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  1. Ya FFXIV has me tied up as well ><

    Though I just got to stormblood kinda..... I've been focusing on a lot of crafting and gathering and playong the MB. Yeah its been years and I still get sidetracked in the game ><

    So much to do, and I just like to take it slow in the game, its very calming.

    I probably won't get to shadowbringers till the winter xD .... :'(

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    2. Dav9834


      Ya I just started whm and pld the past few months (whm lvl 60), and I dont really want to do every job, id rather focus on my smn whm and occasionally pld to be better at those than just ok at everything. (They changed smn so much im still getting used to it >< I miss my old smn :(  ) 


      But same, I've always wanted to be able to craft anything, right now I'm getting leatherworker up to 50 to finish the athearial wheel we have in our workshop, want some free(relatively) FC buffs.


      I can't imagine doing savage endgame raids. I spent 1000s of hours in Destiny/2 on endgame raides and I'm just done, id rather just relax, its too much for me now lol so major props

    3. DEMON


      The new SMN is amazing at Lv80 though, it does so much DPS. I never really played SMN the last tier outside of PvP, but now I really enjoy it. My main's staying as DRG. The only other battle class I have up to 80 rn is DRK which I pretty much just use to run maps with FC.


      I only been doing Savage with PUGs, I really can't be bothered looking for static as I don't like having to set aside certain hours to do raiding each week, I just do it when I feel like it. Currently I'm only running the first savage each week, I might move onto the second one when I'm more confident that PF can do consistent clears of it.

    4. Dav9834


      Ya I believe smn at lvl80 is great, but 2+ years of smn and only smn as my main makes me hate the new system at lvl 60 and below. Granted I understand they wanted us to use more than just ifrit or sometimes garuda, but what they implimented was terrible to push that agenda. They dropped its ranking in dps in general with all other classes because of it. Smh


      Not to mention my muscle memory is is still attached to the old smn rotations. So I'm like ahgggghh lol


      Yoshi P had a lot to say about smn and how it clearly needs working on. How or if it'll be better is up to them :(


      Here's the transcribed statement from YoshiP regarding SMN of which he said the most out of all classes.

      (I feel bad for ninja though, hear its just gonna get worse for them)


      Q: There are currently a huge amount of things we need to do as a SMN and the job has become even more busy. Also, I'm very concerned about the aspect where even if I tried to refresh DoTs after Bahamut Trance/Pheonix phase resets Tri-Disaster cooldown and yet the DoTs get cutoff/falloff after several seconds. Therefore are there plans to ease down the amount of control we need to do, or trying to extend the DoT duration, along with various other adjustments?


      Well, for Summoners, We tried making it better and managed to make the application of DoT timing faster with the deployment of patch 5.05, but even so we received many feedbacks that the job has became seriously busy during the interval...well...currently the most important thing for the development team right now is to discuss on how we should adjust the job, and currently the direction we are heading right now is that we are considering the option to extend the duration of DoTs right now but maybe it would work better to ease the job's busyness by eliminating the aspect of Ruin's dependancy on DoTs completely. It's just...right now we are currently conducting test cases on which pattern should we apply for the job right now so we would like you to wait for a little until we finalize our decision.
      Therefore, the point of this topic is to decide whether we let Ruin spells have any sort of effect and we plan to implement them in advance coming patch 5.08 that we've mentioned earlier.

      Although we do indeed think we may have overdid the busy feeling of the job and frankly we do recognize the degree of issues we have regarding the "busy rotation"


      Not the answer I wanted, but at least they acknowledged problems, even if it's not the ones I wanted acknowledged -_-

