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  1. Just started playing GTA Online today, and had a hacker set my level so it popped every online level‐related trophy and I hadn’t even finished the tutorial! So no, probably not safe at all.
  2. It’s also possible to wait a moment and Hannah will have walked further along the path so the selection point has moved, unsure if this counts as another or the same. But then we’re not really spying, and she does look towards us both times so maybe it is not included?
  3. Ah yeah! Have updated - after two play throughs, I started to scribble lists down, but clearly that meant I didn’t recall everything
  4. For ‘Fall out Girl’:
  5. Try selecting the sun vizor in Blake’s car, I imagine that will be a common missing document.
  6. Posting on topic for once, I am really surprised there is no trophy related to collecting every time Erica asks ‘Are you okay?’ in the most absurd situations.
  7. There is an option to murder her before she runs, see an earlier reply I made
  8. Did you kill Tobi with the incorrect medicine? Ones I can think of are Dad, Blake, Ballard, Lucien, Steinbeck, Hannah, Tobi, Chief Inspector, Guard, but maybe more? That one is going to be interesting to discover correctly then, sorry!
  9. It’s what popped Thank You for me, so I assume it does – already had both of the burn down delphi house trophies already…
  10. Refuse to wear the mask after smelling the flowers in the locked underground room gave me another ending — though for most intents and purposes it looks concludes like the ‘Burn down Delphi House’ ending.
  11. I believe it’s from seeing your mothers file in the lobby office and mentioning it to Blake (it is behind the locked gate, opened from the key in the desk), as I have had it on both Kirstie and Hannah ‘friending’ paths. (ie, you don’t need to be close to his daughter for it)
  12. Well, looks like there is the first platinum on PSNP:
  13. Ah thanks, so I hadn’t triggered that event yet.
  14. There are quite a few chances to spy, when at the stalkers home (a photo covering a peephole into your apartment), outside your room late in the game after Blake leaves (Ballard is telling him to not fraternise with Erica…), in the lobby corridor for the conversation between Ballard and Chief Inspector, later in the lobby when you’re with the stalker, and haven’t confirmed if it applies but if you say nothing to your stalker at the start you can just … stand at your front door peeping. The game is sneaky, there are options that aren’t visible that you can take! Hover over the gun and it will shoot her.
  15. Haven’t had Lucien enter my room, though I’m certain I have been there when he should — did I leave too early?