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  1. Vita was wayyyy ahead of its time, It even had an OLED display. I love my Vita, I remote play with it(with games that make sense with lack of easy to use L2 and R2) As much as I would love another handheld, I doubt they'd do it But they could go the Wii U route and use the controller as remote play, but I dont see that happening either. Its sad. They're definitely embracing phones, which is good for the long run. But my phone is running android 9 not 10(and wont get 10), so I can't use the ps4 controller. So that's out. And I have 0 interest in upgrading anytime soon(years) as I love my LG V30. But if they did come out with a successor to the Vita with R2, R3, L2, L3 with the power of the ps4, and backwards combatibility id nab it at launch.(as long as there's no proprietary cards etc)
  2. Nice job! Now we need a NA one as well, hmm
  3. In all honesty with the way they're releasing information, I wouldn't expect a AAA game at all -AT LAUNCH-. I hope I'm wrong. But 2021 yes I do think we'll see Horizon Zero Dawn 2, bloodhound 2, etc (no God of War though, I expect that many years later) There's been confirmation from a few insiders that games have been in production for ps5 since 2017 at least(and probably earlier). So there will be launch titles. The question is, will they be enough for a launch. I think that's the most interesting for me, what games that have been kept under lock and key will be launch titles
  4. Grimy for the Halloween win! But I already have RE2RE(which was/is amazing) Days gone hmm can't outdo RE2 imo even if its different. So a $30 is nice selection to put up But anyone that doesn't have RE2RE highly recommend it
  5. With the release of this game(that I'll hard pass on), it's clear they had 2 different teams making this one and RE2 Remake. Which means that the other team is working on RE3 Remake. (Capcom isn't gonna pass on good money, there will be a RE3 Remake) So it doesn't bother me that they made this. The poor sales of this upcoming game(I'm foresighting) will only encourage them to continue to make games like RE2 Remake, which is imo a great thing for them to do. I personally thought after (trying) playing 6 (twice I tried), that the franchise was good as dead. I had completely written Resident Evil off forever. Absolute disaster. Then they kinda got the message and did revelations, and then we got RE2 Remake (which may ditch tank controls but keeps a lot of what made RE2 so amazing), which is exactly what we've wanted sense after 4 imo(not necessarily remakes but rather in gameplay, atmosphere, pacing, and such a perfect UI! So many games screw up UIs nowadays, and remake was perfect imo) So I'm ignoring this game and going with the fact that they will learn again and remember "if it's not broken, dont fix it" and just give us RE3 Remake, hopefully code Veronica remake, and a RE8 that is very much like the gameplay of the remakes. And they broke Resident Evil really really badly with 6(5 less so). So at least I have comfort in the extremely likely fact we'll get RE3 Remake by the end of 2020 that's very much the same as RE2 Remake. (Dammit I wrote another novel.... Sorry... Tldr, Capcom will learn(through money) the majority that bought RE7, and RE2 Remake will not likely buy this game, and give us what we want instead in the future)
  6. Wow that's a lot, every single trophy helped! Congrats to everyone! And ty you @Beyondthegrave07 for making a fun event!!
  7. Ya I knew you had an excel doc, this was for the rest of us, gives a nice idea of who has and hasn't. But if you're going to dole out to us individually who to count, then ya it doesn't matter much sense we won't have to see who has/hasn't been done. It was an idea 🙂
  8. I got 106 as well, hand counted twice Oh nice that is a good idea! And it copies and pastes just fine, which I didn't think it would! Nice! Teamwork! Updated Shadowhood1111 Participant Confirmed Trophies Adrian1985_ 52 AffectatiousDonk 149 AJ_-_808 1 Akatsuki_1990 amirhossein110 Ampplaca angelgrievous 1 Angus1343 13 Ashuri-B AuroraHistoire 127 B1rvine 19 BB-BakkerJ BeautifulTorment BeyondTheGrave07 99 BlackCatBurrito BlackSquirrell1 48 bsdude0 ChernobylNinja CJUGames Crazy d4b0n3z84 DamagingRob 51 DarQMassacres Dav9834 15 DerelictSoul 13 diskdocx 207 dj_helyx 152 DJdusty12 Dragon-Archon DrEvilGuapo DrHambone Dvst8u EcoShifter 5 elonius007 Empovyle 58 ericperez18 GarciaFever 47 Gibbo_0113 Giulian_Steel 45 Gold_Syndicate23 GTA_Darren 24 GunfighterHefty 30 Han_the_Dragon 6 Janire1911 34 jeckert82 Joker-Kun890 7 Kent10201 maiathewinners 8 maniek515 manuel-yahoo_it marquiszero Mesopithecus 3 midgetstrawdog Milktastrophe monkeydluffy512 Nieird Obscure_Ale 55 Paartonax PSXtreme_ 1 Psy-Tychist PermaFox 12 Persash pot1414 25 Rafi_004 Redbeard-Rik 443 RJP_X 1 Salima-sensei 109 ScarecrowsFate 67 sealightbreeze sephiroth4424 36 shadowhood1111 106 ShinigamiSensei- 46 SkeithTheTerror 37 SNACH2497 Sofa King 6 spacey_dweeb Squirlruler starcrunch061 Starrk_01 78 The_Snooze timpurnat TugaSonic 23 Vampirehunter145 1 VI_underGROUND W571WE 100 Walt the Dog 2 willythom88 10 YllZI ZahardPrince ZitMeatloaf 15
