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  1. Yakuza Kiwami - Legendary mode and Climax battles was so hard I almost gave up Kingdom Hearts I - Proud mode was a nightmare
  2. My birthplat was All The Ways Out - A Way out, two days after my birthday
  3. Monster Bane - Final Fantasy Lighting Returns I have to complete the story quests, 50+ side-quests and the dungeon to reach this monster and beat it. I tried so so many times and still couldn’t win Also the game has a time-limit which makes you more stressed than you already are 😩
  4. Olette - Kingdom hearts
  5. You must find them all in a single playthrough
  6. Thank you so much for your feedback, it will really helps me a lot. I will be more careful when I write the upcoming reviews ✨
  7. Hello everyone A long time ago I started a blog to write reviews about the games I played and I love them to be short and simple. I don’t like to be very specific and mention all the details in the game and add all these fancy adjectives and descriptions since I’m really bad at describing 😩. So I’ve been wondering if my reviews aren’t that efficient because of these reasons ! So if you don’t mind could you read one of my reviews and give me a feedback. Also, I want to know if my reviews make you want to buy/not buy a game. My blog: here Thank you
  8. Radiata Stories one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played on PS2
  9. Oh god I need to play the DLC for the walking dead ps3 to get my 100% 🤦🏻‍♀️ Do I have to own the game to be able to play the DLC ?
  10. 5 1- kingdom hearts 2- kingdom hearts II 3- kingdom hearts RCOM 4- Final Fantasy Lightning returns 5- Sly cooper thieves in time I just need a ps3 controller to complete them (not lighting returns since I hate this game so much 😩)
  11. Not in a specific order Kingdom Hearts - Nothing could top this series. I enjoyed playing each game and can’t compare them because each one is unique. Visiting disney worlds, interacting with their characters and all the other things make me love this series more and more. Danganronpa - A very distinctive series. I love the mystery its hold and how the storytelling grabs the attention and makes you want to play more (even though the last game was a bit disappointing). Yakuza - Never thought in my life that I’ll enjoy a game that’s not RPG, but I did! This series has a very interesting way of involving you in its story and characters. I’ve only played 3 games but I enjoyed all of them. Sly Cooper - I have not played all the games, only 3 and thieves of time but I still enjoyed both of them and I really hoped that they make a new game but it seems impossible. The Walking Dead - not sure if this count but I’ll add it anyway. This series has move my emotions like nothing else. I loved everything about it and grow up with it. Unfortunately it ended now.
  12. I started trophy hunting because I cannot buy many games + I mostly play JRPGs and usually theses types of game is time consuming but I still enjoy playing them. If I felt that I get bored and tired, I usually switch to visual novels for an easy platinum, relaxation and a good story
  13. Playing FFXV 🤦🏻‍♀️ and some other games that I couldn’t get their platinum and had to hide them 😥
  14. Final Fantasy Lightning Returns TOO many missable trophies and strong bosses 😩