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  1. Is this some inside joke I'm not aware of, but you do realize it's Orton not Ortan? Right?
  2. This is my album of the year, easily. If you consider yourself a metalhead and haven't heard this yet, you're missing out much.Trust me, I don't lie about important things like music.
  3. Great topic
  4. Asylum and City are better than Spider-man, but Spider-man is way better than Arkham Knight.
  5. None. If I ever feel ashamed any of my Platinums that will be the day I stop playing games.
  6. What drugs are you on? I want the same.
  7. Got the Spider-Man today and that PS4 controller like week or so ago. The XBOX controller is there just for shits and giggles.
  8. Work week is over so it's time to get drunk. Here's my soundtrack to ease up the task.
  9. This was by far the best NBA prelude because you can finish it without playing any of the matches.