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  1. Stick to what you're good at. Trophy hunting. Jim Ryan can take my virginity.
  2. Sony is listening. Fantastic news as a whole.
  3. Can't not see Sony acquire them if they are indeed for sale. Microsoft may have an infinite bank account, but this acquisition makes zero sense for them, since sales will just plummet in the Japanese market. They really don't like Xbox there. They should stick to the Bethesda's of the gaming world.
  4. Good post. One of the finest I've seen in a while. People just love to complain about everything. I guess people are really hurt about Days Gone 2, yet I'm sure a good portion of them didn't even buy the first game at launch, lol.
  5. I am really, REALLY late to this series. I have fallen absolutely in love with it. Got the season 1 boxset on the way, but a two week delay for it to come back in stock has it pushed back. Now I get to be one of those people to tell others to not be like me and sleep on the Monogatari series for as long as I have.
  6. Yes. PSNProfiles, which seems to prioritize trophies over games. You do realize not everybody holds that belief, right?
  7. I can practically hear people butt hurt because they won't get three platinums out of it. I kind of welcome new trophies, but I was hoping to get the platinums all over again. But I'm not gonna cry about one trophy list. I'll leave that to others. The games matter to me. Not the trophies.
  8. It will be once the PS3 store gets closed down.
  9. Seems to finally be dead. Bummer. Wanted to grab some last minute Steins;Gate avatars before they're gone forever. Farewell Kurisu avatars that I procrastinated buying and now won't get the chance. Edit: Managed to get it to work. Added three desired avatars to my cart. Went to checkout and pay $1.50 EACH and then got more access denied pages. This crappy site doesn't even want to overcharge me for these damn avatars... lmao. Edit2: Brute forced it to work. If you do manage to get the site to load, move fast or it will start giving you access denied pages, for whatever reason. Now laugh and shame me for this purchase.
  10. Probably could have stopped at NP2. Pushed my luck but couldn't get more than that. Still, very happy. A shitload of SR spooks too. (Burned a couple)
  11. By preordering on Amazon Canada. It arrived a day late. Kind of a shame I don't even use it every day...
  12. Never played the Valkyria series before. Looking forward to it. And before anybody says it, I know Revolution is not considered good. It also was extremely cheap, so I didn't mind grabbing it for the pin.
  13. Contrary to popular opinion, Sony doesn't need to match Game Pass. At all. No.
  14. #84 - Steins;Gate Elite Yet another Steins;Gate platinum. Pretty funny how, as I was trying to figure out what TIP I was missing, and how to obtain it, my phone went off and I saw this tweet: Divergence meter clearly stands for 21.03.17, aka March 17th, 2021. Maybe another Steins;Gate game? Hope it's not Steins;Gate 0 Elite. Though, if it is, this post becomes even more hilarious / painful. Anyway, not much to say about Elite. More of the same, not as good as the original VN. Still nice to revisit my favourite story of all time.
  15. Anybody know if it works the same way physical? Like, let's say you want to buy a physical PS5 game, do you get the digital PS4 version as well? Trophy purposes, naturally.