      I could complain all day about how I miss my old smn ><

      So I won't ><

  2. Demon your back! Maybe I should come back soon as well Damn good work too! The detail is incredible!
  3. Time to beat Legend of Dragoon!
  4. For over a decade I used to play FFVII, FFVIII, FFVIX, Legend of Legaia, and Legend of Dragoon every year. Sometimes it's just nice to relax with a game you know front to back and just zen out to the story and worlds. I've been hankering for some Legend of Legaia lately
  5. If the Boston terrorist attack(demostic or not, they were trained out of states) told us anything, if it's not guns it could be something worse. And if KyoAnimation told us anything, a large loss of life can happen with easy access to gasoline. I think we need to have more in response to if your mentally capable of owning a gun. Amongst a few other things maybe. But even if you got rid of every registered gun(there would still be unregistered guns let's not pretend), people will find a way to kill a lot of good people in a short period of time. It's horrible, and sad, and I hate it, but that's the truth. I don't think many would argue against that. And that's my online politics for the month.
  6. #1 Legend of Legaia #2 Legend of Dragoon #3 FFVIII..... Oh wait we are! :insert maniacle laughter: FINALLY!!! My favorite FF getting it's overdue Platinum! #3.1 FF4-6, ahh hell 1 2 and 3 as well #3.2 Chrono Trigger #3.3 Chrono Cross ...ok that may have been more than 3 technically....
  7. Sketchy but i would do it for people on here or I know(not for $50 though for rdr2). It's pretty safe on your end as you essentially don't give his account back till payment. Though if it was me id be nicer and leave account settings alone and simply have them pay in 1/4% based on progress with the first 1/4% up front. Common business practice in case the client backs out or they don't pay you, you still get the majority of work done payed. But I don't have the time to platinum games for others, I don't have enough time to platinum my own >< curse you backlog
  8. >< I know I know >< As for SV, I won't derail the thread much, but YouTube's been deleting enmass. So that needs to be figured out first sigh
  9. Weird. Did You try talking to Parker, Stevie, ...omg... I've been away too long >< I've forgotten names. Forgive me my friends ><
  10. Resident Evil 2 - Leon - Hardcore - 2hours 12min -S+ Ranking.

    Oh hell yes I did.


    The infinite ammo for submachine gun and rocket launcher, majestic fun

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    2. Masamune


      Any game where you can get infinite rocket launchers has to be fun. xD Congrats though, I've been thinking about getting that game myself (although I did recently get RE7, I may save that for around Halloween). ^_^


      But it's been quite a while since I've seen you on here, Dav. It's been what, half a year? I though maybe you quite gaming or something. :P

    3. Dav9834


      Infinite rockets yes thats a teue statement I would say lol


      Ahh. It's been hard.

      A lot happened

      But I never truly quit! I've been playing ffxiv on pc(its convenient to roll the laptop to the couch and lay down(and yes I use a controller. They are superior, people can fight me lol))


      I started RE7 in VR, I was a little taken aback by the changes, but I was still enjoying it. And then idk what happened. I need to get back into it after I finish re2 remake. (Yes I did hardcore s+ before even Clare's part.) And I may actually platinum re2. It's been so much fun, and with the rocket launcher a lot of the trophies I dont have will be easy.


      But ya

      Lots of stuff in life

      Lots of ffxiv

    4. Masamune


      Yeah, I kinda figured your were probably busy with "real life" stuff. :P  I hope it wasn't anything bad/serious, but I won't dig into the details. 😅 Glad to see you back. :wave:

  11. That will be up to dragon, dont quote me, but I "think" the timetable was removed... Not to get your hopes up... Sorry idk! Anytime my friend! Anytime! :highfive: And that makes me feel better lolol
  12. Np! @Dragon-Archon let me know too how many need to ve made if I missed any(our psn message group preferably >< ) I dont trust gmail
  13. Ever sense Google "Inbox" was taken away by Google(they never know what they have) and had to go back to their Gmail I havnt been able to get notifications by email very well(it's a mess, I hate gmail). Seeing the email that I was mentioned was a miracle. But yes I can still make them! And I swear I'm working on the plat myself (In case of confusion, I can and will still make the trophies. But I'm totally procrastinating on the plat... )
  14. After what Microsoft dropped at E3, I've been waiting to see what move Sony would take. Seems they're starting to move. I'm interested to see what they do for other regions, if they'll bundle services at no cost, or decrease ps+ cost for all regions.
  15. Congrats @FrenchDevil54 You Won Resident Evil Remastered for PS4 NA! (a few months late, but better than never right?.... heh...) Please Check Your PM! And Just in Time for The RE2 Remake Coming Later This Month! Get Playing!! Congrats!! 😀 https://app.randompicker.com/protocol/580203x33853