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  1. Never finished the anime and don't even want to. However, I listened to this before I knew it was an ending of it, so I was for sure surprised. Enjoy ^?^
  2. The last month wasn't appealing for me and this won't be neither. However, I don't really mind because It's summer. Playing while it's hot and sunny can work but it's not always a good idea. See ya at the beach folks x)
  3. This should explain everything Have fun watching it 😀
  4. I wished I knew about this glitch earlier. I thought it would be a simply "beat a friend's challenge" trophy Think again, I guess
  5. A friend had the same problem. While going for it me and another one got without problems, but we were hosting. After we noticed this same detail, he was hosting the next one and got it.
  6. 8/10 Looks way better than the standard 0815 Anime model
  7. It's working so far. Was able to get my cross controller online trophy what I was still missing.
  8. Their newest Song
  9. I don't know what you like and 1300yen isn't much. There is a sale right now. Just take a look:
  10. I just noticed how little PS4 games I have played in all those years. PS3 Forever! Lol Before playing a game I usually do some research before buy/play and see, if I like what I see. But with this 2 I did only some or none. Until Dawn This was in my opinion not even a real game. More like a bad B Horror Movie with controlls. There were sections, where I just thought: "Was it seriously nessacery for me now, to be the one, who moves the kara for 5m to the next cutscene?" They could have done so much more with gameplay, but instead focused only on graphics and an allright Story. Resident Evil Biohazard First of all, I was really disappointed that they decided to go with FPS. I've got motion sickness so ofc it was a huge deal for me, however I still wanted to give it a chance. Every camera option I set to really slow, so I was able to play 3h or longer. I had no problems gameplay wise. I was able to move/turn around and play normally without puking my surroundings. So far evertyhing was good to go. I even understand why they went with this and playing with a headset made the atmospehr really scary, what is what you expect in every horror game in fps. But that is all positive feedback I could give in the end. I'm so hella mad about this game it is unbelievable. Who the hell is Ethan what is his business with us? I dunno what to think about the story. For a RE game it has the worst one, but for a horror game it is ok. Yea, and that is the thing. When I buy a game with a name like this one, what is not a spin off, then I at least expect something RE like. Not a story about an unknown guy who is looking for his dead wife. This video mentions most of the stuff I disliked about it. RE 6 was really bad, but at least you could still call it a RE game. This is just a horror game called Resident Evil. I know this is not bad game when it comes to all the bullshit there is on PS4. However, these are the ones I hate the most so far.
  11. My favorite ending so far. I was happily surprised to hear, it was actually the VA of these girls, who sang it. Enjoy 😂
  12. It's only worth it, if it is a fully functional game with all its content. And there are not many.
  13. That's the only game i can think of right now. Everything else I still plan to plat. Resident Evil 7 I've got many games where I either got the plat or 100% or even both. But except for of its Jap Dub I absolutly liked nothing about this game. IMO I think it's the worst Resident Evil I have ever played and I 100%ed both ORC and 6, lol. This game was such a huge disapointment that I simple don't want to plat it. The only thing that could change my mind is, if I'd get the Gold Edition reallly really cheap. Good night.
  14. There are many guides to fix this. For example in my case: Just typed in the name of my provider. Loged in and changed under port settings of chosen system that it open ups all its ports byitself. Good night.
  15. At this point you may even think, they would disable trophy synching function for PS3/Vita, but that is ofc to much work for them to do that, and at the same time you could think: "Hmm, this is still Sony, we are talking about." Just don't be surprised anymore. Everything is possible Toyota