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  1. Great value. Handsome Jack Collection is fantastic. Especially with the 4K texture update. I'm more excited about the Death Stranding release date tho.
  2. Yeah... I dunno about that. Sounds like the opposite of what happened with this. Too much happening too quickly. That's just begging for filler. Daenerys should have died a while ago, and now she finally got what she had coming.
  3. Our Prologue Has Ended Cleared the Prologue. Our Time Has Ended You failed to choose on the S.O.S. Our First S.O.S. Has Ended Tried out the S.O.S. System! Our 1st Chapter Has Ended Cleared Chapter 1. Quietly hoping this game gets an anime adaptation at some point.
  4. Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 4. Attack on Titan S3 Episode 14. These two shows will make my weekends complete.
  5. Sincerely, every Switch owner. Honestly, I had a little bit of a dark laugh. I feel for Switch owners. But their ENTITLEMENT that they deserved Persona 5 because of Joker in Smash... well... yeah. Game looks pretty great in its own right. Like P5 The Royal, it's a day one buy for me.
  6. Been a while since I spent $80 on a visual novel.
  7. Just like how someone could counter your argument by saying an inexpensive price point doesn't correlate to a bargain. Funny how nobody thinks being a penny pincher is a dangerous mindset. "I'll only buy games when they're on sale for $20 or less!" Yeah, and your favourite developers might not make another game as a result. But sure, it's only dangerous to throw money around. Right.
  8. Never had much of a problem, myself, and I didn't play the Crash games on PS1 so I didn't have that nostalgia to guide me. Thought it was pretty fun. Now, doing some of the time trials was where it got a little mentally taxing at times. Especially Crash 1.
  9. To be completely honest, I would love that. No longer would we have neckbeards buying games to plat a game and then toss it out the window.
  10. Technically, Gamestop doesn't exist in my country. But to answer your question, yeah. They'll still be around next year. I probably am. I'm not that cynical of a customer. I enjoy Playstation, and I enjoy new technology. Not much to figure out.
  11. The PS3 had a horrendous launch due to its expensive price tag, but yes, it did eventually outsell the Xbox due to the superior software offerings. As bad as a launch may be, or how expensive it is and might burn the consumer, they will ALWAYS win people back if they have the games.
  12. Only when they're stupid with their reasoning. I really doubt Shawn Layden or Mark Cerny will tell potential customers to get a second job if they can't afford it. A lot of people don't buy systems at launch anyway. Most people wait a year or two or even longer before they jump.
  13. And if that's a lot of money... preorder at Gamestop. They will allow you to put in deposits of money before it releases. I'll probably put in $100 a month and make it really sustainable to afford. I personally want an expensive console at launch. The more expensive it is, the farther away in technology it is than the PS4.
  14. Should've just waited for the 24th, you know, for actual news. It was like $100, I wouldn't classify that as "big". But yes, I will buy it again too.