  9. @Beyondthegrave07 I made a tally of everyone, this way when we do count the rest after a few days, people can use this and just update it and its all ready to go. You have the master list in excel, but this should help the rest of us as well anyway All we have to do is Copy Paste, Change it to green with number, easy 😁 Adrian1985_ Confirmed 52 AffectatiousDonk Confirmed 149 AJ_-_808 Confirmed 1 Akatsuki_1990 amirhossein110 Ampplaca angelgrievous Confirmed 1 Angus1343 Confirmed 13 Ashuri-B AuroraHistoire Confirmed 127 B1rvine Confirmed 19 BB-BakkerJ BeautifulTorment BeyondTheGrave07 Confirmed 99 BlackCatBurrito BlackSquirrell1 Confirmed 48 bsdude0 ChernobylNinja CJUGames Crazy d4b0n3z84 DamagingRob Confirmed 51 DarQMassacres Dav9834 Confirmed 15 DerelictSoul Confirmed 13 diskdocx Confirmed 207 dj_helyx Confirmed 152 DJdusty12 Dragon-Archon DrEvilGuapo DrHambone Dvst8u EcoShifter Confirmed 5 elonius007 Empovyle Confirmed 58 ericperez18 GarciaFever Confirmed 47 Gibbo_0113 Giulian_Steel Confirmed 45 Gold_Syndicate23 GTA_Darren Confirmed 24 GunfighterHefty Confirmed 30 Han_the_Dragon Confirmed 6 Janire1911 Confirmed 34 jeckert82 Joker-Kun890 Confirmed 7 Kent10201 maiathewinners Confirmed 8 maniek515 manuel-yahoo_it marquiszero Mesopithecus Confirmed 3 midgetstrawdog Milktastrophe monkeydluffy512 Nieird Obscure_Ale Confirmed 55 Paartonax PSXtreme_ Confirmed 1 Psy-Tychist PermaFox Confirmed 12 Persash pot1414 Confirmed 25 Rafi_004 Redbeard-Rik Confirmed 443 RJP_X Confirmed 1 Salima-sensei Confirmed 109 ScarecrowsFate Confirmed 67 sealightbreeze sephiroth4424 Confirmed 36 shadowhood1111 ShinigamiSensei- Confirmed 46 SkeithTheTerror Confirmed 37 SNACH2497 Sofa King Confirmed 6 spacey_dweeb Squirlruler starcrunch061 Starrk_01 Confirmed 78 The_Snooze timpurnat TugaSonic Confirmed 23 Vampirehunter145 Confirmed 1 VI_underGROUND W571WE Confirmed 100 Walt the Dog Confirmed 2 willythom88 Confirmed 10 YllZI ZahardPrince ZitMeatloaf Confirmed 15
  10. Confirmed - 6
  11. Welp I tried, so much for my personal goal of 25 trophies. 15 is good enough and helped add to the total If I had more time to focus I def could have gotten 25 or more, and if I wasn't picky about the games (though welcome park was me taking one for the team sense I wouldn't normally do it) In the last 10ish minutes till midnight I remembered welcome park on psvita had trophies and got 2 quickly before the end. Total = 15 2 from Resident Evil 6 (before giving up entirely on the game again) 4 from Claire Extended (and now I'm hooked to the game, will def be platinuming this eventually) 6 from Erica (I like games like these, recommended if you do too) 1 from FFX (a slow but sure platinum) 2 from Welcome Park (Just for you guys ) Thanks for the event! I had it marked on my calendar and was happy to participate!
  12. I'm not doin so hot on getting trophies >< 4 I think so far... I had a thing all layed out, but I'm going too slow and life keeps interrupting! Ahhh
  13. Got 2 trophies from Resident Evil 6, and realized why I never went back to the game after so many years... More trophies to come later today though! My personal goal is 25+ No way I'll get 50 let alone 100. :/ But every trophy counts! Just trying to help out! As long as you enjoy the game and take in the story there's nothing cheap about it!
  14. Of course not Just feel like I'm seeing it more now than years ago
  15. I usually dont look at wikis so I missed thar ><, thank you for the correction That must be worldwide sales I presume? I was wrong about the number my apologies. But aside from that they are all my opinions, so they can not be false claims. And I'll stick with my opinion, it's 1/1,000,000 that Sony will make another in the next 10 year's. And that it did flop badly if it only sold 1Mil for a AAA game with all costs. It seems your just looking for someone to fight with instead of agreeing to disagree. My original post of my opinion which was not necessary to even partially quote let alone respond in such a heated manner. Psnp has changed, I've never had people get so angry with an opinion so tame like that before.