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  1. So I was able to get Tongue Tied. Turns out I needed to give both tongues at the same time. As for a Horrible Night for a Curse I didn't realize I had to watch chapter openings to get trophies...I'd been skipping them since this is my 5th time through the game over the years. Hopefully this topic helps somebody.
  2. So I have all the trophies done except for Tongue Tied and Horrible Night for a Curse. It looks like they should just unlock while playing through the story naturally. I've tried different things to see if I could get them to pop and got nothing. If anyone else has more information about unlocking these two I'd greatly appreciate it.
  3. I've been sitting in a lobby for a hour so far. I've been trying to find someone to help in a private match in the meantime.
  4. I saved the online trophies for last and it seems that was a mistake. I can't find anyone.