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  1. Was that deliberate...? On topic: Awesome, well done Sony for stealing the idea (and improving it) from MS! Happy 10 years to those of you hunters who've been at it since the beginning!
  2. Yeah, me too! I guess they're doing it to promote Detroit maybe? We got Beyond: Two Souls the month before Detroit released also... ūü§Ē
    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      Yes sony, salt all of the fortnite players lol


    2. DamagingRob


      I'm not even sure why this is an issue. Are there that many Xbox/Nintendo players than want to play against PlayStation gamers? And what for? The whole thing just seems bizarre to me. 

    3. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      In a console world Ps is on top and they want to slide inside.

      The fucked up part is Microsoft is in the PC master race race with there windows 10 stuff


      Cross play would be cool, but will there would be some messed up trolling from the both sides


  3. I'll add Vostok Inc to the list, though I second Cat Quest and Sexy Brutale.
  4. In my 30's, married, with a full time 9-5 job. Luckily, the wife goes to bed a couple of hours ahead of me. So I usually squeeze in 2 hours per weekday between 9-11pm. On the weekends, I'll stay up as long as I want playing games, usually hitting the sack anywhere between 3-5am depending on what time I have to be up on Saturday/Sunday. Chores, life, job, etc, is done outside of gaming time, obviously.
  5. The site lags a little behind PSN's servers, which is where the data is scraped from. There isn't some guy constantly adding trophy information to PSN Profiles. Relax, it will come next time the site checks in with PSN, assuming the data is live there already.
  6. I have an LG OLED55C7V 55". It's fantastic, comes highly recommended from me. In Game Mode, HDR can be enabled just fine - it's turned off by default, but if the game uses HDR then a little thing pops up in the corner to let me know that it has switched over to HDR. I haven't noticed any input lag issues at all. As a TV it's also really good. Has separate apps for all the major streaming services, and supports 4K streaming for the likes of Netflix and Amazon (streaming via PS4 Pro is currently only 1080p max) so we use less energy now as we can put the PS4 to sleep when we want to stream TV. The picture quality is honestly amazing, I recommend you go to a store and check one out in the flesh if you can. As these are last year's model, they're getting cheaper and cheaper all the time. My wife and I bought it just after Xmas for £1,500 or so and don't regret a thing. Edit: P.S. It's Digital Foundry's recommended 4K TV, for the time being at least, and they know their shit.
  7. Didn't know what to play after platting Darksiders this weekend, and fired up Lords of the Fallen out of boredom. And do you know what... I really rather like it. What a great PS+ giveaway.

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    2. Paleblood


      @PooPooBlast You're still right you know :lol:

    3. IntroPhenom


      Lords is on my list of games to return to one day, and hopefully complete. Three play throughs is a lot to ask of a mediocre game with frustrating (at times) controls and a twitchy character to play as, like Harken...or Hawken, or whatever his name is.

    4. StrickenBiged


      @PooPooBlast Until Dawn doesn't pick up until hour 3 or so. After that point, if you're into schlocky horror like me, I couldn't put it down and platted it in a weekend. 


      @IntroPhenom I quite like how twitchy he is; movement - at least - feels quite fluid. I know what you mean about the controls though, I've died a few times because I've tried to input an attack moments before the animation for the previous attack had ended, and he does nothing...

  8. Nice! I need to go and play the prequel soon...
  9. I quite liked the Nacon Revolution:
  10. Darksiders: Warmastered Edition: Anyone know of a Artifact guide that ties the locations to the specific ones that you are missing from the collectible screen? I really don't want to have to visit all 27 locations to find the few I need.

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    2. StrickenBiged


      I meant a 2nd PT for the express purpose of creating a guide, so that the user could refer to the collectible screen, see which they were missing, and know exactly which artifact corresponds to that empty slot.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Lol guess I misunderstood you and need to read carefully ( the irony( from yesterday) xD)


      I honestly can't help you much with that just because I've played the game I'd say 2+ years ago and it wasn't the best game out there for me to remember much about it you know? 


    4. StrickenBiged


      nvm, I found the item that shows the locations of all collectibles on the mini-map. Forgot that existed! 


      I also found a steam guide that had numbered all of the artifacts yesterday. It was wrong though, which was annoying!

  11. Neither. According to the guide, you need to at least get to the next point in the chapter where the game autosaves.
  12. I suppose, but it's much harder to reference the more obscure browser game, which also didn't have characters, as such, who might be able to take a view on anything, let alone the gameplay of King Oddball.
  13. It's The Last Guardian all over again! Sony delaying a game indefinitely to build hype, then E3 2023 they'll announce it and we'll all lose our minds! Serious edit: Hmm, weird. Looks exactly like the sort of easy plat I like to go for from time to time, but you're right, there's nothing about it online...
  14. Gosh, out of context that query sounds very dodgy! xD 


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    2. StrickenBiged


      "All I can do is wave my hand and tickle the child". I'm still chuckling!

    3. The High Ground
    4. PooPooBlast