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  1. You only have to get 99.9 in one heat don’t you?
  2. Nice one cheers mate I will do this.
  3. Is one of the challenges play 100 games? What’s the best and fastest game mode to play 2 player so I can smash this out quickly as I probably won’t really play online normally. I haven’t looked too much into the challenges yet so if there are some I should do before this is patched please say so.
  4. I think single trophies like this should be whitelisted or whatever, it’s an easy trophy and to me is the same as the gonespy thing that went down not too long ago. If it was a difficult trophy which took hours and hours of game time then fair enough but this one I think should be ok.
  5. Voted Tlou2, surprised this wasn’t in first place!
  6. Hasn’t he left the site anyway? So what’s the point in all this? He’s gone...
  7. Edit - Nvm dead thread
  8. Can’t stress how much I hated WWII, it’s the worst game on my whole list. The good thing is I need one trophy still but my son scratched the disc so I guess it helps me. Spider-Man is a quality game though, tedious 100% but still a decent game.
  9. Ultratron was a horrible game for me, I just couldn’t cope with all the colors and movement.
  10. You have to actually fight the belt holder to get each of the belts, you can just grind it out in a day to get a high score. Even if you were to grind to the top of the divisions it would take months and months of constant wins in each division to be ranked high to get a title shot.
  11. As said above you have to find the dlcs in the store and download them individually, they will show as free though.
  12. Hope this becomes available in the UK store.
  13. Anyone have any issues with unlocking Not So Fast trophy? I’m sure I’ve got more than enough kills but it’s not popping?
  14. Oh I’m not saying all UR are easy, just most of them. I have some hard UR trophies but I also have some that are not but I considered to be harder to achieve. it’s such a mix that it’s very hard to judge trophies on rarity, even ps+ can skew it as most playstation players are not trophy hunters but download the free games.