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  1. Hi. Does the game have English language or subtitles? I'm asking because not too long ago I made a second platinum in Dead Space 2 and there was English language, both in-game language and subtitles. Additionally, New Colossus also has full English in the game, while in New Order (USK physical version), I can't find an option to change the language anywhere.
  2. By purchasing this edition, will I get access to DLC from #5 to #8? Or only "DLC TROPHY PACK 5 Assassin's Creed® Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarök"? (when I bought the Season Pass, I made DLCs #1 - #4)
  3. 10/10, just before Ragnarok.
  4. Everything except: 2x Dawn of Ragnarök & The Forgotten Saga and x2 Discovery Tour: Viking Age. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
  5. Thank You, sir! You're probably right, or at least I hope so. I have personally checked and I am (probably) the first and only one in the world (right now) with a collection of 60 100% games according to PSNProfiles list, but there are two people very close to this. How do I know that? I've followed the profiles of all the platinums from LEGO RockBand, there are only 153 of them in the world. Many of these people have not been active with trophies since 2018 for example. Then I checked who of them played The Skywalker Saga, Brawls and Bricktales, the latest productions from LEGO.
  6. I will stick to the topic, because I think I have a similar problem. I have the European version of the game, BLES-02105. After inserting the disc into the drive, the game did an 8Gb update, now it's version 2.4.2. I did the first story level and I wanted to download all the data I need to 100%. Here, I will mention that I have already done 100% on PS4. Each level/other content was easily and intuitively retrieved from the game menu. As far as I remember, the PS Store has only the base of the game, no DLCs for download from the Store. Now, being in Vorton on PS3 and putting some DLC character on Toy Pad, such as Newt Scamander or Abby Yates, I have the message that, I need to download the DLC, but nothing else happens. When I go to The Shard tab, I can see Ghostbusters 2016 World and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them World, but not story levels. World levels only have an icon. You cannot enter them, although the icon has an animation when you press X. When I put on Toy Pad Homer Simpson character, the game immediately suggested playing his level. In turn, Vorton elegantly shows both The Simpsons World and the story level from The Simpsons. In the main menu, when I go to the Options -> Add-on Content tab, I see "Permanent" next to some items, but for example Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack is listed as "Coming Soon Recommended", but nothing can be done with this. There is only a circle and the command "Back". Any ideas on how to access DLC content on PS3? Perhaps I need to complete the entire story mode? EDIT: I am kind of proud of myself because I managed to fix the problem. Well, I went to the PSNProfiles website and saw the last ones gamers playing LEGO Dimensions on PS3. I looked at accounts with 100% or something nearby. A few players were from NA, but three were from Europe. One from France, two from Germany. I logged into my German PSN account and voila - all DLCs are downloadable. When you are in the Add-on Content tab, next to the missing items, there is an "Open PlayStation Store" option, then you can elegantly download a required level. Additionally, they can also be deleted from here. I didn't mention it at the beginning, because I didn't know it might be important, but I'm from Poland. Apparently something is wrong with my Polish PlayStation Store. If someone is from some other part of Europe and has a similar problem - I recommend starting with a German account.
  7. Hello. I'd like to know some details about "Designer's Delight Trophy". Well, I miss some bricks (Bricks - 9, Plates - 3, Tiles 4, Slopes 21), so I started grind with the world "283-935-56 G" method. What are the resoults? I finished about 50 runs and NOT ONE brick. Let me add that I already have a complete Brick Builds tab, including Legendary Fragments. Every (literally every) time, there is a weapon in chest. Do you think this could be some kind of glitch/bug? I'm not afraid of grind (600h in White Knight Chronicles, 200h is repeating the same quest over and over), but I would like to see minimal progress, at least one brick from the chest. I also noticed the lack of bricks in the chests on other maps. I farmed the Legendary Fragments on Custom World, 100x100, Dusty Dunes. Often 20-30 boxes per run, very easy to locate and "dig". There are also only weapons. What am I doing now and what does my farm look like? I'm going to a world, digging a huge hole, picking up a book, reading and waiting. Either I grab a Troublemaker (it's more comfortable to run after him in this pit) or wait for Night Trader, which still has a brick from time to time. As a curiosity, I would also like to add that I have 135 Gold Bricks, but I still have from time to meet the gold Troublemaker. I also deleted all my previous worlds. I figured there might be some "unopened chests" in them, and thus brick cannot be "duplicated" in the "283-935-56 G" world. I also tried playing co-op mode in the split screen. I opened the boxes as P1, as P2 - only weapons. Reading and waiting is not a bad way. The worst thing about it, however, is its unpredictability. Sometimes you wait 5 minutes for Troublemaker, sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes, unfortunately, it will appear outside my "pit" and the minimap, well is not the most transparent minimap in game history. It is also unknown after how many times it is best to reset the world and create a new one. Or maybe wait one more "page", I mean a minute and see if there will be a new Troublemaker. Do you have an idea for a more effective way?
