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  1. I haven't played PS+ games on offer in ages anyway.
  2. Sad about the corners of the Mai box, but hey I'm just happy I was able to get one. How good is it? Been wanting it.
  3. Ouch. That sucks. In my discord, all of us were joking that someone has to be the sacrifice that is stuck with Amakusa. Ironically, only one person got him. But hey, at least you did get Skadi in a reasonable amount of SQ. That's always good. Now that I have her, I'm definitely gonna be going in for Kama next year. Hokusai NP2, Kama and Altjuna are my top targets.
  4. Just keep waiting, it may come back in stock. I know The Last of Us Part 2 did. Though, maybe it stayed in stock because fan reservation is... well, we won't get into that. That's been beaten to death. Hopefully Ghost comes back in stock too. It is crazy to see the physical special edition skyrocket in price.
  5. No luck for me. Though, Amazon was nice enough to offer me a 40% refund for the mistake. I took some of that money and bought a code from someone online. I guess that's one way of going about it, but just wish it worked as intended.
  6. I've contacted Amazon support twice, and both times gotten email responses saying "I'm sorry to hear that you are unable to avail the promotion. Unfortunately, without knowing the exact details of the promotion, we are unable to investigate the problem further.In this case, I'd recommend you to write to you us with the link or the code you've tried used to avail the promotion and we can check with the same and assist you accordingly.Once we've received this information, we will investigation and assist accordingly." Sigh. In other words, I'm shit out of luck I guess. "Any edition", huh? False advertisement.
  7. Pretty sure I did too. Where is the digital locker located on Amazon?
  8. Yeah I know. Only had three options and it wasn't available. Again... it's funny as hell that you buy the "special edition", and get less out of it.
  9. So I finally got my physical copy of the special edition today. Inside you get the following: I have looked everywhere. I went inside the "bonus content", which only has the mini digital artbook, and the director's commentary. I am lacking the avatar, dynamic theme, digital soundtrack, as well as the horse and saddle. Also seem to be missing the body armor, but maybe I didn't progress far enough to unlock it. Kind of amazed at how you pay more and get less. Anybody else experiencing this problem, or is it just me? I think the problem lies in the physical special edition aspect. Doesn't look like digital deluxe edition people are affected.
  10. About damn time Amazon.
  11. 69 hits.
  12. Hope you got her. I decided to roll for Skadi. Ended up getting Tamamo first, which I needed even more than Skadi. Got Skadi after my first $110CAD pack. Got Hokusai (was my top gssr target) and Kiara on my extra GSSR. I have 23 tickets, 300SQ currently. Debating whether or not I go for Dantes in a couple weeks. If I resist the urge, I'll be saving for NP2 Hokusai in January. Largely done with this year now. Next year is gonna be brutal on me.
  13. This is more accurate. Though, that doesn't mean they are pressured into giving higher scores than what they actually think it is. It's probably more of a safe net to prevent them from saying overly negative things about their game. I could see that not going over too well, if the game in question does something really poorly, and they fear critics will focus on that over everything else the game does right. I mean, the critics do get the game free - and early to boot! That's equivalent to money being exchanged, right? Heh. We live in a weird time when a universal 84 (or 85 on Opencritic) is considered a subpar score. (There are people complaining and constantly bringing up TLOU2's review scores.) Do our games need to be universal 10/10 to be able to enjoy? I guess we'll find out. Ghost is the second of my big three games for this year. I'm just as excited as I was for The Last of Us Part 2.
  14. This is so impressive for a multitude of different reasons. This isn't just one reviewer giving it a ten. It's four people agreeing that it's a ten. The Japanese critics are praising the game. To me, that holds a lot of weight. They'd know more about this setting being authentic than any of us. Here we go again with another shit take that cannot be proven. You do realize the ramifications for both the developer/publisher, and the critic/company? No, you're right. Everything that gets a perfect score is clearly due to money being exchanged.
  15. Doubt. But okay. I like how they had to add in "fascinating", as if they are forced to slight Ghost's other competition for best visually impressive PS4 game. Anyway, it looks like everything I could hope and expect from a samurai game. Looking forward to it.