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  1. #82 - Tekken 7 I'll Get Everything Back! Acquired all trophies. Tekken 3 was my first game on original PlayStation and I loved that game so much. For some reason I never really got into any of the later games. I tried bit of Tag Tournament and Tekken 6 but didn't really care about them, especially 6 was really bad in my opinion. All things considered I didn't really have any high expectations towards Tekken 7. When I saw that the trophy list looked pretty easy for a scrub like me, I decided to give it a chance. I'm glad that I did, because it was a pretty good game. But oh man, I'm really bad at fighting games these days. This wasn't very difficult Platinum to obtain but I still struggled a bit at some of the time. Online portion was the most challenging part mainly because other people doesn't suck at much as I do. Luckily I did get all of the online trophies without breaking any of my controllers, so I have to be pretty happy about that. I think I got all my online wins with Lars. Who the hell is Lars? I don't really care about story modes in fighting games (not that I play them too often) and Tekken 7 is perfect example why. The story mode was so boring and unnecessary. Without trophies I would've skipped it in a heart beat. Treasure Mode was probably the most fun I had this game, although I didn't really care about those items you got from those treasure boxes. I'm not really into customizing stuff so yeah. I just wanted to smash some faces. tl;dr good game, I suck at playing it Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 7/10
  2. Here's some finnish t(h)rash metal for you guys @Rose Amicitia @Shiki @voodoo_eyes @Requiem @FarSideOfSaturn @Iris Heart
  3. A Way Out looks nice, but I don't like to play with other people so I guess I'm not gonna play that.
  4. Best thing about opinions is that no one cares about them.
  5. Good to hear that they fixed online servers. I'm gonna get my copy of this game tomorrow, yay!
  6. Who in the blue hell is Mike Ross and why should I care?