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  1. They can't cheat the jump rope, no speed boat there. if they get that trophy they completely deserve the platinum. There will be no disappointment there that's for sure
  2. If you try it you will definitely understand ; ) I think I got to 50 jumps all the times I've played over the... Omg decades(that makes you feel old...) I always said nope, not worth the rewards.
  3. Full Anime game! Let me preorder!
  4. Of you have a ps4, you now have essentially a mini ps4 as long as you have a pretty good wifi connection(ps4 really needs to be hardwired though imo). Remote play is a huge feature. I took video of me using remote play(at a completely different house!) and (may it rest in peace for vita)psnow. I'll post the videos when I get a chance. It really is a feature people overlook a lot, but it works crazy good imo!
  5. In this case it's both! One who made it is a sadist, one who does it is a masochist. Everyones happy Ya know except for the rest of us
  6. Yup just bought it on NA store for $17 Can be a little tricky to find atm, at least for me. But I suspect that'll change by tomorrow.
  7. With PS+ it came to $16.79 Without PS+ it's $20 I believe
  8. I saw that too, some of these are pretty hidden for new players and probably should have at least been more silvers, let alone golds. But I'm not complaining, if I don't plat it so be it. The fact I can play it on ps4 and vita(remote play is awesome :heart: ) is enough for me
  9. I'd be totally fine with the speedhack like they did in FFVII. No encounters too. But the rest should disable trophies, that's a bit game breaking
  10. Buying right now No more needs to be said Now release FFVIII next dammit!!! Edit: Bought! Nom nom
  11. FFVIII is my favorite, but if you finished FFIX you probably would have enjoyed the plot and backstories wayyyy more. It does get slower in disk 2, but I guarantee you would have had fond memories after(unless you did a lot of the side quests(chocobo digging for one) some of those were just downright grindy and boring). But ya definitely try to make it to the end. I highly recommend playing it. This and a lack of a world map are my biggest complaints for anything past FFIX. I was very disappointed in FFX summons(not all) when I first played, I like the more realistic animal versions wayyy better. They just seem way cooler to me. Especially FFVIIIs summons(even if they're not incredibly useful for most of the game)
  12. For the album covers? Hmmm I know with xbmc there are plug-ins that search for the movie/music covers that match the name. So I would imagine they have the same for music. Or you could do what I did and do it manually. Though it is time consuming. If you're talking about downloads music, this thread may be closed. But really it depends on the music you want. Obviously if you have the cd, ripping it and getting the wav(non compressed!) is the best choice for quality(not space) For everything else you really have to dig through amazon, itunes, etc. And if they don't have it, this is what I do. I spend $5 a month on YouTube red. Which even though music uploaded to YouTube isn't always great. YouTube red allows you to not only download, but also have your phone screen completely off! On the pocket! Doesn't matter! It's awesome. And sense you can make playlists now on YouTube, it's awesome. That really is my primary way of finding music, and listening to most. Although I do enjoy listening to flac or uncompressed music. It's a scale really. I can't recommend any illegal music downloading sites though sorry.
  13. My prayers are with the him, his family, friends, and anyone effected. You will always be an awesome actor I'll remember. "You want people to feel something when you tell a story, whether they feel happy or whether they feel sad" -Harry D Stanton
  14. Wise one once said, Men give inspiration, but man give fresh- In other words don't try to be like anyone else, create something new. Not what everyone else is doing.
  15. Orrrrr they're just trying to throw us off! I smell conspiracy