it's a really refreshing puzzle game with how it uses time mechanics and stealth.
  10. Got a 4K TV this weekend. My jaw was on the floor when I booted up Horizon: Zero Dawn again. Going to do an NG+ playthrough and the Frozen Wilds DLC to enjoy it all properly, but my god it is stunning. 

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    2. StrickenBiged


      Yeah, I finished Horizon before I got my Pro so I had the "vanilla" graphics all the way on my first PT. 


      Loving NG+ though. I'm playing on Ultra Hard this time (because I need some incentive to use up my arrows and my 2500+ sticks) and it makes for a much more tactical game. 

    3. PooPDeePie


      Haha I had an insane amount of money so I can relate xD

    4. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      Grats on new TV :)



  11. D'oh! I missed it! Having said that, one of my new year's resolutions is to make more of an effort to only buy a game when I'm ready to play it - I reckon I will save more money overall this way. It will be on sale again, and in the meantime I might be able to attack my backlog some more!
  12. I had a quick google for you. This thread might help? TL;DR: Try "tapping" the PSU (I'm not sure what this means... a physical tap on top of the console? Or is it an electrician's term?), or try disabling the function where it charges controllers while in Rest Mode/Standby.
  13. Activision Blizzard's publishing licence with Hasbro expired. All the other Transformers franchise games (e.g. the movie tie ins) have gone too. In Spider-Man's case, it was, of course, their deal with Marvel that expired. Activision used to do a shit-tonne of licenced games, so we'll probably see a lot more of their back-catalogue disappearing over time where they don't own the franchise. Welcome to the digital future everybody.
  14. Off on holiday. Catch y'all in a couple weeks. Have a Merry one, and a Happy the-other. ;) 

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    2. Riq IV

      Riq IV

      Quick everyone, start spamming @StrickenBiged with a status update once every two hours, so he's got way too many notifications when he returns!


      Let's find out if the notification counter can handle triple digits :D

    3. StrickenBiged


      @Pickle Rick I admire your scientific instinct...


      Still abroad, unfortunately typhoon Tembin that has been in the news has meant that the sun hasn’t yet shone on the tropical island I’m staying on. Still, would I rather have rainy weather in paradise, or rainy weather in cold England? 


      Did everyone have a nice Christmas, by the way? 

    4. Riq IV

      Riq IV

      Take the route I took on my one rainy day in Malta.


      ... Go diving! If you're under water, it's not raining!*



      *depending on how big a typhoon we're talking about, this may or may not be a suicidal action.

  15. Oh yeah, a much better idea. That definitely. Personally, I don't think Sony should chase Nintendo quite that hard that the next numbered PS console is a Switch copy. It should be a powerful home console capable of delivering cutting edge games just like the PS4 is. I prefer the idea that the Vita2 be the Switch-copy, with the PS4/PS5 capable of playing Vita2 games while the Vita2 can RemotePlay PS4/PS5 games. I want my portable to be a dedicated portable and my home console to be powerful, but I want my PlayStation library to be ready to play on whichever device I feel like playing it on, if that makes sense. I don't want the compromises between portability and power that the Switch entails. If it helps to explain my point, I am not interested in the Switch as a device what I want is seamless cross-play between my devices, but with each being good at what it is supposed to be, without having to be a hybrid.