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  1. I’ve only just started this up and played 3-4 rounds and gotta say it plays like a dream compared to TGC2! Every aspect of it plays so much better, I still gotta go back to 2 and get a hole in one though. This one I’ve nearly had 3-4 already as it seems so much more accurate and plays better.
  2. Yeah this is exactly what’s REALLY annoying me, and the fact sometimes you hit a perfect shot but it comes up way short with wind behind you! I’ve tried for about 6 hours now with no luck, thinking of giving up for a while before I break something.
  3. Does anyone have any tips or a method for this one? Never had problems In golf games before in regards to an Ace, this is so inconsistent I can’t seem to do it!
  4. No course on this one starts with a Par 3 and you can’t play from the back 9. Shit really as playing though the first hole for a one shot chance is what’s annoying me lol.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I may try that hole as I’ve been trying callula falls second hole (it’s called something like that). It’s just so inconsistent, sometimes it’s very close but sometimes I’m short or way off for no apparent reason.
  6. That wasn’t me? I was asking about how to get it done maybe. Your best bet is do what I did and find rich society’s and message the people directly. I don’t have any coins anymore so can’t help you sorry mate.
  7. I actually don’t know lol, I will have a look next time I play.
  8. All the trophies are pretty easy except the one million so I would make sure you have plan before you start. I just need a hole in one which is massively inconsistent, this is without a doubt the worst golf sim I have ever played to be prepared for that.
  9. Funny, it took me five days?
  10. I just got this too, if anyone knows how to do this coin sharing thing let me know?
  11. I will have a guess at 448, 4+4=8 which is my lucky number, maybe become yours too if it pops?
  12. This game is still on my wish list, if anyone out there wants to team up, the more the better as it reduces the amount we need to earn. I haven’t played this one yet so not entirely sure on how to get coins etc. From what I understand we can donate coins to each other to pop the million trophy then trade them back etc, is this correct? So if we have a team of 4 we only need 250,000 each and trade them around?
  13. They do not reset, Ng+ everything carry’s over, there is no point doing the DLC before as there’s absolutely no benefit. The tokens are easily obtained and you end up with shit loads left over. By the time you get to NG+ you will be maxed out anyway so don’t worry.
  14. Strange, I did this the other day in multiple servers and had zero issues, even no issues either the 150k and 500k trophies.
  15. GTA:SAN Andreas, I’m yet to even load it up but I’ve had it for years!
  16. I will go with 108, 8 is my lucky number lol.
  17. Another give away!! Fair play Grimy, it’s been a while, hope your well bud.
  18. This is bollocks, for what it’s worth I hope this gets a release for you guys! And a free release at that!
  19. There’s a method to make a word and max out the memory that includes a chest, it makes the chest glitch so you can open it infinate times. Once you open it it appears both open and closed, so you can just do something else while tapping circle over and over.
  20. Spider-man. It’s on my to do list...
  21. So just to confirm I can buy x3 $50 horses to fill stables for the trophy? I’m about $50 off at the moment so don’t want to think I’m so close if I’m not...
  22. I got my second horse today and went with Sack o Balls. I can see the name creation starting to get tricky rather soon.
  23. I only have one at the moment which I called Bag o Balls.
  24. Yes it’s 100% Cheated, he got all medals trophy before getting the individual medal trophies themselves. Edit - Added another game to be sure lol.
  25. Fair play to you for doing that just to prove yourself, I’m actually hoping this goes your way!