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  1. That's a big haul! Can I come live with you, we can be gaming buddies
  2. Yes! One of my top 10 favorite! I put it on just to make me happy sometimes! Sakura Quest (tech haven't finished (a few episodes left) because I don't want it to end)
  3. Cindarella Nine This was a fun show! And I don't even watch baseball! Recommended
  4. Dragon Fantasy Book II I really wanted to platinum the game, it's just a good ol rpg (like FF1 (book I) and Chrono Trigger (book II)) that isn't long or convoluted. Great games BUT Near the end of the game there are some golden skulls that always crashed the ps4(not the game! The PS4!). After the 3rd crash I said it wasn't worth risking the console. And I really liked the series and the background on why the series was created, its a bittersweet story on how the series was created. I hope we eventually get a 3rd game
  5. 3.5mm Jack! With Mute button! How did I miss this! THAT IS GREAT! I was so worried they would ditch 3.5mm whew But they def have to make that PS button different.... People are gonna be hitting mute instead by accident....
  6. Ya the PS button I was like... Well that's gonna be a bitch to press And ya I'm gonna miss the colors, but you can bet they'll have a limited edition version with colors for a lot of money!
  7. Hmmm I won't know till I hold it in my hands, it may just look bulky but irl it might be just thr right size even for my medium sized hands(no clunky Xbox original controller please) This may give us insight of what the color scheme will be for ps5 though! I can't say I dislike the 2 tone. We'll see. There's no view of the bottom :'( Will there be an 3.5mm jack? God I hope so. At least let me have a dongle for the USB c port for my headphones
  8. Yip! I enjoyed it for what it was Hanasaku Iroha
  9. Atari Or NES I don't remember
  10. -PS1 Final Fantasy VIII FFVII FFIX FFIV FFVI Legend of Legaia Legend of Dragoon Chrono Trigger Chrono Cross Resident Evil 2 -PS2- Metal Gear Solid 2 Resident Evil Code Veronica X -NES- Paperboy Final Fight Mario 1 Mario 3 -SNES- Super Mario World -N64- Goldeneye Zelda Ocarina of Time -GAMECUBE- Smash Resident Evil Remake Eternal Darkness -GAMEBOY- Pokemon Red/Blue -PC- Kings Quest V Starcraft Age of Empires I The Sims Sim Ant Those are my most replayed But there are others that got played a lot, but not as much as the above (Funny how all are not from newer consoles at all) I tend to replay the FF games every few years as well as Legend of Legaia and Legend of Dragoon
  11. YES! Anyone who hasn't watched Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day should now. Like right now! Sound of the Sky (Highly Recommended if not!)
  12. Thanks for the heads up! Steering clear!
  13. You are insane! Good luck!
  14. This is good news for the company, but the damn article made it seem until the end that they were centralizing the PlayStation division even more. Which is good because Sony has already done enough damage since they took notice of the profits of the PlayStation division back in 2006(?) and subsequently started to poke their fingers in the executive decisions (after that we didn't get the flash sales like we used to) "The merger is apparent, and we have been seeing it in the different results that Sony has presented in recent years. The business unit dedicated to PlayStation, and the services of this console. Furthermore, the image sensors sector has become the main profit of the company. ............. This unification will take place from April 1 ............ The Sony Interactive Entertainment division, and the ones dedicated to Alpha cameras, professional solutions, and medical equipment, are not affected by the merger." https://www.gizchina.com/2020/03/30/sony-to-merge-its-three-business-divisions-to-create-sony-electronics-corporation/amp/
  15. You all just received maximum ultimate respect