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  1. I don't think it's off topic at all. I'm sure many would like to have a chance to sell their paintings. Ya galleries can be very snobbish, I don't especially like that type of person. Your market is definitely where you can get the most amount of people's attention. Paintings can be a very impulsive buy, so it's better in person. That's why I recommended conventions. Even of it's not painted by the original artist(which would be exceptionally expensive for a 1 off), I have no doubt a fan of anything you paint can be sold at the right place. The only idea I have atm is to bring maybe 2 to a convention and show them off. (if someone wants to buy, have a price in mind ahead, and do it in the parking lot immediately. Shady yes, but with the amount of people I doubt anyone would notice. And you'll make someone very happy.) If you do this enough, your name will surely be spread around at least enough to get a small market going. It may take a while, but I imagine if you persevere, eventually you'll even be featured in websites and magazines for those attractions. Unfortunately just like music, you have to get creative and be determined to get noticed. That's unfortunately all I have. I hope others will chime in as well with creative ideas.
  2. I think this would look good!
  3. I have nothing to add, that is fucking gorgeous. You should bring your artwork to conventions and galleries. I don't know the specifics, but someone may notice you. As long as you don't sell any at the places I don't see a major issue. It's not much different than when someone brings their automated r2d2. Think about it, seriously
  4. Nope they don't combine. Don't waste the grade. You can have 2x exp, 10x exp, half exp, or combo exp. But not a combination. (pretty sure 2x and 10x don't stack from what I remember)
  5. Ahh ok that was it. I knew there was something nagging at me.
  6. But you can inherit your gald so you'll always have the best! Besides the 10xp will make you op anyway. Even if you go with combo instead(which you should for 1 playthrough) I believe you can inherit the dark weapons, but they're useless till you do the quest again(I could be thinking of xillia here)
  7. You get a like for that image LMAO! I need to save that and use it in the future lol
  8. Pshhh Song Vote was "official" from day 1! Though I was giving out quite a few memberships in the giveaways.... As I see it, it's official because it's not on any other site with the words psnp, psnprofiles, etc. As long as you're first. Of course I know I know it can be debated lol
  9. Yes I did read them, and yes I presume many are risky. But ya nobody is going to quote those because you already said in the beginning something that pissed a lot of people off, job, and jobless. If you want to warn people of the risks of apps, then you should have started with that. But I recommend if you don't want your first post to be quoted anymore, to edit it.
  10. Dude damn you got issues if that's what you jump in here to post. Being I've probably given away the most amount of games on psnp in SV, I would still jump(cautiously) at getting some free coin to minimize cost. So don't be quick to judge. That's an insane number for just doing that! Mad props!
  11. I used to love asus, however they've had firmware bugs :'( So this is what I have, and it's probably the most stable router I've had. Recommended NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (R7000) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F0DD0I6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_yeOCzb7249A55
  12. Eclair
  13. Hmm I don't know... It seems like their site. But I don't know. I would email their customer support to see first. Nothing worse than downloading something to protect, but ends up destroying your os. But again if you think you have a virus, malware, Spyware, etc. Don't risk it. In the least reinstall windows. And then move on from there. Also I didn't mention, but if you don't use your computer for much else besides the internet, I highly recommend installing a linux os like Ubuntu. You'll never regret it. But if you use a lot of programs that don't support Ubuntu, then it's not for you. Although I have mine to dual boot, so I can use either or whenever I power up. Unfortunately adobe programs don't really support linux :'(
  14. Yes Bitdefender is excellent, I have it on all my family computers, even those in other states. There is(somewhere) an option to have unlimited devices purchase. Bitdefender is not free, you get a free trial perhaps. But I would not download anything that says Bitdefender is free. If your computer is already infected, just backup, wipe(or simply format if it's a ssd), and reinstall windows 7. I hear the win10 defender is decent, but I wouldn't trust my social, my credit cards, etc with win7 defender. The $55 is the promotional price they have now and then(more frequent than not) for the full year covering at least 3 devices(though if you dig you'll surely find the unlimited devices for the same price) It's a good deal. There's a saying, "you can't have security and convenience at the same time" We spend $60 on a game we play for a few months, but we don't protect our computers properly with antiviral programs that aren't free, uninterruptable power supplies, etc. And then it's sad when something happens eventually. I can only recommend. I hope you find this helpful.
  15. You don f'ed up boy! Never talk about an ex regardless of how old you guys are, 20,30,40! Just don't! Simply bringing up how many gfs or bfs someone has had is a no go. Not even if they pry Your choices? Wait it out. Don't act on it, don't bring the situation up, and if she does, ignore it. Or get counseling. People like another opinion. You can bet she's already getting a multitude of opinions from her own friends anyway. Might as well go professional. That's it, you dug that hole! I am sympathetic, hope it all turns out ok in a few months.