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  1. The first one arrived from Amazon JP. Sadly I had to order elsewhere to get the second, and much rarer one. These are more expensive than I care to even admit, but will be very rare in the future probably.
  2. About goddamn time. The Wolf Among Us had a trophy for really basic collectibles (The book of fables), so seeing them add a little bit more thought to the games is nice. I really do enjoy TT The Walking Dead. Of course I am sure people will trivialize these trophies by looking at guides as they play. Seriously, if you want these kinds of trophies, but are afraid to explore for them yourselves... I don't understand you.
  3. King K Rool completely won me over. This game looks amazing.
  4. Yeah, I definitely don't disagree with that. Those two games would most likely finish up my Top 5, but there was another title that came to mind that made me doubt myself a little bit.
  5. Damn right. I still have to play through almost all the games. Got Yakuza Kiwami 2 preordered for the end of the month. Don't think I'm ready. Oh well. Since I finished Kiwami I don't mind making the jump directly to Kiwami 2. Been waiting quite a while to see Ryuji Goda again.
  6. 1. God of War 2. Persona 5 3. Bloodborne The only top three that truly matter. It then becomes a battle of preference there onward. But these are the undisputed three games that you need to own if you have a PS4.
  7. > Even if you saw it already, why not just get the whole first season free while it's available! Two important things worth noting: 1. It is not the whole first season. The first half of the first season (aka Episodes 1-13) are free. The second half of the first season (aka Episodes 14-25) are not included in this freebie. 2. More importantly, it's English audio only, and this dub is one of many that are atrocious.
  8. For what it's worth, games I bought on PS4 this month are (were?): The Last Guardian Need For Speed: Payback Dishonored 2 Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition NBA 2K18 Watch Dogs 2 Yooka Laylee Yakuza 6 Batman Return to Arkham Blue Reflection Mafia III The Walking Dead Season 3 Destiny 2 (shh) South Park: The Fractured Butt Hole So if any of these games go free... you're welcome.
  9. I think someone took my analogy of a robber stealing a physical library of games a bit too literally. And then has the gull to say that what I posted had a lot of hilarity. Do you really think online only physical games are going to function in 20 years? How about previous saves to games (like God of War as an example) that are on a current update (1.20 or whatever it's currently on) but you deleted the data off of your PS4 to conserve space? Do you really think you'll be able to download that update in 20 years? Oh but here's the best thing, while some games will still function fine without being on the same update as the version that the save is based on, my exact example, God of War, does NOT work if you use your previous save and don't update to the newest version. So you're going to have to restart! Lord knows there are probably other examples out there, but God of War is one that very recently came to mind because I personally went through it. Not a big deal, because an update right now takes 2 minutes. But in 20 years when the servers don't work anymore? I think you can say bye bye to that physical copy lasting 20 years like you're convinced it will. Not really sure what you're trying to get out of this post. I've excluded myself from this discussion because I frankly couldn't care about it. And yet kids keep getting butthurt that someone doesn't think physical games are my religion. Stay in your lane, play the way you want. Unlike you, I really don't give a shit about your preferred way to collect.
  10. Probably games I just bought this month.
  11. This trailer is one of the best ones I've seen. Only one more month to go.
  12. These two games are like injecting a needle of nostalgia into my vein. DKC1 was one of the first games I ever played. I'm a bit disappointed in myself it took me this long to finally get it.
  13. Octopath Traveler is slowly but surely stealing my heart. This must be how fans felt when they were playing Final Fantasy VI for the first time. (I was very much alive at that age, but at that time I hated RPGs so avoided it like the plague.)
  14. The soundtrack is INCREDIBLE, but for some strange reason, this song in particular has really stood out to me.