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  1. 12: Xbox isn't about "one game to rule them all", it is about diversity. Right. Xbox currently doesn't have a single game that they can really brag about. I really, REALLY hope, for their own sakes, that that will change during their showcase. I honestly do not see Starfield changing things much at all. But it has to be a big win at this point. Competition isn't just "always great". I would argue that it's necessary. Sony needs to feel like there's someone challenging them for console supremacy. If they are left unchecked, they won't feel the need to improve. That would be catastrophic for their own growth.
  2. Very happy about Sakuna. Been waiting to buy it. I'd be doing back flips for Rift Apart if I didn't buy it a little while ago.
  3. I did. They're nothing special but I'm happy to have a Terra avatar.
  4. Is there a beastiary guide up anywhere? Specifically for FFVI.
  5. Nintendo's game of the year is an expansion... this is crazy. Very big spoilers in this trailer. Takahashi is cooking a masterclass.
  6. A whole new generation of gamers get to understand and appreciate one of the greatest villains in gaming history. Kefka is a true pioneer.
  7. XIII trilogy is also not on PS4 at the moment. I think that has to be next, along with the long rumoured IX remake.
  8. Then there's stragglers that swear by IX (haven't played it). But yeah, it's mostly VI vs VII. I just prefer Kefka.
  9. My recommended order: IV, VI, V, I, II, III. Personally, I'm going to play in this order... except I will swap VI and IV, because I've been wanting to replay VI for a very long time. It's arguably the best game in the series (until XVI releases).
  10. I think nothing is arguably superior to Beyond the Storm as well.
  11. Best new song from John Wick Chapter 4. Can't believe it didn't make the official soundtrack. It is on Le Castle Vania's EP, which releases tomorrow.
  12. It looks like a new spinoff film (not Ballerina) is going to be announced in around a month. I'm going to guess it's going to feature a certain blind assassin that we fell in love with in Chapter 4.
  13. Outstanding movie with THE BEST action you're ever going to see in a movie. The top down segment REALLY had Hotline Miami vibes. Highlight of the film. The ambiguous ending is rather interesting. They can really end it there if they want to, or if they feel inspired to make another film, they can make it very convincing. Either way, fantastic movie all around. That song is also in the first film. It's called Shots Fired, by Le Castle Vania. It wasn't because of the song that made it similar to Hotline Miami; since the song isn't exclusive to this film. It was the camera work.
  14. Wickerman 4 hype! Just a couple more days.