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  1. I also have Jeanmi to thank, if it wasn't for him I would never have gotten the XXL belt. Keep it up Jeanmi!!
  2. When you say you have opened 8k do you mean without the save exploit? Like it says 8k on your hero card?
  3. The game does switch quite quickly to a different game mode when searching for Lab games. It does say what mode it's searching for when it changes and you get a short amount of time to back out. Personally I found it very easy to get a game, I got it a couple months back and was playing 7-9pm gmt0 if that helps.
  4. San Andreas, it's the only one I haven't started up from the remastered. Vice City Godfather grind killed me off lol.
  5. Yeah that's why I have never got it from the store till now, it's about time they fixed it to include everything to be fair!
  6. This used to be the case, it now does contain ALL DLC so the game can be completed 100%. I brought it in the Black Friday sale for £15.99 and can confirm all the DLC is there.
  7. Thanks for the confirmation, I just ordered it now. I won't start it up till I get another 3 people for the 4 player trophy.
  8. I haven't started the game yet, I'm looking at it now on eBay and will purchase it if it's still attainable.
  9. How do you unlock the x-wing? I think I have it but it's not letting me start the race? I have a few levels I need to get all mini kits in if that's how you unlock it?
  10. Lol it really doesn't matter, at least you made the effort to try help some people, credit really doesn't count for anything when reading a kombo. I guarantee once someone has read/performed the moves they won't be able to tell you the person they read it from.
  11. I sold my copy way back, now I got to buy it again dam it! Here's the list by the way. https://www.reddit.com/r/Trophies/comments/47zhye/mortal_kombat_xl_all_trophy_details_xpost_from/
  12. No not like this video, this is absolute bullshit I've no idea why people claim this would make a difference lol. The best way is to load up and select single player, from there select online through the menu, whistle for your horse and if it appears it should be good, simply invite your boosting partners from there and you are good. Please note that all your boosting partners must be waiting for an invite in single player! If there are in a glitched lobby then join you they will bring the glitch with them. The video above is just total bollocks, it's basically someone joining a non glitched lobby, but doing all that crap first. It's just a little random to get a good one, changing your comment won't effect it lol.
  13. Go to mcfarlanes range and shoot a few of the bodies on the floor, then in around 30-40 mins you will rank 50! If you get some people together it's actually really easy to get all trophies done. I did the platinum and 100% recently despite the glitches, if you read up on how to get a secure lobby you can easily do all trophies.
  14. personally I would rather some new trophies, essentially really hard ones that require some actual effort and skill to make the 100% a rarity!
  15. Lol at the 100% comment, it's free DLC and also contains 0 new trophies/achievements.
  16. Black ops 2, I had it on my old account but cba to do it again, I really don't like zombies!
  17. It's still piss easy to 100% the game, the hacks are across all of the multiplayer so it does factor all online trophies. If you alone go into the multiplayer and you find a good server that isn't bad and unstable (you will learn to know this), invite your boost group who should be waiting in single player. Once you are all in the same free roam you are good to go, trust me it is not as bad as its made out to be, I did all the trophies recently and only had a few occasions where I had to quit and re load the game. You also don't need a "checklist" it's all in the menus for what you need for 100% in game. The rockstar social website however does not track stats anymore, you can clearly see what you need in game though don't worry.
  18. Gta5 ps4, I can't bare that game again lol.
  19. I'm going to clean up my final game, ,GOW! I've left it for long enough now, I have to say though it is one shit game! Compared to the others I really can not stand this one.
  20. I honestly didn't see the 1 week ago first trophy dude my bad, complete those games though!! I hate unfinisheds. If that's a word.
  21. Lol it was a joke!!How do I play for trophies? I play what I potentially would like. OT has just started out, and doing well!
  22. Doesn't really care about completion?
  23. Has a funny sig lolololol.
  24. Currently playing red dead, much better the second time around I love this game!! Then back to god of war ascension but I'm not really into the game.
  25. Has a large trophy cabinet!