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  1. It's time to drink some beer.
  2. I have 123 ultra rare trophies. Rarest is Feel the Burn! (0,47%) from Injustice: Gods Among Us, which isn't actually difficult trophy at all, just very tedious.
  3. Sansa Stark Damn, I've always wanted to be a hot chick.
  4. Dude, really? " Posted May 12, 2015 "
  5. Not how I got my trophy. I used all of my guns + molotovs and bombs to weaken the Breaker and finished it with my knife and got the trophy. I did it on the first time you fight a Breaker. It was helpful that it had a health bar in that battle.
  6. Okay, but kinda boring. 5/10
  7. Days Gone is my favorite so far. I also enjoyed quite a bit of The Grand Tour Game and Trials Rising. I did get Resident Evil 2 at launch day and played it a bit, but stuff happened and I haven't finished it yet. I really should play it because I know I'm gonna love it.
  8. The Walking Dead X360, PS3 & PS4 The Walking Dead: Season 2 X360, XOne, PS3 & PS4 Tomb Raider (2013) X360 & PS4 The Last of Us PS3 & PS4 I think that's all.