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  1. Which version will I get, if I buy the digital version from the US store? I have already the german version on a Disc. Do I need to buy the retail version from uk to get the other trophy list?
  2. I can confirm this trophy is achievable again. I got it yesterday after the patch update.
  3. I have punished Ifrit into the ground. I have stopped to grind laser sensors. I have upgrade my both Dragon Whisker with the ingredients you can buy at the garrison, there is another item that gives a high strength and vitality boost. Furthermore I have build my both catanas completly new. So I got a strength over 2200 and a vitality of 1500. First I tried it with the Aura sigil, no luck. Then I used rampage. It's nice to see that he will get with every quick hit 1k or more damage in his face and with the blast attack he will get over 4500 per hit. I got only one time in critical state, but it was in the third phase and Libertus was alive as I finished him. Thanks for the tips, I got from you to do my last trophy for comrades.
  4. I have so much bad luck, played ten missions in a row and I didn't got any laser sensors for upgrading. It's the same with the dragon horns... But I can confirm that you don't have to do the mission with the mutated deatchclaw.
  5. It is much easier, perhaps. Set a detector, let your friend move til you see the symbol where the monster is, should only a few steps, because it detect the sonic waves and a goliath shakes the ground. If the symbol appears, then he should stay still til the signal is run out and then he shall move again. Otherwise, perhaps you have to check, if you play on the right mode.
  6. At least I got the trophy saturday morning. But my problem was to get into drift the correct way. Till now I don't know why I got it with over 300 points. But it doesn't matter. I have done all online stuff.
  7. I have problems with Kudos. I can reach 200 chips, but then the drift is over. Can anyone give me tips to control the drift better, I have there a lot of problems. I guess, that I am doing something wrong.
  8. I want to create a session for Transformers Fall of Cybertron for the PS4, but unfortunately the game is not mentioned in the list. Could it be possible, that the PS4 version is linked with the PS3 version? On the overview page: there is mentioned released in 2012 on PS3, but the game was released last year for the PS4.
  9. I have read this thread before I finished my order with Dex. I have bought the PS4 version, but the Vita version is not for free. I am from Germany.