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  1. Only for PS3 or Vita too?
  2. Are they seroius? Awesome. Why even bothering in buying a complete edtion if it isn't in the end. I feel like such a fool right now. Learned another lesson I never thought I had to. Kinda reminds me of Dragon Age UE lol
  3. I will try this thx. With PS3/Vita about firewall I'm not so sure, but for PS4/Xbox it has to work, cuz I got a how to setup guide for this and both are mentioned.
  4. Greetings, My name is a Red and I had a question. I had issues to connect to a wifi where I first had to agree to a user agreement. Google didn't really helped at first. My mistake was maybe I tried first with my Vita. Yesterday I tried with my PS4 and I got my first clue. PS4 cannot connect to a SSL connection. So I google this and found a 20s video. He just deleted from https:// the s and I was able to load the site with my browser. Now both PS4/Vita are connected with this wifi. Niceu. I will try next time with my PS3, but I'm sure it will work as well. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me.
  5. The only way to make ps3/vita games/dlc cheaper by buying psn cards with lower cost than its actually worth.
  6. Yep, Sony don't allow any sales for PS3/Vita. Who knows surley why. They still would get money, but I guess they don't need it.
  7. Just wasn't in the mood to play any PS games. I picked BLAZBLUE: CALAMITY TRIGGER with 32%.
  8. Thanks both of you. Weekend was hell, but now I'm feeling a lot better.
  9. I finished both SFxT games and got the flu, nice. I won't be able to play anything til then. Thanks to the for fun competition, Stedde. It helped my backlog for sure..
  10. I don't think I will make it either. These SFxT Mission keeping me really busy and I still need to some grinding there. But I will try to get everything what I manage to til deadline.
  11. Greetings. So I tried this now many times and didn't work. I read somewhere that it has to do something, because I've got a virtual MasterCard and Sony don't like these. It always says "The credit/debit card information is not valid" and shows me my card number in red. So I'd like some kind of advice, if possible. I seriously don't know what I am doing wrong. To bad I already send 10€ to this card and change to lira. I should have first let Sony accept it, lol. I used for my Turkey adress just Ankara, in case it has do something with it. Good night
  12. First of all, you should talk to your bf about it and say he shall stop. If it already bothers you that much, he either will agree with you or not. 2nd you are not the only one who is not happy about it, but that's how life is. There are people who like Digimon and there are some that don't. You have options how to deal with this: 1. Live with it and try not to care about it as much. There are deeper things to care about. 2. It's 2021, so get offended by them and report this to Twitch/ect... 3. Watch a hot male streamer to show your bf how it feels, evillaughingface. 4. Become a streamer yourself Just suggestions. There are ofc many more options, but in the end, you know what's best for you to decide. It's the internet, so you know how it is.
  13. I cannot believe that it is 15 years later now. I remember watching this show on TV somewhere between S2 and S3 when I was like 12, lol. Tonight, I watched the last episode and I'd say it has a good ending. I really enjoyed watching this show and I'm still surprised that it made to 15 Seasons. I kinda want more now, laughingface. Carry on.....Supernatural....
  14. This app sux ass like the previous one, but this one even much more. Communicating was always laggy, but one this one it takes sometimes 30min+ or I just get no notification what so ever. I just have to use this one as the last one. Only to meet up and continue with Discord for more.