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  1. Not that busy month for me because I'm not gonna get any of those games at launch or at all. God of War is on my purchase list, but maybe later. Not the biggest fan of the series so no need to get it immediately. May and June are going to be much more interesting for me thanks to Detroit and Vampyr.
  2. Northernlion tends to stay away from those topics. He is also a very funny guy.
  3. Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo Entertainment System. The year was 1990 and I was 2 years old. Good times.
  4. I've never played any R&C game before this but I think this is pretty good.
  5. #97 - Batman: Arkham City (PS3) Platinum Congratulations! Not only did I get the Platinum but I also got every DLC-trophy and oh brother it was a ride. I haven't been really into trophy hunting this year (it's my 2nd Platinum), but for some reason I felt that I needed to finish this game. I'm not even sure why because when I first played this back in the 2014 I didn't really enjoy this that much. Now that I got back into it, I did really appreciate it much more. This is actually a really good game, but I'm pretty sure that it's not a big secret or anything. Story in this game was pretty good, but I did enjoy Arkham Asylum more because of its atmosphere. In City there was much more side-missions and some of them was good, but some not so much. To get the Plat I had to fly around the city to find those damn random acts of violences. Didn't take me more than 20 minutes extra playtime, but anyway it wasn't that much fun. Also, there was waaaaaaay too many Riddler-trophies. 400 for Batman and 40 for Catwoman. Thankfully you don't have to collect them second time in New Game+ for 100% completion. Collecting Riddler-trophies is the most boring part of the game in every Arkham game. I already has the Plat for Arkham Asylum and compared to that, I think City was a bit easier game to achieve the Platinum-trophy. Maybe it's because I've learned how to play these games but that's how I felt after Platinum popped. I didn't really had any problems with Combat and Predator Challenges (as Batman) like I did with Asylum. On the other hand those challenges with some other characters (Catwoman & Nightwing especially) were pretty difficult from time to time. But with some patience and youtube guides everything is possible. Great game. I'm glad I gave it a second chance. Enjoyment: 8/10 Platinum Difficulty: 4/10 100% Difficulty: 7/10
  6. New album is great but that's not a surprise.
  7. Campaign Kitty Obtain all 108 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Catwoman) 1.72% Ultra Rare This was quite challenging trophy to obtain but with some patience not so much of a struggle.
  8. Day 1 purchase for me personally. I haven't been this excited about any game for a long time. I might be in minority for this but I did enjoy Beyond: Two Souls more than Heavy Rain. Like them both very much, but yeah. Can't wait to see what kind of crazy stuff David Cage & team has created this time.
  9. Coffing Dodgers. Oh boy, that game sucked ass.