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  1. Count me in as someone that is glad no Vita release. When they cross platform these games, there is a serious hit on graphic fidelity on the PS4 version. I'm mildly surprised that the Switch didn't get one though, but then again even it probably can't handle the graphics. Actually, after watching those new videos, the Switch would be able to handle it no problem. This is a good sign.
  2. Just noticed, but, the original God of War released March 22, 2005. I think it's really something that they announced that this God of War went gold on the 13th anniversary for the series.
  3. Some people get bored of something, or distracted by something else, and go with that. That would be the category that I fall into. There are so many games I've played where I'll start something, find it fun, but then brush it to the side in favour of something that I'm in the mood to play. It happens so much that my completion percentage is barely in the 50% mark. I still wouldn't classify myself as a casual gamer though. I believe that, in my old age, it's becoming increasingly difficult for a game to hold my attention. I LOVE these short sub 10 hour games because you can get through them in a weekend and that's it. These 100+ hour open world sandbox games just scream fuck you to me. There's way too many of them out there and they add an unnecessary veil of anxiety for me to finish, so that it makes me not want to play them. There are different people. There are the hardcore people that need to 100% everything they play. And if they want to do that, that's fine. But I truly believe you're exhausting your own passion for games and before long you'll see them as a job to finish and you will resent them. It's better to ignore the trophies and just have fun. Or try to platinum the games that you really, really love. If I buy a game, complete it, and loved the story, I'm beyond happy. Whatever my completion percentage is at that point is an afterthought to me because I just want to enjoy more unique storytelling in this enriching medium. And then there's times where I want a Telltales game.
  4. Why? Because people need to TRY to 100% a game, otherwise they're a failure to themselves and are fundamentally broken? Any logical person could theorize that anybody that obsesses over digital trophies is fundamentally broken... Day by day I realize that people on this site have lost all meaning of what video games are. They're not solely a 100% checklist for you to conquer. Sad that that's all people see them as.
  5. Finally, the man and the team can rest. Can't wait to play what should be one of the best games of the year.
  6. It's quite easy, actually... Step 1: Leave your parents basement. Step 2: Find a girl that isn't disgusted by you. Step 3: Don't fuck it up. Step 4: Trick her into thinking you're worth her time. Use what creativity you have to accomplish this crucial task. Step 5: Make her fall madly in love with you. Step 6: Ask her out. Step 7: If you made it this far, she said yes. Now, you play games with her, until she is reprogrammed into the precious "gamer gurl". Step 8: What the hell are you reading this for? You got what you asked for, ya prick. It's worth noting that nowadays it's common to forgo step 1 entirely and do the whole Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/randomcamsite/Tumblr/whateverdatingsite shenanigans. If that's your thing, more power to you. I believe the best results are found locally though, unless you are an above average looking male that would easily get 20+ likes on your facebook profile picture. But if you were, you wouldn't be making this thread, now would you?
  7. True happiness can be found when you play a game and don't look at the trophy list at all. You know a game is goddamn great when you're playing it for the game rather than the meaningless digital trophies. That said, I hope God of War is hard/grindy as fuck and neigh impossible to platinum. Odds are low, but let me have my dream since my opinion of trophies has never been lower than it currently is.
  8. Unless of course the troll becomes enraged in that second phase, much like most bosses in games. Or, perhaps they cut off to hide a pending quick time event? Of which the absence has already been noted as a determent for fans so far. I'm hearing some conspiracy theories that Thor will be the first real boss of the game. Nothing major to point to that yet, before people lose their shit and call me out for spoilers. Just something I find fascinating. I find myself reflecting what kind of gods in the Norse universe we'll be killing. Makes for entertaining thoughts while you poo.
  9. I don't think the game is like The Last of Us at all, except for the parts where you boost Atreus up so that you can proceed. That's the only comparison that makes sense. Otherwise, it's very akin to Horizon Zero Dawn. And since HZD has a laughably easy trophy list, I'm expecting this God of War game to have just as much of one. But we'll see. That's how it always works. You get games like The Last of Us, games you just want to experience and enjoy, get super grindy trophy lists, and then games you want to do everything you possibly can, and the trophy list has practically no missable trophies. We're losing the sight of what trophies should be. They should be earned, not given for booting the game up and completing a story segment every 20 minutes. It'd be nice if they did something unique and truly challenging. That would give trophies more meaning to me.
  10. Awakening Complete "PROLOGUE: AWAKENING" mission. Captured Capture an outpost or guard post. 100% serious. That prologue is the best introduction to a game in my almost 30 years of being alive and playing video games. The man is a goddamn genius.
  11. Let's pretend you could X to jump around. "WTF NO COMBOS? NO MAGIC? WTF MA IMMERSION!!! THIS GAME IS A THE LAST OF US WANNABE" I don't care if people don't like it. That's their own fault. If they want to keep playing the old God of War games, boot up your PS3 and knock yourself out. I'll enjoy a new God of War experience. Because we live in a world where people have to express everything. Facebook has ruined humanity. Oh I don't like this, better make a post about how disappointed I am and how I won't be buying it until maybe it's $20 HEH HEH. If people don't want it, they don't want it. I really hope this game has a really grindy trophy list. Something that takes 5+ playthroughs and a lot of passion to complete. This is a game I don't want to be done with in just one playthrough. I want it to be a platinum that people look at and think, damn, that's impressive that mook's got that plat. Of course it'll probably be just as easy as the other GoW platinums though. Sigh. Just once, I wish there was a trophy for beating the game on the hardest difficulty, without upgrading anything. I love NUR in God of War games.
  12. Dunno why I ever get my hopes up about Hollow Knight. Getting annoyed at this point.
  13. Games speculated to be involved in Nintendo's indie showcase tomorrow: Please... just give me a Hollow Knight release date. It's all I want. Salt and Sanctuary would be goddamn amazing on the Switch too.
  14. Fixed for you.