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  1. I'd like to enter for Remember Me if possible
  2. I couldn't agree more. I hate those YouTube guys that always, ALWAYS say "GTA V Online" or "GTA 5 Online". Come on man, where have they seen that? GTA V Online doesn't exist. GTA Online is a whole universe than probably would continue after V having no relation to the SP. As you said, Rockstar has always spoken of "GTA Online". I believe that in GTA VI we could see that. GTA VI SP and GTA Online in separate discs and obviously different trophy lists. And tbh, I'd appreciate that, as it's been ages since the last time I played V's SP, and it's just so annoying to have to see all the bugs it has when you're kicked from GTA Online lol. Real evil, I'not even rank 500 haha, I'm 445 due to trophy hunting; but I'd like to get the silver globe (level 500) as my last objective
  3. GTA V. I always tell my friends that I'd love to see "an extreme GTA Online trophy list". Something like: - Get to level 500 (300 should be enough though). - Get all platinum awards. - Get all rewards. - Win 1.000 races. - Win 500 deathmatches. - Do all heist elite challenges. - Do every single job. And so on. Trophy lists for each DLC would have been a good idea too. For example: - X (Random name) DLC: Win every race in this DLC. - X DLC: buy all clothes. - X DLC: win a race with all new cars. - X DLC: win the DLC's event playlist. - X DLC: win all the activities in the DLC's event playlist. Yeah, possibly too extreme for the average player haha, but I've put more than 1.000 hours in GTA Online and I'd love to have some more challenges aside from ingame's tasks Red Dead Redemption could have more trophies too, despite already having 91 lol, but they keep the games alive.
  4. Murdered: Soul Suspect. A really short and easy platinum. Collectibles may seem daunting, but actually, it's the game where I enjoyed grabbing them the most as they tell you a lot about the story.
  5. No, but gaming industry has to evolve and progress. It shouldn't go on living from the past. A few days ago I played on my PS2 just because I wanted to see the last games I had played. If I want to play certain game I want to play it on its original platform. Remasters and remakes are, in my opinion, only good in some cases. For example, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. A Game Boy game which I couldn't play, which got released for PS2 but just in some countries. So Square decides to release a pack of 3 Kingdom Hearts games remastered for PS3. That's great and I did appreciate it a lot. Now Capcom with Resident Evil. Ok, we needed some of those games remastered, but that shouldn't be the main income to the series. It's been ages since their last good Resident Evil. They're not living from a present success, they're taking the success from the past and bringing it to the present. That's not what I personally want. I agree that some remasters are ok, but they should never replace new games that have to be developed.
  6. I see your point, though for me, trophies are only an incentive to play a game. If tomorrow, let's say GTA San Andreas, gets remastered (not the mobile or PS2 port) and has no trophies, I'll be playing it 100% sure. I've played GTA Online for over 1.000 hours just for fun and enjoyment. Sure I enjoy hunting trophies, but they're a "recent" addition. My gaming just got more deeper and intense when trophies appeared, but nothing more. To be honest, I'd rather have new sequels of those PS2 games or those games fully remastered than trophies added to the PS2 emulations.
  7. Fanta. A profile with 50 games played and 50 platinum trophies (100% completion) - or - a profile with x (say 134, not relevant) number of games played with 10.000 trophies (0 platinums).
  8. Obviously you could, but we're not talking about that, the thread is about remasters. We could also play Kingdom Hearts (for example) in the first PS3 models and many people still wanted them to be remastered due to the graphics or awkward controls. Besides, I never played a PS1 game on my PS2. Hence, I didn't even think which games I wanted to be remastered because there were so many games with great quality on PS2.
  9. - Assassin's Creed. - Call of Duty 3 (4 is already coming). And more than enough for me. It's sad that we have to choose games from the past for the present. It shows that the current generation lacks the quality old gen had. I mean, back in PS2 I'd have never thought which PS1 game I wanted to be remastered for PS2 lol.
