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  1. New album is really fucking good!
  2. Yeah, it has to be glitched because no one has the 1000000% -trophy. I have done everything else, but I still miss Secrets 344 & 345. 344 shouldn't be too difficult, just need to find some rainbow poop. 345 in the other hand... There's like zero information how to unlock it or at least I haven't found anything.
  3. Oh crap. I think I misread some of those secrets. The killing It lives 21 times is Switch exclusive achievement, maybe? I'm missing secrets 344 and 345, which are apparently these two: But this doesn't make any sense because I have every item unlocked in the item grid... I'm confused.
  4. Does anyone know how many It Lives kills do you need to unlock Scarred Womb? For Dank Dephts it looks like it's 21, but for Scarred Womb there's just ??? in the wiki. I haven't unlocked the Dank Dephts yet which makes me bit worried. It just seems weird that I have completed all post-it notes but haven't beat It Lives 21 times... Oh well, those two are the remaining Secrets I still need to complete alongside 5 win daily streak (which I hopefully get tomorrow) and that's it. This popped for me tonight. I have had atleast 4 crashes during daily, so it seems strange that you didn't got the achievement. Those crashes are one reason why I don't have the 5 win daily streak achievement yet. Other reason is that I forgot that achievement exist and I just killed myself in many dailies... I'm dumb.
  5. https://bindingofisaacrebirth.gamepedia.com/Achievements Here should be all of the secrets that this game has to offer. At the end of the page are the PS4 and Switch specific secrets. I've been using this site and I only miss 5 secrets.
  6. 2 hours? Holy shit! My succesful Ultra Hard run took probably 15 minutes, but I got Mom's Knife on the first item room so... Kudos to you @chickenbaltipie for not giving up. I usually restarted the run if I didn't get good items on first floor.
  7. New Trivium album is coming out this Friday so I'm blasting through all their old records before that.
  8. I don't sell them.
  9. Good movie, 8 out of 10.
  10. Yeah, I don't hate open-world games but in my opinion not every game needs to be open-world, especially horror games. Guess I'm just a hater boy, too bad.
  11. Finished the 2nd season of Sopranos today. Pretty good show.
  12. Sad that if you're not into something then you're hater.
  13. The fact that there is open world areas in this game made me lost any interest to this game. Too bad, I quite liked the first one.
  14. Every time. Every damn time. Don't you guys really understand how game reviews work? Reviewers usually get to play games before they are released. I thought that this is something everyone knows. I guess not.