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  1. Didn't think it warranted much of a response. I don't think any of those games I bolded deserve to be on a "worst game I've played" list. I do agree that a couple I didn't bold certainly belong there, and others I just don't know enough to comment on. FFXV is a wonderful game, but we all know the launch issues that it suffered from, and the barren open world that - in my opinion - should have been scrapped in favour of developing the characters further. I do believe all the updates and DLC have expanded enough to the game to improve it to many people, though I beat it day one and still loved it for what it was; even though it was fundamentally flawed at launch. Alien Isolation is a little simplistic in nature, but provides a really great atmosphere. The gameplay isn't perfect, but also isn't enough of a determent to make the game bad in any way, shape or form to me. Lords of the Fallen suffers from being a "Dark Souls" wannabe. Despite that, it stands on its own legs and tries to do its own thing outside of that gameplay combat that we're seeing progressively more and more with many games nowadays. Salt and Sanctuary is an intriguing indie game, one of the most fun in fact. Another "Dark Souls" wannabe, which may as well become its own genre, but is that really enough to justify calling it bad? The art style is more than enough to get people interested, even if the game feels a little too familiar, gameplay wise. Unravel is pure art, and demonstrates thoughtful puzzles, though I guess they do get a bit predictable. I thought it was one of EA's most thoughtful games they've done in a long time. I don't know what your expectations were for all these games, but they all have one thing in common to me. They're all freaking amazing in their own way.
  2. Gave my EU launch copy of S;G0 to a friend years ago. Glad to have another copy in the collection. Still to this day my favourite VN. Though Danganronpa 2 certainly gives it a run for its money.
  3. Uhh... Well, okay then.
  4. Finally got Zenitsu. Slowly my Kimetsu no Yaiba collection is getting more and more impressive.
  5. So Pokemon Sword/Shield gets a 9.3 from IGN. Can't wait for the Pokefans that bitched about IGN's Death Stranding review to press this review score tightly to their chest over the next couple of days.

  6. Andromeda was awful. If they continue in that universe, I most certainly will not be buying it. Mass Effect HD Collection or a remake is the only way they're getting my money at this point. Even a "true" Mass Effect 4, with a post-Shepard story wouldn't be enough to draw me in.
  7. Interested in: Devil May Cry HD ($12.99) Resident Evil 2 Remake ($14.99) Watchdogs 2 ($14.99) Medievil ($19.99) Days Gone ($19.99) Metro Exodus ($19.99) Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition ($19.99) Rage 2 ($19.99) Red Dead Redemption 2 ($24.99) Sekiro ($24.99) Control ($29.99) We'll see how many of these games prices are matched in Canada. Absolutely amazing deals on all of them so I'd happily load up and not have to buy another game until Persona 5 Royal. EDIT: Apparently Judgment and Catherine will be $25 as well. Fuck me.
  8. Good Samaritan Deliver your first piece of lost cargo. Delivering Is What I Do Complete the prologue: Porter. Like and Be Liked Give your first Like. Rebuilding America Complete Episode 1: Bridget. Just as I thought, absolutely love the game. Can't wait to get deeper into the story. In a world full of games with fast travel, it's extremely obvious where the criticism is coming from. I'm just glad to witness for myself that I don't have a problem with the gameplay at this point. But it's early, so who knows.
  9. You can piss on the BTs. Seriously. Yeah, me too. Just one though. Perhaps Sam needs energy drinks because of how boring he is going through his own life? Woohoo, now I sound like all the other mooks that are calling the game boring!
  10. Caught up on Kimetsu. Now starting Act-Age. Really loving it.
  11. Ah yes, back to citing IGN's review, because they're the only reviewers in the game. This is such an embarassing game of back and forth. I'd rather deliver packages in a fictional video game world than read reviews about why the game is or isn't for me. But then again, I value my own opinion.
  12. https://time.com/5716354/death-stranding-review/ Another good read.
  13. It works. But the third semester is blocked.
  14. Here's a link to that, just in case anybody else was interested like I was. Famitsu was one of the critics I was most interested to see where they fell on the fence with this game. In a way, they're one of the better critics, because their score is based on four people's opinions, instead of just one person. With a game being as divisive as DS has been, that's an extremely important factor. Of course, "haters" (for want of a better word) will automatically dismiss their opinion, and say "of course the Japanese love it." It's like people are incapable of accepting any other opinion but their own. It's kinda sad, but amusing at the same time.