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  1. Platinum 53: DmC Definitive

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    2. Enigma_AssassinX


      Not to hard since my favorite genre is hack and slash. And they buffed sos and dmd a little because you don't have to play heaven or hell and heaven and hell to obtain the platinum this game and you don't have to get all SSS ranks on a certain diff. Either which made the game rather easier than the PS3 version

    3. BlueFireReaper


      That last one definitely makes it much easier than the PS3 version. Played through mission 17 who knows how many times for that SSS ranking on "Hard" (don't remember what it was called)

    4. Enigma_AssassinX


      Ah nephilm diff. Yeah mission 17 patched makes it harder. Unpatched it's too easy. But I can say this the PS3 platinum is much more worthy than the ps4 one.