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  1. its a really weird feature, but after grinding for hours to get the "upgrade all weapons" on the original nier im kinda thinking about buying the grindiest trophy automata has, who knows maybe is not that repetitive and im just burn out from all the grind.
  2. Hi can you sign me up for champion of the gods, im going to lay down and try to not think in more challenge modes.
  3. Thank you 😁 Happy Holidays!!!
  4. i had this trouble with life is strange and hitman, what i did was go to the psn store search for the game and discovered that i didnt have the other episodes "download", the only thing i did was press the download button again and then restore my licenses it was really weird always on episodic games
  5. Gara is kinda bad, but if you are playing again nidus and octavia are just a lot of fun
  6. Oh good old times Ulukai, before i buy the game i remember spending hours just in the demo, fantastic game, its gonna be great to play this again. I watch some videos and those comments are cancer, a shame that only some indie games get a free pass on the graphics, same thing happen a couple of month ago with dreamfall chapters.
  7. I got TMI in book 4 in the forest
  8. Im Sorry my english is not the best lol, this is what i try to say. 1 trophy for book 1 1 trophy for book 2 2 trophy for book 3 1 trophy for book 4
  9. Book four because of the last choice you do in book 3, it was the last trophy i got before the platinum. Doing all the available trophies during the first playthrough you will need 1 for book 1 1 for book 2 2 for book 3 1 for book 4
  10. Wednesday and still nothing in the american ps store, i already make and european account just in case, 11 years waiting for this game.....