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  1. I'm wondering about Hakoom stats.
  2. I completely forgot about importing the save date from WKC1 to WKC2. Here, more evidence of my path to Platinum in WKC1 and the fact that WKC2 started with GR15: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/white-knight-chronicles/234481-white-knight-chronicles-solo-trophy-guide-roadmap-5.html Post #47, and there is few more with my many questions and problems in first WKC. Regarding the max skills - I didn't even know that there is such a trophy. As I wrote earlier, not only in WKC1/2 but almost every game, after the end credits I'm throwing myself on the most difficult/rarest trophy. Regardless if it is a Very Hard playthrough or collectibles, this is just my style of the game. I will drive some total common bronze trophies at the end if they do not get in the way. Yes, it's completely possible. In the first link there are screens, maybe one of them is shown how many thousands of Arena 2 quests needed to be repeated to achieve GR30. That was something like 3000. 3000+ repeating the very same quest. During grind Arena 2 and making more Velgander floors I made a very good team in terms of passive and offensive skills, and I did not see the need to maxify one profession. If I had for example 69/70 Bow Skills, I did not see the point of buying the last skill, beacuse my DPS had to be a healer too and instead of this useless Bow skill I could buy another passive HP or ATK skill.
  3. You are currently flagged in: White Knight Chronicles II These games can be disputed: White Knight Chronicles II • Reason: Getting the soul of evil trophy solo require several hundrend of hours to get. Doing it in two months before even finishing silver plaque, bronze star and rare collector trophy is in my experience impossible. This game is infamous for the grind it need to finish it and get soul of evil trophy, especially now servers are down since 2013 and you can't do it with others players.
  4. Zygo89pl White Knight Chronicles II Hello. Well, I'm in shocked. Only guilty explains his foults? I spent 600+ hours in White Knight Chronicles 1 and very same in 2nd one. I was so happy and proud, to be in that very few group, that could get Platinum trophy after servers closed and now I'm flagged and need to explain. Many times I browsed the table of trophies WKC1 and 2, to check if someone managed to drive Platinum in 2016/17/18, after closing servers and even wrote to such a random person with congratulations, because I know how much time, skill and luck requires for 100% (luck - about rare drop). My only evidence are posts on the forum, where I talked to 3 players. One was already with Platinum, the second and I were on the road. Post #106 is the beginning of my adventure with trophies and at the same time the end of the story, and the complaint for "strange" order of collecting trophies is even explained in a specific post #192: "Btw., My trophy list looks funny. Trophy for end the game, then few months later. Soul of Evil, haha." There are a lot of my posts and screenshots on this topic in that forum. Posts and various problems can be compared with the dates of specific trophies. They fit perfectly. Getting the Platinum in both games is completely possible, even with servers offline, but it takes a lot of time. Additionally, I learned many mechanics from WKC1 - I could use them in WKC2. In addition, if you look at my other Platinums, you can often notice that, after the trophies for story mode, I take for the most difficult achievements (gold), and at the end I do completely easy trophies (bronze), in many, many games. Link to the forum with my posts and screens: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/white-knight-chronicles-ii/135150-white-knight-chronicles-ii-trophy-guide-roadmap-11.html
  5. After few tries, doing nothing with sinking car with Scott and Louren was my mistake.
  6. Well, probably beginning of the game, most of the checkpoints from chapter 4 for example. Blue Room for me was pretty ok, maybe because I've got Wes-44 with 6 rounds for this battle. Jeep was lucky too, maybe 10-15 deaths in total. Last section with QTE in last chapter was pretty lucky too, maybe 3 tries. Like I said - beginnig was the hardest part, fist chapters. 95% of battles from Uncharted 1 got something like sweet spot. Just wait in place like this and do headshots. In the end - Brutal is so satisfactional, espescially without Golden Guns, bugs, glitches and whole dirty stuff, but of course You need tons of luck. 24 hours for 100% trophies, 1152 deaths in 3 or 4 full playthroughs.
  7. Pretty same situation like hunting 5 monsters, but You need only one crown, so after first one just hit "Return from quest" and in this case there is still chance for crown. You are not completing MAIN objective of the quest, but kill and size is confirmed.
  8. Probably here: https://psnprofiles.com/game-leaderboard/7169-monster-hunter-world World place is obvious, but for country You need manualy check a flag. In this way I'm #540 and #4. Pretty nice place in my country.
  9. Monsters like Uragaan, Radobaan or Bazelgeuse are pretty hard to measure. For me they always looks like huge, so the only solution is killing all and that was my strategy. From here I also want to thanks for all tips, hints, informations, movies or screenshots. With You guys that Platinum was much easier.
  10. 2 left. Odogaron was pretty easy with 3 Tempered quests, 2 of these was with 3 Tempered monsters, so chance for crowns maybe increased. There is a matter of time, when on YouTube there will be tons of videos like this: Showing perfectly size of monster. For Black Diablos pretty helpful was this movie: This guy showing few times legs of Black Diablos. With this video it tooks me 5-6 hours of restarting/reuploading save file and maybe 5 fights.
  11. Black Diablos is mine, and now about Odogaron - You will be able to get under his belly? Sometimes he is much higher than me, there is a lot of space under him, but I can't get there.
  12. Question about Large Black Diablos. He will always win a Turf War with Diablos if he is larger or it's completly random?
  13. 189 hours and 51 crowns. I'm missing 5 Large: -Black Diablos -Azure Rathalos -Odogaron -Great Girros -Dodogama If sameone want to farm any of these - just add me on PSN.
  14. Haha, probably I was in this quest with You! There were 2 small crowns for me, Odogaron and Garros, coz' I already have both crowns from Radobaan. I was in shock, 2 crowns from regular, not Event quest. I've got also a screenshot because of trophy for all mini crowns.
  15. Hard to say. 9/10 of my crowns from Elders were normal. Only Large Kushala was tempered.