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  1. June : Horizon Zero Dawn Gravity Rush
  2. I have played a little bit of Persona 3 on my PSP and I enjoyed it, but it’s not consistent like Persona 5 ( school > investigate > palace > free time and then repeat ) I played both Persona 3 and 5 dancing ( the JP version ) but I don’t own a psvita so I can’t play Persona 4 dancing. Even tho I didn’t play P4 Golden but I did watch the anime ( both versions ). I’m not a big fan of Trails of Cold Steel.
  3. #101 Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Master of Fate Enjoyment : 7 Difficulty : 7 I haven't played the original game, but I played Crisis Core and I'm pretty familiar with all the characters ( thank you KH ). The story was OK, but I really disliked the linearity in the game and made it boring for me in some chapters. The gameplay was fun, and I'm glad they didn't make it like FFXV gameplay. The graphics was bad at some parts of the game you could never believe they spent 5y making it ^^" ----------------- #102 Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Glory Hunter Enjoyment : 8 Difficulty : 6 I really felt like playing Dragon quest and musou game so I picked it up. It's similar to the first one with some interesting additions. The characters were varied and more enjoyable to play as not like the 1st one. I enjoyed playing as Angelo (Kukule), he's such an OP, never thought I'll enjoy playing as an archer. The story was good, and they really surprised me with the twist they included. The trophies are grindy as heck but they are doable ~
  4. Kingdom Hearts The Walking Dead I would like to get all platinums of Yakuza series ( 0,3,4,5 and 6 ) but they seem too hard to get ...
  5. May : Horizon Zero Dawn The Order 1886
  6. #100 Persona 5 Royal The Phenomenal Phantom Thief Difficulty : 5 Enjoyment : 8.5 A good improvement for the vanilla version. Really Enjoyed revisiting this game again The new character "Kasmui" was ( as expected ) a plot device for the new antagonist Loved the new Showtime attacks, especially Ann and Yusuke's 💖 I really thought Jose was going to be important but his existence was pointless The ending wasn't bad but loved the original one much more moving on to the next game ~
  7. I would like to have a blue one Thank you ✨💙
  8. Mine was Super Nintendo Entertainment system
  9. Yes I saw it, and I’m so excited to play it when it release ✨💕 thank you for informing me ~
  10. Overwatch and sometimes I use my PSP to play Persona 3 and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force
  11. a little, didn't enjoy it ...
  12. no, I don't ever argue, mendokusai kara ne 😅 ! Do you like buying gifts for other without expecting anything in return ?
  13. Thanks for informing me, but i just checked on ps prices and it looks like it had a way cheaper price, so i'll just wait for that Also I just bought three games ( DQH2, Tokyo Mirage Session, and Animal Corssing NH ), so i'm somehow broke... 😅
  14. You're so lucky !! I still need to wait until mid-April to play it ... since i pre-ordered it from Amazon and they seem to delay orders due to flight cancellations and border restrictions 💔