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  1. 13 hours ago, Dangisuckatgamin said:

    I did the 99.9 in the first competition map. It took about 8 tries since I kept falling on my second run in a big combo (which is extremely annoying when you did great your first run LOL). Just have to keep at it. It was getting redundant after awhile (especially doing the same map).  I always use the sticks for balancing too.

    You only have to get 99.9 in one heat don’t you?


  2. 52 minutes ago, dalailama1989 said:


    I found the mode "Horse" to be quite fast - if you choose only one letter to play for, like "H".


    Make something simple and fast with your player, like a 180 Kickflip - then do just a Kickflip with Player 2. The score was not matched - and you win the round.


    Takes like 30 seconds with reloading :)

    Nice one cheers mate I will do this.


  3. Is one of the challenges play 100 games? What’s the best and fastest game mode to play 2 player so I can smash this out quickly as I probably won’t really play online normally. 

    I haven’t looked too much into the challenges yet so if there are some I should do before this is patched please say so. 


  4. 10 hours ago, intelbras said:


    the servers were closing and when I went online I couldn't do it anymore. So I had already given up, it was when I read somewhere that if I accepted the old terms of EA I would be able to access the online even before the date of the closing of the servers. I went after a very old snowboard game and managed to access the online one. I played all day alternating several accounts between two ps3's to get a score there and thus get the belts. I know of the cheating that they used for years when passing belts between beads and I know that the belts were obtained very rarely.

    You have to actually fight the belt holder to get each of the belts, you can just grind it out in a day to get a high score. Even if you were to grind to the top of the divisions it would take months and months of constant wins in each division to be ranked high to get a title shot. 



  5. 5 minutes ago, PalaceOfLove706 said:

    Some UR are just grindy yes, but yesterday I did God Status and Twins from Badland and yeah...it was a grind in the sense I had to try 300 times, but highly skill and practice dependent. Some UR showcase that 

    Oh I’m not saying all UR are easy, just most of them. I have some hard UR trophies but I also have some that are not but I considered to be harder to achieve. 

    it’s such a mix that it’s very hard to judge trophies on rarity, even ps+ can skew it as most playstation players are not trophy hunters but download the free games.


  6. 12 hours ago, blkburn123 said:

    Yeh I changed them from standard to player to tour. And I’ve completed it on a couple of courses. I did it on Yuma desert I think it’s Called and a few other official courses. I also done it and tried it with alternate account and I didn’t get it to pop with them either

    I just switched to tour clubs and played little brook manor and got it first time, I was about 5 under I think.


  7. 6 hours ago, blkburn123 said:

    Hi im struggling to unlock the tour par trophy. Im following the description and what it says on trueachievement to get. My understanding is that you change your golf clubs to tour club set and then you need a par or a better on an official golf course. Ive managed to get par and a birdie with the tour set on official courses but not trophy? what I am doing wrong? Thanks

    You or changing your clubs by going into edit you golfer right? Not selecting them individually if that’s even possible. You are also selecting a TGC official course? 



  8. I’ve only just started this up and played 3-4 rounds and gotta say it plays like a dream compared to TGC2! Every aspect of it plays so much better, I still gotta go back to 2 and get a hole in one though. This one I’ve nearly had 3-4 already as it seems so much more accurate and plays better.


  9. 4 hours ago, jdh0921 said:

    The most annoying thing this game does is you can hit a perfect shot, with perfect tempo, and you still end up shifting left or right a hair for no particular reason. I get it makes it more realistic, but still, it's a perfect shot in every sense of the game's mechanics.

    Yeah this is exactly what’s REALLY annoying me, and the fact sometimes you hit a perfect shot but it comes up way short with wind behind you! I’ve tried for about 6 hours now with no luck, thinking of giving up for a while before I break something.


  10. 30 minutes ago, PerryToxteth said:


    Try finding a course with holes 1 or 10 that's a Par 3 ( obviously, tee off the back 9 if its the 10th). That way you can just restart the round if you don't get it. Adjust accordingly after every restart. Took me about 8-10 tries using this method on the Golf Club sequel. 

    Good luck!

    No course on this one starts with a Par 3 and you can’t play from the back 9. Shit really as playing though the first hole for a one shot chance is what’s annoying me lol.


  11. 9 hours ago, jdh0921 said:

    I did hole 2 at little brook manor, blue tees pin position 2. Went one club down (I think 6 iron) and full swing. Took several attempts due to the inconsistent accuracy. Hit the flag a couple of times. 

    Thanks for the reply, I may try that hole as I’ve been trying callula falls second hole (it’s called something like that). It’s just so inconsistent, sometimes it’s very close but sometimes I’m short or way off for no apparent reason.