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  1. Happy 20th Birthday to the N64, (UK release anyway). Some of my fondest memories are of pre-teen summers spent indoors playing with you.

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    2. RedPage17


      @DocVoltacon I remember one time playing with a girl I was dating, and she was calling a timeout b/c of a perfectly circular 2nd degree burn in her palm. And, me being the stand up guy I am had to tell her no, this is just part of the game. Gotta play through it.

    3. evilartifact


      There was one heart piece I couldn't get either! Still don't know which one it was!

    4. StrickenBiged


      @evilartifact In my case, I think I just didn't have the skills. I have painful flashbacks of something to do with the chickens... maybe you had to corral them within a time limit at Lon Lon Ranch or something, some sort of chicken wrangling competition... I can't remember exactly.