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  1. That's what I wanted to hear. Thanks both of you 👍
  2. Pls tell not now that the Bigmouth challenge is missable? I've got 11/12 And there's no last one on her territory. I've read it becomes missable, if the danger level gets to low. I'm on 3 right now. But I as well found someone writing it came at the end of all encounters.
  3. I used to use PSPrices, but after they removed all the PS3 and Vita titles I switched to PSDeals. It's so much better. I wish I had switched many years before.
  4. My Stats say I've got 23 Scavenging Locations completed and even my challenge says 5 /18. So I should be good, right? Is there anything else I need to worry about? So far I had many sound glitches and I already died over 10 times lol
  5. If you have never heard of them before, now you
  6. If you have never listen to this album before, now you want to, lol
  7. Kingdoms Of Amalur dlcs were delisted. I can only find them one a store from an asia region. Don't know if the US copy works with dlcs from Hong Kong store like it does with Xcom.
  8. Has anyone of you tried. if it works with a US copy and Dlcs from HongKong store yet?
  9. In case you have not found out yet, Dante's Inferno is back online. 

    1. Kristen Danielle 2

      Kristen Danielle 2

      Thank you, kindly! I'm definitely going to give it a shot on this account. I'm sorry for the late reply. This account is now an alt and I was on my main.

  10. Count me in. Thank you very much 😀
  11. Either this or your tv has much ms for example, cuz you didn't notice this at all, cuz all the games you have played before it didn't matter for in example like in Fighting Games.
  12. I play T7 on my PS4. I see if I've got input delay. Did you check if it is not your TV?
  14. Well, it doesn't bother me that much, cuz I rarely buy games Day One. I expect more a price increase on PS+
  15. I got it now too. No connection issues at all. I recommend the mission Boom 2 by zirro007 It takes only 3s to finish. Now I go straight to finish FOB