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  1. Another give away!! Fair play Grimy, it’s been a while, hope your well bud.
  2. This is bollocks, for what it’s worth I hope this gets a release for you guys! And a free release at that!
  3. There’s a method to make a word and max out the memory that includes a chest, it makes the chest glitch so you can open it infinate times. Once you open it it appears both open and closed, so you can just do something else while tapping circle over and over.
  4. Is there anyone out there that still has this or is still playing this? I would like to know if the servers are still open to achieve the 4 player trophy.
  5. Spider-man. It’s on my to do list...
  6. So just to confirm I can buy x3 $50 horses to fill stables for the trophy? I’m about $50 off at the moment so don’t want to think I’m so close if I’m not...
  7. I got my second horse today and went with Sack o Balls. I can see the name creation starting to get tricky rather soon.
  8. I only have one at the moment which I called Bag o Balls.
  9. Yes it’s 100% Cheated, he got all medals trophy before getting the individual medal trophies themselves. Edit - Added another game to be sure lol.
  10. Fair play to you for doing that just to prove yourself, I’m actually hoping this goes your way!
  11. I need this one but I got the uk store which isn’t showing as free.
  12. For me it was the Jeep section as said many times before it’s so luck based. I didn’t really get stuck on any other parts as I had the tweaks activated. I did die a few times at the container part at the end but not enough to rage.
  13. I have quite a few lego games on my card (I plan to do them all), I would say the worst one for me was Lego Lord of the Rings! I love the films and books too! The best one for me was Jurassic World, it’s short in comparison to most lego games and may be a good opener to the series for you as some are rather long at the collectible stage.
  14. Nice idea Grimy, very genourous of you!
  15. I guess we have a totally different opinion on that one, which in turn doesn’t make me want spidey any more. While City is awesome I don’t think it created such a great atmosphere and story line as did Asylum.
  16. Ok, I myself think Arkham Asylum is on of the most perfect games to have ever been created, for it even to be compared to spider man is making me want to get this right now! Is spidey really that good? I did intend to but spidey but later down the line if I’m honest, if it’s even close to Asylum I will get it ASAP.
  17. Down to 54 right now, should be going all the way down to 0 in the coming months. Might squeeze in some plus games before my plus expires though.
  18. The last trophy is probably be the man of the match, I doubt it will be hard, it’s Rocket League! They had one hard trophy and then made it easier later on.
  19. I really hope it’s nothing like TTP, I can’t even find the motivation to finish that dlc as I found it so bad. I massively prefer the idea of one big map as per the first dlc packs.
  20. He will defo be short, I earned every trophy legit as it would take a huge effort organizing people for trophies other than Xp. As a reference I got all trophies done and was at level 26, I also wasn’t always going for them either.
  21. I will be online when double XP is active, the game is a shitfest so doubling my earning and halving my time playing the game is a no brainer. I probably won’t hit 50 with this event but I will wait it out again for more events, it simply isn’t worth my time to play as standard.
  22. Glad to see so many people popping this and being done with this game, whilst I’m happy for you all I’m also pissed off with each and every one of you! I’m a mere level 29, anyone want to donate some levels to me? Lol
  23. Old thread I know but has anyone tried the glitch recently? I wouldn’t mind doing it the easy way if it works? I’m yet to even try solo but I’m not the biggest zombie fan so want it to be painless.
  24. The game is piss easy, just incredibly shit. I could probably clean up the rest of the game in a few hours leaving a few ranks for the MP but it’s just such a shit game. This will more than likely be the last CoD I buy.
  25. So to be clear it’s still random if it unlocks at 50? If so I will play till 49 until I dead cert is patched in. Not that I’m going to get to 49 anytime soon lol.