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  1. Nice give away, I’m going to go with my favourite being Battlefield 1.
  2. Lol. What a fun read this thread has been, I have nothing against you or your opinions. I respect the fact that you have been honest despite the controversy.
  3. Nice idea for a giveaway lol, I just about make the cut - https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4367-hitman-go-definitive-edition/TiNnYzEuS bollocks, I just noticed the date requirement!
  4. His Freeflow trophies are out of order and pop too quick, basically he used a save he downloaded somewhere. 100% cheated, I’ve played through this game loads of times and never seen this happen. Lmao why even dispute it...
  5. That’s how I have done it, I done the egg about 5 times now and every time we have done that. Obviously have mics and coordinate when you use the shellshocks to keep the enemies at bay, don’t use them at the same time. Also only one person needs to get on the cart to go to the next section, it automatically takes the whole crew once one person activated it. Edit - I assume you know you should all be taking shell shock with sustain zone etc.
  6. It does make it look much quicker on video, but it’s really not that bad. Make sure you all stay on the move (except the stairs camping part), keep shooting the bosses and it will progress, the more normal zombies you kill the more ammo you waste and progress the waves.
  7. What Potent said.
  8. I was careful to do this too, sometimes it passes through the zombies and drops below the map. When it comes back via max ammo or getting it again via the sacrifice room it doesn’t explode and does nothing, then never respawns.
  9. Three times I have had this glitch on me now, it just stops spawning. It’s happened to me twice in group of 4 and once in a group of 2, furthermore it was only me that suffered it. Are they any fixes anyone knows of? I have tried countless max ammos, dying and buying my loadout from the bag and re collecting it from the sacrifice room to have nothing, it usually comes back one time but does nothing when thrown. Edit - The latest patch fixed the issue, going to long this as it’s now redundant.
  10. All times I did it by the PaP machine, I will go to the Uboat next time and try being the host as that may be a factor?
  11. I think once they release a patch to fix the problem it will be retroactive, as soon as you load up or earn 1xp it will pop.
  12. Oh that’s strange, I guess I may have missed the other ones because I wasn’t just camping out for them I was checking occasionally.
  13. 2. There are in most waves but always every 5th wave 3. Is called a Wüstling 4. Is called a Meuchler But yes as this post says all must be collected in one match and must also be charged, it will be glowing so you will know.
  14. Yes, This seems to be the case as it was the same for me.
  15. I watched Black Panther, very good film but not as great as the critics are making out, very obvious why they are though.
  16. Everybody’s gone to the rapture. Id really be interested to see what people think I should finish, 4/5 of my incompletes are very close to being done. I will finish them all through the coming weeks though.
  17. I don’t play it either, just didn’t take with me... I do love me some Lego though. Lol
  18. I must admit, I didn’t play those. I’m talking anything upto bo2.
  19. It is VERY doable, my friend did the whole online section a few days ago in only a few days. Focus on the onslaught first as it can be glitchy but it’s easy to get done, I would start it up again on my card if I didn’t have it.
  20. Arkham Knight, I just can’t be arsed to do the last challenges, I’m yet to even try.
  21. My son is obsessed with Minecraft, I will keep my eye on him! As soon as he starts befriending sheep and taking apart my house I will get him checked out.
  22. This game has to have the easiest Veteran mode ever, I found it piss easy. The only section I died a few times was the part where you put the explosive into the tank and the reinforcements turn up. Very easy campaign, also probably the most boring one I have ever put myself through.
  23. I really hope this doesn’t happen to me when I get there as I don’t want to play this a second longer than I have to. I’m only at 27, I’m waiting for the next patch to see if they lessen the grind. Not sure if I should make this my 100th or something else..
  24. Wow thanks, I never win these things lol.
  25. If you like the BF games in general you will love this, it’s the best one since BFBC2. The trophies are all piss easy without boosting and I’m pretty sure you can’t start a server with 1 lol. I really would recommend this game though, the online is awesome.