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  1. Sense it's a Linux pc, it can tap into a local nas. I wonder if it could dual boot too.. If you could get xbmc(ya they changed names, always will be xbmc to me) or plex on steamOS, then you have a pc with dock, handheld gaming, game preservation programs 😉, and a htpc(docked to tv) ready at all times. That is an awesome setup for the price and power If I had the money, that's what I'd do
  2. Ascendance of a bookworm season 2 This show has no right being so good Glad there's a season 3 in the works
  3. Update! Finished Steins Gate Elite Took me longer because I decided to watch the show before finishing the last chapter. Such a great VN! I prefer the elite version over the original VN by a mile, very fluid and more engaging. 1 game down, and 4 to go (probably not going to happen, I'm too slow, but I'm going to try!)
  4. Steins Gate Elite Enjoyment 9/10 Difficulty 1/10 Time 40-45 hours(ish) Using the animated scenes from the show with the game, absolutely excellent! This is how all VNs really should go if possible. I preferred this version over the original VN, such an excellent story combined with the fluid animation. You can tell they put a lot of love into the elite version!
  5. How do you know they succeeded? Unless you're a top Chinese official, you know nothing. And to say that all other countries didn't make an attempt to lock down, that's beyond false. I'm done talking to you, you have insulted enough people around the world. If there was a down vote on PSNP, you're last one commending China would have you down voted to oblivion by most in all countries. Save China You also clearly didn't watch any of the links I posted. Otherwise you wouldn't have said they made an attempt(and that attempt was vile and inhuman with what you see in the second link) Their hand was forced after the information broke from their grasp.
  6. Woah If you think China isn't mostly propaganda and truly handled the pandemic well, you really need to A: Do more research And B: Visit there and see for yourself the propaganda I don't get involved with politics, but this, this is wrong on so many levels. I've followed the pandemic during 2020 through every outlet possible, and even now I still stay up to date, and saying China handled it better. That's... Horrible to say. Especially in the beginning when they knew what was happening. In fact here's an easy to understand starting point for you and anyone else that wants to know more.
  7. This post seems familiar
  8. Sweet thanks! Changing Clannad to resident evil 0!
  9. @MidnightDragon Can we still swap games?
  10. Almost done with Steins Gate Elite! @MidnightDragon I don't think I can do another VN right now, need to pace myself, lot of stuff going on in my life, and Clannad is LONG(but great) Also FF7 Remake ps5 autopopped. So that's out, it was just an added 6th anyway. And I'm hiding it because It screwed up my fricken milestones, and I didn't earn it, it was just download my ps4 save and then pop pop pop. I was hoping it wouldn't. I want to swap Clannad out for Resident Evil 0 Can I still do that?
  11. After looking at my profile to plan for 4000 and plat 50, I just realized my new fastest platinum is FF7 remake on ps5 because I uploaded and then downloaded my save data making it auto pop I have no idea what to do... Im in the top 20 record holder for FF7 OG for fastest, and I have fond memories of that time... I'm so stupid... It's not like i worked for it on ps5... But would that take away the dlc as well? That I have yet to do This is a nightmare to me when this stuff happens I'm gonna have to hide it.
  12. Ya most of my friends had like an eh feeling, some had a low grade fever for a night, and then there was me lol still recovering. But that's because I'm on medication that already give my lymph nodes a hard time, and my immune system is weird. Good news, it works! Otherwise my lymph nodes wouldn't have done anything. First shot I only had a low grade for a few days. If you didn't get much reaction from the first I would say, be prepared for a low grade for a day or 2, but also be prepared for no reaction. And I would also say call out the day AFTER the second dose if needed, the first day you should be fine, if needed leave early. You may not need to call out at all from what my other friends experienced Vaccine friends!
  13. Did the same thing with a few milestones, I just hid them. I was not replacing my fastest platinum(FF7 OG) with some obscure game I mildly enjoyed for 2 hours. This mentality has got to stop, I know not everyone thinks this way, but I've hidden games since the beginning because I screwed up a few milestones. I've left a few because I don't like hiding if I at least enjoyed the game enough, but I like my milestones, and I try to plan at least a game, not necessarily an exact trophy(that's a lot of work to plan for a specific trophy)
  14. Well some of that adds up nicely The date of the companies don't. There's contracts and promises, Kojima was working for Konami during the time some of the companies were formed That's what doesn't add up at all Not if looked at in a legal point of view. Same with announcements, and the fact they say they have it developed. Kojima just finished Death Stranding. That's not much time between for negotiations and planning, let alone development. Could this be a Kojima longggg well prepared tease in case he got to work with Silent Hill again, or something that's similar? I wouldn't put it past him. But it's too strange with the dates
  15. Nice! Ya I went to a different town myself because it was nicer and more appointments as well That second shot after getting it and feeling it work my immune system, I'm very thankful I got the second. Had it been the real virus I know now I would have been hospitalized. All my other friends had no reaction besides a day or 2 of feeling "eh". I was jealous, but I'm just glad we can all get it now. 1 shot just isn't enough as I've experienced