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  1. #102 - Super Destronaut DX Platinum Destronaut Get all the trophies Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 2 #103 - InkSplosion Platinum-explosion Complete all the trophies Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 2 I was in a mood for some easy Platinums so here we go. Both games were actually quite enjoyable.
  2. Fallout 3 & New Vegas
  3. Rusev's not good enough to be a champ? Anybody is good enough after Jinder Mahal. I don't currently care too much about what happens in WWE's main roster (I mainly follow just NXT), but I'd love to see Rusev as WWE Champion.
  4. I already called them. Name change should be possible tomorrow. You're welcome.
  5. My 100th Platinum was Mad Max.
  6. Interesting topic.