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  1. Curse of the Dead Gods is great game! I've been playing it lots of on Xbox. Definitely recommend it for roguelike fans.
  2. #154 - The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope (7th April) - I've been playing all 3 games from the Anthology lately and this one was my first Platinum from these games. Little Hope is my second favorite game from the series so far. The trophy list was much more enjoyable compared to Man of Medan. No online co-op required trophy was a big plus. Also collectibles were much easier to obtain in Little Hope which was really nice. There was one trophy "No Escaping Fate" which gave me a headache, but other than that the list was pretty straight forward. I still don't know exactly what I did to finally get that trophy to pop, I tried so many solutions that I lost count at some point. Better than Man of Medan, but not as good as House of Ashes. By the way if someone is ready to help me get the online trophy on Man of Medan, I'd appreciate the help. I have no friends ;(
  3. Yes
  4. #153 - Horizon Forbidden West (March 10th) - It took me about 60 hours to get the Platinum and it was quite enjoyable time from start to finish. For some reason the combat felt bit off compared to Zero Dawn, but it didn't bother me too much. Main story wasn't very interesting, but I did like most of the characters and side missions. Good game, definitely will play the third game whenever it's coming out.
  5. Been awhile since my last post on this topic. I got my 150th Platinum (TLOU2) in April 2021 and I was pretty much done with trophy hunting, but here we go again... #151 - Life Is Strange: True Colors (16th Feb) - I have enjoyed every Life Is Strange -game and this was probably my second favorite since the original. I'd love to see some of these characters make an appearance on later games. #152 - Astro's Playroom (21st Feb) - I was lucky enough to finally get my hands on a PS5 and this was my first Plat on it Nice little game and even nicer memory trip to my childhood. Next Platinum is probably going to be Horizon Forbidden West. I've been really enjoying it.
  6. Already downloaded the game on my PS4. Really enjoyed the first game, so I'm pretty hyped for this one. Hopefully it doesn't run like ass on PS4.
  7. Tricky Towers is 1.04% at the moment and I personally don't think it's really that difficult.
  8. New album is coming out tomorrow!