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  1. I realize this is adding insult to injury, but his came today as well, a code for an exclusive Avatar.
  2. Here are screens on Imagur http://kayne86.imgur.com/all/
  3. won't let me, says files are too big. send me a message on psn and ill send you screens. Bloodbourne has a theme they give you as bonus for achieving the platinum, same with horizon. I got the platinum this sunday, got the email today (tuesday). No i got a separate email. I received the email congratulating me, then two days later i got the code for the theme for platinuming it. yes but for some reason it won't let me upload anything over .5 mb. I got the platinum for it over the summer. about 15 months after it released.
  4. Not yet. At work. I will when I get home! Make sure I upload so everyone can see!
  5. Yeah me too. I have been attached to bloodbourne one because of the blood, sweat and tears I had to put into it to obtain. The defiled chalice dungeon gives me nightmares! A code!
  6. Just wanted to give a heads up that there is a bonus theme for platinuming the game!!!! I hope this becomes the future for exclusives. First bloodbourne, now horizon. I've also uploaded screenshot of the redemption.
  7. Don't give up. You will regret it. Just keep playing and if you get frustrated walk away, play another game. Do anything, just don't give up entirely. I struggled with amygdala in the defiled chalice and walked away for a month, came back and beat her on the third try. It was my introduction to the souls/bloodbourne games. i am hooked now!!!!
  8. Have you done the chalice dungeons?
  9. Need help with the second and third boss in the defiled chalice. Been at it for about 8 hours. It's starting to piss me off. Add me if interested @ kayne_86
  10. There is also one later on right after you defeat the starved beast. Don't want spoil anything but great way to get single and double blood shards. HMU if you want details. At this point in the game the blood echos are decent, IMO it's for farming shards. I think you get about 1300 Blood Echos from each kill (2). Will post a video if you want.
  11. the way to do it is to both search at the same time and there is a decent chance you'll be put in the same lobby. If anyone is interested in ding this let me know.
  12. It is included on digital version. A friend bought it and we are both able to play the dlc simultaneously.