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  1. He will defo be short, I earned every trophy legit as it would take a huge effort organizing people for trophies other than Xp. As a reference I got all trophies done and was at level 26, I also wasn’t always going for them either.
  2. I will be online when double XP is active, the game is a shitfest so doubling my earning and halving my time playing the game is a no brainer. I probably won’t hit 50 with this event but I will wait it out again for more events, it simply isn’t worth my time to play as standard.
  3. Glad to see so many people popping this and being done with this game, whilst I’m happy for you all I’m also pissed off with each and every one of you! I’m a mere level 29, anyone want to donate some levels to me? Lol
  4. Old thread I know but has anyone tried the glitch recently? I wouldn’t mind doing it the easy way if it works? I’m yet to even try solo but I’m not the biggest zombie fan so want it to be painless.
  5. The game is piss easy, just incredibly shit. I could probably clean up the rest of the game in a few hours leaving a few ranks for the MP but it’s just such a shit game. This will more than likely be the last CoD I buy.
  6. So to be clear it’s still random if it unlocks at 50? If so I will play till 49 until I dead cert is patched in. Not that I’m going to get to 49 anytime soon lol.
  7. Trust me to buy the Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls pack the other week!
  8. I got it with the charged Axe the dancers dagger and the normal bat from the Main Street.
  9. I’m almost certain you have to start each chapter at the start? If there was a faster way to get through this game I would have done it as it’s shit.
  10. The milestone is for 50 the trophy is for 150, it’s not glitched either as I popped it recently. Just keep going, if you focus on that alone it will seem to drag on.
  11. Damn you random name picker!!! Lol Thanks for the chance @Sergen
  12. Oh man would I like this, it’s the last trophy I need because I didn’t get it because I didn’t pre order, I did buy the ultimate edition though which pissed me off!! Anyways, thanks for the opportunity. @Martain2 thanks for the heads up bro.
  13. Yes he will but he can then hide it, he would need a total of 3 flagged games/trophies to receive a permanent ban from the leaderboards. Getting the platinum on this would actually decrease their current placement though as they would have to hide it once ‘hacked.’
  14. Man that sucks for you, it takes the piss that the score is legit obtainable but you still get capped. So basically there’s no point at all to boost this game unless you are a very low scorer.
  15. I’ve had some beast games too myself but nothing in the 30s consistently to be honest. At a minimum I get around 15k which isn’t too bad it’s just the game is so boring. I’m nearly level 30 so not even half way in regards to xp, I was hoping someone had found an easy way to boost just to get it over with. I guess not, a shame as I didn’t mind the first game, even to level 100 wasn’t to bad till about 80.