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  1. I am going back and forth on pre-ordering, not heavy on cash atm It looks like a nice relaxing fun game that I'll enjoy and surely will have dlc. (I need some relaxing fun games) I was originally completely against where they were taking the game, I didn't want more Pokémon let's go, where you just throw the ball. Eck But now with the new trailers and how the mechanics of it actually work, I'm really really interested. I'm glad they didn't get rid of the turn based combat. So I'm at a 9-10, love Pokémon, I'm playing Pokémon go heavily atm as well Just need to make the decision ><
  2. Do you like story? "13 Sentinals" hands down
  3. It's doable, and simple, but when I think about giving an older pc a new lease on life, I'm thinking just getting more comfortable ram, a ssd, and a compatible graphics card for the motherboard. (you could switch out the processor too, say if it's dual core and you give it quad, as long as it's the right socket and the motherboard is compatible) Now if you wanted to take an old pc and give the motherboard things it literally is not compatible with, like a brand new processor that is not the right socket, or brand new ram that isn't compatible, etc, then no you'd have to get a new motherboard, and all new components that are compatible with it. Then the only thing you're giving a new lease on is the case. At best
  4. I'm curious about arise, because I love Symphonia, Grace's F, Xillia, etc. (not zestiria, horrid). It's your goty already! How does it stack up to the charm of the older ones in your opinion?
  5. This will be my 3rd year, I was wondering when this took place last year, memory isn't what it was. But I always remember the memories from past years. It's such a great event Last year I beat my record of a small amount. I don't think I'll be able to beat last year's this year, but I'm gonna try my darnest! Let's hit that 10k trophies!
  6. Happy big 4-0!! I'll be there eventually hopefully the pandemic will be "over completely" by then
  7. I snorted when laughing 😂
  8. Wait the games only $40? Is it really short or something?
  9. Ok time to get my list in for the fall/winter! I love the holidays, so I picked games as well as ones I want to play/platinum/100% that fit the time, so some comfortable games for the fall, scary for Halloween (love Halloween), and wintery/new years style(maybe, that's tricky) for winter and the new year. "The Fresh Air of Fall Leaves" (or anytime I finish them) -One Night Stand 0% -Beyond Eyes 0% -Spice and Wolf VR 0% "Halloween!" (or anytime I finish them) -A Plague Tale Innocence 0% -Doki Doki Literature Club 0% -Resident Evil 3 Remake 0% -Resident Evil 0 19% -Goosebumps 0% "The Air is Getting Crispy" (or anytime I finish it) -Tales of Berseria 7% (currently playing and hope to have the plat by November) "Christmas & New Years is Around the Corner!" -Leaving this blank for now until I finish the others. "A New Year Begins" -Leaving this blank for now until I finish the others. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- A pot of games for me to pick from that I want to platinum if I finish the others and somehow have a lot of time and no stress. (may change or add just to keep track for myself)
  10. Ok looks like this is my final tally, it was one busy summer, I'm content that I got 2 done at least, would've preferred the full 5 But 2 of those will go into the fall/winter event. -Resident Evil 3 Remake 0% -Resident Evil 0 19% -Man of Medan 25% -Steins Gate Elite 100% -Astros Playroom 100% I never would have ended up platinuming anything if it wasn't for this event so ty to @MidnightDragon And @damon8r351 @[email protected]
  11. Oh no! Well there's the fall/winter one that starts in a few days! Get in!
  12. This lol This does sum it up for me as well, and I think for many. It doesn't matter much, but it can show this person is reliable or fun or a part of the community that people love, and there's usually a good reason. But not always.
  13. 😂 I'm dying, well executed in words That's a thumbsup of epic magnitudes
  14. Thank you! So far it's been anticlimactic, looks like it changed course, but we'll see what tonight brings :/
  15. Welp with this tropical storm/hurricane coming in, not sure I'm gonna make much progress this week. Just a lot of cleaning up. And that's if we don't lose power for... More than a day... Preferably not at all..