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  1. Hello I’m currently trying to use this glitch (i’m in 1.14), and don’t really understand how it works. Do we still expect to arrive in front of the hostage when we close and launch the game again, or do we now expect to be in the beginning of the mission, with the health of easy level, but in hard mode? Do we need to be very Quick for closing the game? Because after several tries, when i launch the game after havons close it as Quick as I can, i’m still in the beginning of the mission (don’t check for the moment, will do it this evening, if i have a different health)... If you have a link for a video which perfectly explain how I need to proceed, feel free to give a link please! Thank you for your help! EDIT : That’s Good ! I were not enough quick for quitting the game I can confirm, it’s still working in 1.14.