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  1. I watched Geostorm yesterday, I thought it was a really good film. Me and my son saw Justice League Sunday, I also thought it was good despite negative reviews. Wonder Woman was georgeous to look at again which helps.
  2. Piss poor sale, the only one I was tempted with was AC Rogue.
  3. I got a refund out of them a while back, it was for the uncharted trilogy which I had also played. I sent an email saying my son purchased it while my account was still logged in, I also stated that I have never had a problem or asked for a refund. They credited my wallet straight away and the game became locked, the same as when ps+ expires.
  4. Played 126 games over 5 years.
  5. I will have a shot now that I do use PSNP as my main trophy website now. I once ended up having 2 houses, we basically got two sets of keys and one month free rent to decorate the second house. So, me my wife and our two best friends went round to get stuff done one night close to Christmas. The only things we had in the house was a TV a Christmas tree and some cutlery etc. After I think around one wall was painted via the efforts of 4 people we decided alcohol was much needed... For some reason at some point me and my friend Neil decided we could pull of the Dirty Dancing Lift while considerably drunk. Here is the results..... A nice little edit here and there and some music really sets it off don’t you think?
  6. I was just about to say the same about the end of the game, he’s clearly lying here.
  7. I’m also guilty of being a completionist, my plan is to clean up my whole profile and end it with Batman Arkham Knight. I will also be back at 100% completion at this point, I just need to find some motivation.
  8. I have 13 Lego platinums, I have a few series but none with as many as this. I plan to get them all eventually.
  9. Until Dawn, I can’t be arsed to finish it up.
  10. Mine was infamous : Second Son, very easy platinum but boring with two play throughs. 2 months ago! I gotta get back into gaming and clean up my card.
  11. This might tempt me into getting a pro, it could have looked much better though.
  12. Looks really easy this time, time consuming yes but easy. I was hoping they would make it more difficult, the first one was easy and got moaned about. I will probably wait a few weeks to get it though.
  13. AC Origins, I really want the game but I’m broke this side of Christmas.
  14. I also have Jeanmi to thank, if it wasn't for him I would never have gotten the XXL belt. Keep it up Jeanmi!!
  15. When you say you have opened 8k do you mean without the save exploit? Like it says 8k on your hero card?
  16. The game does switch quite quickly to a different game mode when searching for Lab games. It does say what mode it's searching for when it changes and you get a short amount of time to back out. Personally I found it very easy to get a game, I got it a couple months back and was playing 7-9pm gmt0 if that helps.
  17. San Andreas, it's the only one I haven't started up from the remastered. Vice City Godfather grind killed me off lol.
  18. Yeah that's why I have never got it from the store till now, it's about time they fixed it to include everything to be fair!
  19. This used to be the case, it now does contain ALL DLC so the game can be completed 100%. I brought it in the Black Friday sale for £15.99 and can confirm all the DLC is there.
  20. I have sent you a friend request, thank you! After doing a little reading on this game it seems that it's rather dead online now so I'm thinking I will need all the help I can get.
  21. Thanks for the confirmation, I just ordered it now. I won't start it up till I get another 3 people for the 4 player trophy.
  22. I haven't started the game yet, I'm looking at it now on eBay and will purchase it if it's still attainable.
  23. How do you unlock the x-wing? I think I have it but it's not letting me start the race? I have a few levels I need to get all mini kits in if that's how you unlock it?
  24. Lol it really doesn't matter, at least you made the effort to try help some people, credit really doesn't count for anything when reading a kombo. I guarantee once someone has read/performed the moves they won't be able to tell you the person they read it from.
  25. I sold my copy way back, now I got to buy it again dam it! Here's the list by the way. https://www.reddit.com/r/Trophies/comments/47zhye/mortal_kombat_xl_all_trophy_details_xpost_from/