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  1. Kuromakuro s1&s2 Solid 6.8 Dav9834 rating
  2. ^^^^^This @Seskinator I don't buy a tv that's not on rtings.com. You know exactly what you're getting. Shame they can't do every tv. Having said that, unless you're determined to have a 4k tv. I would wait until Oleds become cheaper. I still have my 1080p Panasonic plasma from 2009(that I bought used!), and you'll have to rip it from my cold dead hands for me to switch to 4k LCD. Though I may switch for a really great stable oled with hdr in the future when they're cheaper.
  3. Ok polls are "closed!" pictures have been taken! Looks like Nightmare before Christmas Original take #1 (again I think) Congrats!! I'll announce the winner of game giveaway PS4 Resident Evil Remake once I throw it at randompicker!
  4. All Hallows' Eve Song Vote XXXVI Poll will be "Closing" in 11 hours!

    Get your vote in! Listen! - Vote! - Enjoy!Β 


  5. Both! Don't have a choice because of a high ceiling and large window 10' up that doesn't have shades. Which kinda sucks because psvr is way better in the dark, so for optimal virtual reality I have to wait till sundown. But if I had a preference, I think it still would be both. Depending on my mood
  6. Ya I figured why not, I separated it with something random. That could be a thing going forward for those that didn't get a song in time but wanted to share, we'll see.
  7. Voting Is Up For All Hallows' Eve Song Vote XXXVI !!!

    Listen! - Vote! - Enjoy!

    Happy Halloween Everyone!!

  8. β–²β–²β–²Made by the scary talented SV Member Masamune_316 Click Here - Youtube Playlist Song Candidates Watch Before You Vote! Got a Q? Read the Rules & FAQ! Unfortunately do to RL problems there will be no mashup sorry!!! But Songs Posted Will Be Available To Hear On This Post!
  9. I'm going to have to make a new thread with a working poll Sorry everyone I'll link it in the OP
  10. What the heck happened to my precious poll!!! I worked hard on copying and pasting!!! Contacting Mod
  11. YES! I was completely surprised they got filled in less than 24 hours! SV will always be beloved ❀
  12. Np! And I think that's 18 songs! So no new songs will be taken! We'll get them up on the OP soon for voting!
  13. @SarDarniTron That ones been taken unfortunately Good thing there's a lot of Halloween Songs!! Can't wait to see what you post!
  14. Ya I totally forgot to post that in the OP ty for remembering! I think I posted this year's ago, but it totally brings me back to my childhood during Halloween!