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  1. With Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out next week.. why? Why get baited into games that will sit in your backlog for months if not years? That is what I tell myself, anyway.
  2. One word: Sequel. Well, God of War didn't get any trophies for their NG+ mode. Which still disappoints me to this day. They should have added a NG+ trophy and a "Give Me God of War" completion trophy. If anything, to make the people that have 100% have more bragging rights. Especially because unlike Spiderman, God of War on the hardest difficulty is no joke. Even if you use cheese methods.
  3. About fucking time they reward people that want to play again (and on the hardest difficulty). Also, new suits. Inb4 no Sam Raimi suit?!?! Let's be honest, the suit wasn't great. Fight me.
  4. If people use the excuse that they play games in order to escape reality... I think you could make the argument that something about their mental psyche is aloof. Does it really matter, though? The world in general is in disarray. The smarter technology gets and the more advanced it becomes, the dumber human beings are because of it. Not that I'm gonna complain, because I quite enjoy my expensive high tech gizmos.
  5. The collection... she grows.
  6. Don't need to. I'm hopeful that with this, we'll see a hell of a lot more unique names. As usual, I'll probably end up disappointed though.
  7. This is Sparta! Complete the Battle of 300. Interesting way to start the game off.
  8. Just came back from seeing Venom. It was pretty good. Sure, there were problems, and I wish they didn't tease us with other symbiotes and couldn't deliver them. That mid-credit scene though... bring on Venom 2. Hardy was absolutely fantastic, and the comedy is probably going to make or break your experience. Probably why the critics hated it. "OMG THIS ISN'T R RATED? THE SYMBIOTE IS CRACKIN' JOKES?! THE FUCK IS THIS?" Just a friendly tip, maybe go see it for yourself before you listen to the critics and write the movie off. If you hated it, that's fine too. There were some plot pacing problems. But it is kind of a fact that the audience is liking it.
  9. That joke probably went on a little too long. A- for effort, but a C+ for execution.
  10. I'm probably the only person completely happy with my name and will never change it. Taking time before you create your account to come up with something that you love was well worth it.
  11. Except Sega themselves has confirmed Yakuza Kiwami. A far cry from a rumour when someone that works PR confirms it...
  12. Gamespot leaked the PS4 games a month in advance. Yakuza Kiwami has been confirmed by Sega.