  10. Hmm to be honest, there isn't a game that I've played and played and gave up on its platinum. But there are a few that I just don't feel like going for them: - First one that comes to my mind is Killzone 2. Got it as a gift years ago and every single time I've tried to boost the MP trophies, it doesn't save my progress. Fuck that. I may try again this summer, but I don't see myself getting it. Hell, I have tons of great games left to play. - Just Cause 2 and Syndicate. A friend recommend me these two and they were a huge disappointment. It's been ages since the last time I played them, so I really want to go back, but they were so boring... - Destiny. After getting Flawless Raider, plat is walk in the park. If you have money. Base game isn't enough to get plat, you have to get The Taken's King compulsory. And I'm not willing to pay €40 for a single trophy, since I don't want to get the DLC trophies, I have ended up hating the game.
  11. Oh, that's a pity. I hate that feeling. Luckily I've accomplished everything I've tried, even though I had struggled a lot in some games. I really want to start it, but I need to finish "the grinds" first, such as Final Fantasy XIII or The Saboteur. And besides, I want Max Payne 3 to be my 50th plat... so it's going to be difficult haha. Back on topic, I think you should go back to Kingdom Hearts Final Mix or Grand Theft Auto V. KH is a great game and you've got the most time tedious trophies. GTA V is a very easy platinum despite its rarity... only the collectibles are boring, Online is the best by far, I've spent more than 1.000 hours there and I still play
  12. Not bad... but too many japanese and RPG games, I need more FPS/TPS
  13. I voted 2 since that's the minimum I play every day, or at least that I try. It totally depends on the work I have to do. On weekends it goes up to 5 or 6 depending if I hang out with friends or have stuff to do. Maximum I'd say is 10, maybe more but that only happens on holidays, sadly. For example last summer I spent 15 days on holidays in a resort. 90% of the time I was in my room was playing PS3. If I wasn't playing I was outside at the pool getting fit or visiting the city. Hell, it was the time of my life I did the most exercise and got the most trophies... those were the days haha.
  14. Well since I've planned all my milestones since my 1000th trophy there's not much of a coincidence. Trophy Milestones as of 24/05/2016 Platinum Call of Duty: Black Ops II Latest Platinum 3 days ago Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy Gran Turismo 6 3,000th Trophy 1 month ago DR2:OTR Trophy Master Dead Rising 2: Off The Record 40th Platinum 9 months ago Brave New World Dead Space 3 2,500th Trophy 9 months ago KINGDOM HEARTS Master KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX 30th Platinum 1 year ago Sir! Yes Sir! Enemy Front 2,000th Trophy 1 year ago Novice Librarian The Wolf Among Us 1,500th Trophy 1 year ago Mr. Death Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City 20th Platinum 2 years ago Instrument of Change FINAL FANTASY XIII 1337 Trophy 2 years ago Determinated Terminator Salvation 1 day, 3 hours Fastest Platinum 2 years ago Los Santos Legend Grand Theft Auto V 1,000th Trophy 2 years ago Platinum Call of Duty: Black Ops 10th Platinum 2 years ago EAS FC Youth Academy FIFA 12 500th Trophy 3 years ago Master Assassin Assassin's Creed III First Platinum 3 years ago Rude Awakening Assassin's Creed III First Trophy 3 years ago Got to mention that Rude Awakening... can't be better for a first trophy haha. I got it in the morning, and it shows something about me: I hate getting up early in the morning. I can stay awake until 5 am or later, but I find it very hard to get up at 7 am, which is what I've been doing for most of my life. Even though I don't like getting up so late (say 11 - 12 pm) even if I have the possibility, my awakening are usually rude if they're before 9 am haha. Very happy with my 1000th, 1337th, 2500th and 3000th trophies. They made me play the game which had the trophy I was willing to get for weeks, but the result couldn't be better. Proud too of my 10th, 20th, 30th and 40th plat, as well as my 1st (not planned though). I hope my 50th would be even prouder since I want it to be Max Payne 3 Not so good were my 500th trophy (not planned), 1500th (only "good" choice I had) and 2000th (great trophy but with less value than the rest).