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  1. Faster Than Ever Break the speed of sound. Challenge The World Win an online match. That online trophy is gonna be rare soon if the game doesn't go free on PS+. Freaking nobody plays it online. Really unfortunate because it's such a fun racer.
  2. BEST: Sony - In terms of showing us games that I want to play, and exclusives. While they lacked in new reveals and major announcements, E3 to me is about the games more than anything. Sony has the games. Microsoft - Speaking of games, that's all their conference was. They don't take #1 for me, because they're exclusive line up is once again weak. Gears of Funko? 343 Halo? Crackhead 3? Pass. HUGE props for bringing DMC5 to the world, and acquiring Ninja Theory though. Ubisoft - They're masters of the cringe showings, and I enjoyed their presentation. Really looking forward to Beyond Good and Evil 2. WORST: EA - They really are trying to do damage control by saying every game doesn't have loot boxes, but I think it's too late. They showed absolutely nothing interesting in any facet, and had the most boring conference. Bethesda - Call me a "hater", but I despise most Bethesda games. Doom Eternal and Rage 2 were good highlights from the show, but every thing else shown brought the yawns. Also the Elder Scrolls VI tease at the end made little sense to me. If anything, I'm going to laugh if they're making that game without a new engine. For the sake of transparency, I don't like Elder Scroll games to begin with. Square Enix - Considering they have a bunch of IPs I am interested in, their conference was stagnant and lacked anything that made it stand out. Babylon's Fall was the ONLY thing worth showing off that we didn't already see.
  3. Sure, if you're weeb trash and don't know good animation from bad animation.
  4. The budget and the animations are so much fucking better, it's astronomical.
  5. HOLLOW KNIGHT!!!!!!! Fuckin finally.
  6. Extended footage.
  7. I thought it was Drakengard 4. Either way, looks like a great new IP.
  8. Sega finally knows that games are going to sell out of Japan. Thank god.
  9. There will probably be a few surprises, but people should temper expectations. As good as Microsoft's conference was (and I feel like it was a 10/10 for them), they didn't really announce anything outrageously necessary as an exclusive. Although, quite a few people very well may associate DMC5 as an Xbox title because they showed it off first.
  10. Thoughts so far: Devil May Cry V: Exactly what I wanted. I kinda wish Nero's hair was a little longer, but the animations are just like they were in DMC4, if not more fleshed out. This game is going to be unbelievable. I cannot wait to see and learn more about the lore of the game, and how Vergil is still alive. Now my most anticipated game not currently released. Cyberpunk 2077: Wasn't completely sold on it, thought that the hype was a little too deafening. Happy to admit that it impressed me greatly. Looks like one of the most visually striking games I've ever seen. Hard to really comment further since there was no gameplay, but it was a show stealer for sure, and if not for my bias for DMC, it would top the charts for me. Sekiro "Shadows Die Twice": So, turns out I, and many other people were wrong in thinking it was a Kuon remake or a remake of Tenchu. It does look solid though. Gave me vibes of Nioh, but more refined because it's FromSoft instead of Ninja Theory. The ironic thing is, until I saw the FS logo, I thought it was a Team Ninja title. I do hope that FromSoft is working on a Bloodborne game as well, and will be teased at Sony's conference tomorrow. I kind of doubt it at this point, but wishful thinking. E3 is off to a fantastic start thus far. Bethesda's conference was, for the large part, boring to me. Doom Eternal and Rage 2 look absolutely amazing.
  11. As he should be, he's been keeping this game a secret (not a very good secret) for four years now. DMC4 was shit because it was rushed. At the ABSOLUTE least, this game has been anything but rushed. People can compare this to DmC all they want. They're fools though. Itsuno is not Tameem.
  12. Capcom is pretty chummy with Playstation. You wanna try again? Correct. Also, let's see how you aged from age 19 to age 29. They are going for more realism and less of an anime style, and somehow still get shit for it? Seriously, you can't make everybody happy.
  13. It is vergil. Veiny, and hooded. Had to slow down the video by a lot just to get a clear look of him, but it's 1000% the V man.