  8. Thank You for Your answers. I have another quite a prosaic question. How to connect 4 instruments to the PS3? First guitar - first dongle. Second guitar - second dongle. Microphone - from what I read, it connects like DualShock 3, via Bluetooth. Drums? Has its own dongle, but where to plug it in, since the PS3 only has 2 USB ports? Do you need to buy a special USB HUB? Or maybe the first PS3 60GB models with 4 USB ports?
  9. I wonder - will Guitar Hero instruments work with LEGO RockBand? I mean guitar and drums.
  10. Thank You for all Your help. Still, however, I didn't get an answer to one of my questions. By following the Tempered Scarred Yian Garuga from "Scars Tell the Whole Story" MR6* quest, sometimes I get up to 3 Tempered Investigations in one minute. Of course, there are 2 boxes quests, but I have a lot of quests with 5 purple boxes, also multiple monsters. The question is - is that possible to get Tempered Gold Rathian from "Scars Tell the Whole Story" MR6 *? It's just very rare, difficult, but it's possible OR it's permanently blocked for getting Tempered Gold Rathian, by this whole Threat Level of Monster that I mentioned earlier. PS Are there any special requirements to unlock Gold Rathian in the arena? I caught that monster on an event quest, also capture on an investigation quest, and still no quest in the arena.
  11. Thank You for Your answers. And how about first question? It is possible to get ANY moster/monster from "Scars Tell the Whole Story" quest with Tempered Scarred Yian Garuga MR6*?
  12. 1)So I can go back to farming Investigations from "Scars Tell the Whole Story" with Tempered Scarred Yian Garuga MR6 * and it's possible that I will get a Tempered Gold Rathian? It will not be blocked, for example, by the fact that it is Ancient Forest map? 2) I've always understood that there must be at least 1 silver and 1 gold, but the rest is an addition. My investigation is 3 silver and 2 gold, it has at least 1 silver and 1 gold, so the chance of a crown is increasing or not? Does it have to be specifically 2 box only investigation with specifically 1 silver and 1 gold? No more boxes.
  13. Hi. I have a question about the crowns and investigations. I would like to add that I have platinum in the World and I am not afraid of farming several dozen hours of one crown, measuring legs, tails and other parts of the body, updating and downloading save data. I only have two crowns left and I have the impression that the time spent on them so far is greater than all the remaining crowns put together. But to the point: I earned a lot of crowns in both World and Iceborne from tempered monsters. I don't know what the percentages are exactly, but it just worked for me. So I decided to get some Investigations with Tempered Gold Rathian. I found a quest for this and just followed the monster collecting the tracks. With a bit of luck, I managed to get even 3 Tempered Investigations in 2-3 minutes (sometimes I didn't get a single one). The quest I repeated was "Scars Tell the Whole Story" with Tempered Scarred Yian Garuga. I got a lot of new investigations this way, but none of them had a Gold Rathian. I started reading a bit more about farming investigations, etc. and came across something like "Monster Tempered Level". It turned out that Scarred Yian Garuga is level 2 and Gold Rathian is level 3. I quickly jumped on a quest with Tempered Moster Level 3, "The Last White Knight" with Frostfang Barioth. Few Investigations from him and I was surprised to see Level 3 monsters, but also Level 2. What's funny - from the Scarred Yian Garuga quest I'm pretty sure I got a few level 3 monsters, not only 2 and 1. Also - when I'm getting investigation points, I have no information about Threat Level under. I saw in a few videos and screenshots that people have shown which Threat Level they got. This is shown by the icon. Here I go with a few questions: 1)Is there ALREADY such thing as "Threat Level" in Iceborne (World)? Or any Tempered Investigations can give us any Tempered monster? 2)What will be the fastest way to get investigation with Tempered Gold Rathian? 3)What is more effective in farming crowns - "The Moon is a Harsh Queen" event with Gold Rathian or Investigations with 2 silver, 3 gold / 1 bronze, 2 silver, 2 gold boxes? Thank You in advance for Your help.
  14. Yes, both of them.