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  1. Trust me to buy the Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls pack the other week!
  2. I got it with the charged Axe the dancers dagger and the normal bat from the Main Street.
  3. I’m almost certain you have to start each chapter at the start? If there was a faster way to get through this game I would have done it as it’s shit.
  4. The milestone is for 50 the trophy is for 150, it’s not glitched either as I popped it recently. Just keep going, if you focus on that alone it will seem to drag on.
  5. Damn you random name picker!!! Lol Thanks for the chance @Sergen
  6. Oh man would I like this, it’s the last trophy I need because I didn’t get it because I didn’t pre order, I did buy the ultimate edition though which pissed me off!! Anyways, thanks for the opportunity. @Martain2 thanks for the heads up bro.
  7. As the title says, is it actually possible to boost this game? Ideally XP, and possibly hero ships. Normally I would get this done little by little and the legit way. I’m fed up of this shit game now especially since the latest patch Fucked up anyone who shoots so you can’t even do a thing until you die. At this point I want out ASAP, if there are any effective ways to boost could someone share them so I can set a group up.
  8. Yes he will but he can then hide it, he would need a total of 3 flagged games/trophies to receive a permanent ban from the leaderboards. Getting the platinum on this would actually decrease their current placement though as they would have to hide it once ‘hacked.’
  9. Man that sucks for you, it takes the piss that the score is legit obtainable but you still get capped. So basically there’s no point at all to boost this game unless you are a very low scorer.
  10. I’ve had some beast games too myself but nothing in the 30s consistently to be honest. At a minimum I get around 15k which isn’t too bad it’s just the game is so boring. I’m nearly level 30 so not even half way in regards to xp, I was hoping someone had found an easy way to boost just to get it over with. I guess not, a shame as I didn’t mind the first game, even to level 100 wasn’t to bad till about 80.
  11. I’d prefer to aim for 15k+ as I get anyway lmao. At no point did I say it was hard, read above and you see that I just want to finish the game ASAP because it is a shit game.
  12. Fun read as usual around these parts, thanks for that I guess...
  13. I will also be going day 1 with my son, we do for all Marvel films to be honest. I am however knocking the imax on the head as I think it’s better watching 2d.
  14. Tales of Graces f, simply because I’ve never seen nor heard of that game before.
  15. It’s a shame this happened to you but how do people still get caught out on this? Personally I would immediatly turn off my console, why people still click their trophies and sync them up is beyond me. If you had turned it off and deleted your user profile then synced up again they wouldn’t be on there. I’ve no doubt someone already said this though.
  16. I have to admit I liked the “kicks door open” too, it made me visit. welcome and enjoy, I’m also torn on what should be my 100th. I’m very close but plan to finish all my open games the same day leaving easy trophies.
  17. I did the same thing a few years back for similar and more reasons. It’s now been a few years and I’m glad I did it, the only thing that bugs me is that I had all the Tiger Woods Platinums which mostly can’t be achieved now.
  18. Congrats to the winners and big respect to @Riq IV for the selfless donation. Respect to @Zolkovo too for upping the stakes for charity. Good job.
  19. Sending you a PM now Incase I give anything up here.
  20. I couldn’t 100% confirm sorry, I don’t have the game anymore either to check. Like you say though I would have thought someone would exploit this for an immense plat time if it where possible. Hopefully someone else with the game can confirm it.
  21. I can confirm you can have multiple, you can choose to save on different slots as you progress. Edit - I’m not 100% sure that these can be different difficulties though, so you may have a point there as 11 mins is impossible without it.
  22. Just so you guys know the beating the game without dying has a few minutes delay from the game completion trophy as the no deaths pops after the credits iirc. The game can also be completed very quickly in less than 2hrs I believe. But as Martain says it is possible to have lots of saves going at the same time.
  23. I was so shocked to see your name in here, for what it’s worth I hope you get this lifted.
  24. Lol, the massive post about how EA are cool etc and people need to play another game. Imagine people moaning about a trophy on a trophy website. 🤔
  25. The combo training wasn’t hard, some people may struggle if they don’t understand how to perform combos but that’s what it’s there for..... training.