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  1. Nice! But damn I don't think there's any playing close to me :'( Watched the Chuunibyou Recap movie. It was nice to relive some moments. Such a great anime
  2. Darling in the Franxx Finally got around to finishing it. I have no idea if I want to recommend it or not. The middle of the series was absolutely great!!! But then it just didn't fare as well in the last episodes... It really really would have been excellent if it had another 12 episodes to flesh out everything. That and the fanservice being scaled back in the beginning episodes. Hmmm. I think it's worth watching, but I really really really wish I could have had more lore explanations at the end. That's my conclusion.
  3. Type 0, hard not to recommend it, because imo the best FF to be released since the golden age of 4-9. It really is worthy of the name Final Fantasy.
  4. So we all say after every purchase Why? It's so good, much better story and gameplay than Lost Song(although flying is cool). I have fond memories of fragment. I can't speak on realization as I haven't started it yet, only that I heard it runs wayy better on ps4 with more assets.
  5. My team won, but I didn't I mean..... :cough: Congratulations to the winners!
  6. Contact my clan mate "Whadhebreak" on twitch. He doesn't have a 100k followers, 1k-2k, but we love to watch him play horror games. I'm sure he'll play it, maybe both of you can scratch each others back. And congratulations on making the game!! I know it's not easy!
  7. The World of the Witcher Compendium Thing is huge and gorgeous. Got it during prime day for a steal of $15! Only thing I bought that day.
  8. I signed up before this thread was even created lol. I always sign up for the betas, never had an issue with any of them. And you can rollback if you want at any time. Just remember, I got black notifications back before everyone else, by months
  9. This is the right thread right? This had me cracking up, none of us are safe lol
  10. Had to share, wayy too funny lol

    No one is safe! 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DamagingRob


      Good to know I'm not that into anime. :P I quite enjoyed the shot fired at SAO.:ninja:

    3. Honor_Hand


      These are especially funny if you have watched those animes or have at least an idea of what they are about. Laughed a lot at the shots I could understand xD


      Thanks for sharing! 👍

    4. VeritableLemon


      15 seconds into the video and they've already tried my life. I watched this video to see Naruto because that's the 1 anime I watch and they hit me with the "You've only seen 1 anime" 😂

  11. Gunbuster 2 I didn't like the sequel not nearly as much as the first one. I would say watch the first one and skip this one. There's more to appreciate in the first one. But if you do want to watch both, make sure to watch the first one first, because of spoilers. Gunbuster 1 was 6 episodes, and Gunbuster 2 (Diebuster) was 6 episodes. I enjoyed the fact that they weren't 12-24 episodes, 6 episodes was a perfect length, and quick to go through.
  13. That is pretty damn sweet!
  14. Ya I gotta go back and clean/edit/check all the past ones, bad youtube bad
  15. Maybe THIS will jog your memory!