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  1. There won't be a PS5 version. It's EA. Look at Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered as an example of how they treat remasters. In other words, don't have high expectations with this remaster. I'd love to be wrong though. Also, to answer your question, yes, I'll play as a PS5 owner via BC day one.
  2. Light update. Got Dantes with the new year GSSR (one of my targets). Decided to roll for a second copy of Hokusai. Got her within........ 52 tickets, 300sq. Kinda fell apart there, but back to almost 350sq savings for Kama. Smooth sailing now. Only interested in Kama and Arjuna Alter this year.
  3. #82 - Cyberpunk 2077 (6000th trophy as well!) What can I say about this game that hasn't already been said? Let's see... despite the game's rather buggy launch, it is perhaps the best game I have ever played in my entire life. How's that for hype? Or is it just recency bias? New game hype? We'll see as time goes on. I am tremendously excited for the future of this game. Game crashes were extremely frequent on PS5, and often times completely offputting. I got two crashes out of 5 times in the credits, chasing all the different endings. That isn't a good look. But unlike everybody else, I am not going to shit on the game for an experience I myself didn't suffer. Outside of game crashes, I only saw a few graphical bugs. Only one instance of NPC T-posing. Had several instances of audio bugs though. The future of this game is super bright. I can't wait for CDPR to continue to patch this game, and add more content (both free and paid expansions) to increase the sense of immersion. As it currently is, you can really tell how much content they needed to scrap, just to make the game release on time of top brass's (unrealistic) schedule. A lot of people are going to experience a world class game in 6 months time, maybe a bit longer. Few seem to give it the credit it deserves in it's current state. But I will. The game is still incredible as it currently is - bugs included. I love how it constantly reminded me of Mass Effect, in so many ways. It was my most anticipated game for the last 5-6ish years. While I'm painfully aware that it didn't meet other people's expectations, the hype was real for me. Keanu had an incredible performance. But if we exclude him, Takemura's VA stole the show. So many amazing and memorable performances outshine all the bugs in the world in my book. Play the game. Just not on base PS4 consoles. Wait a little bit if you have to. But don't blindly listen to critics on this one. This game is special. I will never forget this experience. I will wait for the next two patches before I begin my second playthrough. [Shameless thanks to the trash My Name is Mayo 2 for allowing me to time CP's platinum as my 6000th trophy.]
  4. The anime that got me into anime. So happy to finally own it.
  5. Finally got the headphones I have been wanting for a long time.
  6. Probably a temporary fix. They might be duds. I had a pair of headphones that would do that. Long story short, they lasted a few months before they eventually died. This was a long time ago, granted.
  7. Might be my favourite song in the game. Hits different. Especially late at night in the car, while it's raining.
  8. Absolutely loving the game on PS5. Which means I'll love the PS5 version that much more. Happy to double dip my most anticipated game of the decade.
  9. True Soldier Kill or incapacitate 300 enemies using ranged weapons. The Quick and the Dead Kill or incapacitate 50 enemies while time is slowed. Christmas Tree Attack Complete a Breach Protocol with a minimum of 3 daemons uploaded. Was saving that last trophy for today specifically. About as festive as I'm gonna get. Merry Kurisumasu.
  10. There's more to a game than trophies. I want to do everything the game has to offer.
  11. It's funny how many people are complaining about bugged out quests withholding them from their platinum trophy, but when you look at their trophy pages, they have the platinum, and usually the same day they posted their message. Could always edit your post to provide info on how you got past it. *shrug* Anyways, my turn to complain. It would seem that all Epistrophy missions are bugged for me. Whenever I approach a Delamain cab, I receive a call from Delamain that I cannot answer. Once I track down the cab, I can scan it but nothing happens.
  12. Still playing and enjoying it. Only real issue on PS5 are the infamous crashes and some small graphical bugs. I bought it physical so not getting a refund. Frankly, I don't want one. The story is amazing.
  13. Right Back At Ya Kill or incapacitate an enemy who threw a grenade at you. Must Be Rats Perform the Distract Enemies quickhack 30 times without drawing attention to yourself.
  14. My first day playing the game on PS5, I only had one crash in a six hour play session. I felt pretty good about that. But then today... holy jumping fuck sticks. I've lost count of how many times the fucking game crashed. At least 10 times. And the 'Monster Hunt' sidequest is a steaming pile of monkey shit. Spent the better part of two hours trying to get through this mission and the legendary craft material. Playing on very hard was clearly a mistake - especially when the game is this buggy. It's really demoralizing that the game can and will crash on you for just walking back and attempting to enter your car, and then you have to repeat everything all over again. On VH. For the love of god CDPR, fix this game. Not returning the game. Just a really frustrating experience today.
  15. Finally get to experience my most anticipated game.