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  1. I did it using 6 ps3 ,its very doable
  2. PS3 Lords of shadow 2 - revelations Alien colonial marines - stasis interrupted Wisardry : labyrinth of the lost souls Resident evil operation raccoon city Dlc 1 - echo six expansión 1 & 2 Crysis 3 the lost island Dmc vergils downfall Persona 4 arena ultimax additional characters (3 characters with 3 sets of trophies each) Dungeon siege 3 - treasures of the sun Bioshock - challenge rooms Batman arkham origins Cold Cold heart and initiation dlcs Playstation all stars - fearless map Mass effect 2 - price of revenge and arrival. Mass effect 3 - From ashes, leviathan, omega and citadel. Death track resurrection Greg hasting paintball 2 Clan of champions For ps vita Velocity 2x has 2 dlcs too.
  3. Thanks for sharing this, worked excellent with 2 ps3.
  4. Battle fantasia - you want me to do what?!
  5. I tried with an slayer and a brawler, both of them level 65, and the slayer worked best for me, if you go with a party you can beat the bosses in 10/15 minutes, i fought and beat nyxarras alone and it took me 2 hours fighting alone, go for it, its a very nice game.
  6. Fear 2 was the game that started everything for me, i became very interesed when i found in this page the rarity of the platinum and the more I searched in the Internet the more I fell interested, so, i bought a copy and started boosting, took me more than 150 hours, i met a lot of nice people even randoms guys playings.. and i finally achieve all the mp trophies, but after that i completed the story, i fall in love with the graphics, the gameplay, the story.. I ended buying the dlc and completed the game 100%, and sometimes, even with the servers closed i create a lobby (you can play lan) and i travel the levels reminisence all the time i spent in those places, fear 2.. A blessing and a curse.
  7. Hes very proud of his ultra rare trophies, congrats!
  8. Nope, they clean and safe from dust and everything, theres not to much to boost so i use they once in a while. I found 4 at a very nice price, the other 2 were expensive, only because I wanted a white ps3 but its worth the money.
  9. I bought 6 copies of assassins creed brotherhood and did the online in a few days, i did the abstergo employe of the mont alone, took some time to get it.. Plus i bought many other copies of some games.
  10. That i can remember , leaving my ps3 on for 20 nights boosting time for MK9 , and the same with inversión , last year i bought 5 more ps3 and boosted alone some mp games, quantum theory, binary domain, batman arkham origins, red faction guerrilla.. And i started this year with medal of honor, goldeneye, naughty bear.. And currently doing arcana heart 3..