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  1. Ultralife - Oh Wonder
  2. Grahhhh when you wake up with a song stuck in your head you can't remember the lyrics to.....

    then 20 minutes later you find it.

    :Brain Satisfied:

    1. PooPooBlast


      It's worse when there are no lyrics to type xD. 


      How do you google it? 


      Is the song tan ten tenannnnn or is it ten taan toonaaan?? xD

    2. Dav9834


      Exactly! I thought I knew part of the lyrics(I didn't), but googled failed me. So I tried shazam and hummed, whistled, etc the melody(many many times) but no dice. 

      I got extremely lucky, and found it in my YouTube history. 

      Shazam used to work back in the day, now, not so much. 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Nice! I actually don't use Shazam or similar apps. I just google key words if there are lyrics. 


      As for non-lyrical songs I'd say 95% of them come from games so I can just scroll through my list of games to help me remember :)


  3. Got these digital with the 20% off code. Made The Witcher 3 dirt cheap sense it was already on sale! And had Dark Souls on preorder physical! Mmmm I'm set for a long while
  4. Most memorable for me Final Fantasy VIII (easily the best Uematsu has done) Legend of Legaia Resident Evil 2 Legend of Dragoon Final Fantasy IV/VI/VII/IX Tied for 5th Honorable mentions Metal Gear 2/3 I'm noticing a trend that older soundtracks were more memorable.....
  5. Ya I'm going to wait till the rest of the episodes drop. I don't think I could handle waiting every week. Yup! Very glad!
  6. No the games I 100% define me. Showing the games I played through vs the games I got the platinum tell a story. It may not be a complete story(I have unfinished platinums I want), but it's something, and it's mine. If all my games were 100% it would dilute the ones I cared for the most. Not to mention the memories of those I enjoyed the most would be drowned out more by the others
  7. Dammit I caught up! I thought it was finished airing already! I was bing3 watching >< But It got good Just as I thought, the weirdly implemented sexual innuendos into stuff that didn't need it went straight out the window, not even mentioned anymore. (warning story spoiler) I think it was a good story to begin with I don't know why they needed to do what they did, I almost dropped it! And now, now the story is good.
  8. @Kurorac Had no idea a new one was created, I was wondering where my name was lol Lets see... I have 1_FFVII 2_FFIX 3_FFXIII 4_FFXIII-2 5_FFXIII-3 6_FFXV 7_FF-TYPE-0 WOOT still Chocobo Trainer. Was afraid I'd be blitzball.
  9. Welcome! And damn 6' 4"! Make sure to keep us up to date on your currently finished animes at You'll fit in nicely it sounds like : )
  10. Oh I know, I wasn't mocking him. It is true when put that way. But It made me smile because he made ps vita games like children that need to be adopted in the most serious innocent way. It made me smile, especially because it was short and to the point lol. Gah I don't know how else to put it. I just hope he never changes.
  11. Yup Have you ever done this
  12. Ya know you never cease to make me actually smile with comments like these lmao
  13. Lol no hostility!! I was just pointing it out, a lot of people don't understand how damaging the used market is! Sorry if I came off hostile!! I'm sick with this virus and I'm just not thinking right, so I definitely could have written that differently now that I reread it!
  14. If you want to save vita by buying games, you probably don't want to buy from gamestop, or used anywhere.
  15. I'm surprised this thread hasn't turned into a venting of emotions that there shouldn't be a ps5 for another 6 years. PS4 generation flew by, maybe because I'm older and every day goes by in the blink of an eye? But it's right in line with the other Playstation life cycles. PS1 - 1994 PS2 - 2000 PS3 - 2006 PS4 - 2013 My personal ps5 forcast is spring/fall 2020. PS5 games are already in development so there's that as well. I won't get it release day most likely(unless there's a miracle of me finishing all my games). My ps4 backlog is sad >< But I won't complain about a normal life cycle either.