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  1. Anybody know how to fight a flagged game? Apparently to someone I cheated which I know I didn't on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      OK I was wrong about the costume. I forgot I earned it by skipping through some of the tower and beating 300 before beating the rest of the tower (and I was thinking about Jade). I also looked it up and you don't need it to get the costume trophy. Sorry about that.

      Your Kung Fu is Stronger though is still messed up. I have seen that on a lot of accounts (all saying they don't hack games) and it is always the same thing. 7 seconds apart. So that still looks fishy.

    3. Enigma_AssassinX


      I had my saved data corrupted 3 times and the somewhere between that my PS3 froze and never synced my 1st fighter finished that's honest. I never knew hacking was that serious so to say but apparently is. no disrespect.

    4. Enigma_AssassinX


      Can't speak for others but I guess that would look fishy if its consist seen like that.

  2. #56 Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 :) almost 300 hours total playtime geez

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    2. Enigma_AssassinX


      Yeah I'm going to play razor edge next. I've always wanted to play and platinum the series but was to afraid to because I wasn't decent at hack n slashes

    3. Shinobi


      Wow! Congratulations! I too know how awesome it feels to earn the platinum for this game. Huge props to you man!

    4. Enigma_AssassinX


      Thanks bro it a feeling unexplainable until you actually do it yourself.

  3. Alway Wanted To Platinum The Ninja Gaiden Series.

  4. I think I been on break long enough. It's time I step it up a bit

  5. I Need My Drive Back!

  6. #55 Diablo 3: RoS beyond time consuming

    1. chuckyjugg


      Gratz Enigma!! Least time consuming as the first D3.

    2. WILD DOG

      WILD DOG

      congrats dood!

    3. Enigma_AssassinX


      Thanks and so I've heard about the Vanilla D3 I heard that's more of a pain

  7. "Come On" DMC 1 Dante favorite taunt

  8. Gotta love platinums

  9. Plat #54 ratchet and clank going commando

    1. Venocide
    2. NotAFoxAnymore
    3. Enigma_AssassinX


      Thanks lol the grinding of that game

  10. The grinding in ratchet and clank going commando Is just unnecessary lol

    1. Mr Incredible
    2. Hemiak


      Not as bad as the first one at least. Buy everything in the game -> 400k bolts. You need 1 mil for the trophy... Who thought that was a good idea? 5+ full play throughs unless you glitch it.

    3. Enigma_AssassinX


      It's beyond nonsense lol I swear this game could have been platinumed about 2 days ago but yet I'm still at the end cleaning up

  11. It really makes me mad at the fact you can buy your way thru DMC4 SE

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    2. Sir_Bee


      Why does that make you mad? Does it change your experience if someone else can experience it differently?

    3. Enigma_AssassinX


      Not at all it's just the fact now it gives anyone a chance to beat it by making it easier than its meant to be.

    4. Sir_Bee


      Ok, why does someone else beating the game change your enjoyment of it? I would understand if there was a paywall that you had to invest many many hours into beating it without forking over money, but from what I understand, that is not the case?

  12. It's really time to start cracking down again on my games. Only 44 PS3 games left till I move fully to my PS4

    1. Xillia
    2. Enigma_AssassinX


      Lol I know, I have to keep telling myself it's only 44 like it not a big number

  13. Platinum 53: DmC Definitive

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    2. Enigma_AssassinX


      Not to hard since my favorite genre is hack and slash. And they buffed sos and dmd a little because you don't have to play heaven or hell and heaven and hell to obtain the platinum this game and you don't have to get all SSS ranks on a certain diff. Either which made the game rather easier than the PS3 version

    3. BlueFireReaper


      That last one definitely makes it much easier than the PS3 version. Played through mission 17 who knows how many times for that SSS ranking on "Hard" (don't remember what it was called)

    4. Enigma_AssassinX


      Ah nephilm diff. Yeah mission 17 patched makes it harder. Unpatched it's too easy. But I can say this the PS3 platinum is much more worthy than the ps4 one.

  14. Wish I had the drive to platinum games like I did when I first started lol

    1. NotAFoxAnymore


      I know the feeling :c

    2. Vanilla


      same tbh. it's just not fun anymore for some reason

    3. Enigma_AssassinX


      I have 43 games left to 100% on my PS3 and I swear it feel like 100 *sigh*

  15. Burnout paradise complete 100% time for DmC Devil may Cry Def. Edition