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  1. I watched my friend play it for 3 hours on twitch. It was enough, see my post previous post. The AI is enough to drive me mad. Could the sound technician really not make them sound like nails on a chalkboard? - _ - maybe it was intentional to screw the game over(I'm sure there's still pro-Kojima employees there. Orrr they just let a 5 yr old do it...Blindfolded.)
  2. Best post in here lol :thumbsup:
  3. I watched my friend whadhebreak on twitch play it today. He got it from redbox for free, everyone put the pitchforks down! It was terrible, absolutely terrible. The QA on this thing is non existing. Otherwise they would have changed the AIs voices. It was like a drill in the back of my head hearing the AIs talk.... I don't know how anyone could make this and think, "ya that sounds good, lets go with those voices". Of course there were other things like your weird shadow, the stamina system is really bad, the eating part is really bad, etc. Wanna hear the AIs voices? https://clips.twitch.tv/UninterestedJoyousOysterPupper?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url No embed for twitch I guess
  4. thought I was in a different thread at the time I've had the flu the past few days, don't judge me >< Well anyway now it's official. There's a need for speed anime because I said so. Orange
  5. Need for speed: hot pursuit
  6. Erased
  7. What anime is this?
  8. Ya EA is definitely going to tell their investors something bad without a good spin on it, especially if it's a rumor that's probably true. Like I said EA is a speck of dust compared to Disney, Disney will do what Disney wants to do.
  9. Ya I read about this not long ago. Really EA is nothing, Disney is a behemoth of massive proportions. They could buy EA and not even feel a feather drop. I don't think they'll renegotiate. I think EA is out already behind the scenes. Don't know who they would choose, but maybe Square-Enix as they already have had contact with them in the industry, though Square may not have the manpower and time no matter how much money is thrown around. Disney's in a pickle in that regard. I would like to see them open their own studio(pure), and see how they do. But they're probably pressed for time now. Either way give me a true rogue squadron! None of this press a button to do the work for you crap. And after I bought the first battlefront, I passed on the second. Good thing too.
  10. Not yet Romeo X Juliet (really good btw)
  11. Girlish Number
  12. I'm pretty sure they made bank on the MGS franchise.... "The franchise has sold over 49 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best selling franchises " -Fandom But don't get me wrong, I'm not buying this game, Konami don f'ed up, and I speak with my wallet. In fact I feel 5 was botched(probably by the internal politics between Konami & Kojima), and I probably wouldn't have bought it if I knew Kojima really didn't put his all into it.
  13. I don't remember her commenting on my fishing skills! I feel jipped ><
  14. Actually I may steal this ^^
  15. I never knew how to play either lol, but I remember Nintendo power had a pong article. Speaking of! I still have my binder! Mint condition! Did anyone get any of these btw!? I have no idea where I got one of these. It wasn't this one, I'd have to look around.