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  1. There's little point in current Gen consoles without games that harness it from the ground up! With so few titles being truly current Gen this is wonderful news!
  2. This! We don't need a remake of TloU! It's fine! Leave it! In reality they'd probably screw it up. If it's not broken don't fix it. But if you want to remake something, have it be relatively old. Legend of Dragoon would sell very well, and it would bring hope of other remakes. Look at the sales of Resident Evil 2 Remake. But the TloU remake is such a head scratcher... Why? I don't know if it's true. Maybe it got canned in full. Because it's just ridiculous
  3. That's awesome! Good job!! Also fun fact if you ever want to trick someone in your house for a... longgg time like I did, Put the regulator on flipped, this way they will put it to hot, but really it's cold, and they'll always think there's no hot water. Oh it was funny xD, until they found out... Hahahaha
  4. It depends, taking the regulator out is easy(usually...), if he messes with other stuff while doing that though... Or over tightens, then... Again I pray But I always try to fix something, unless I know damn well it's out of my league or I don't have the tools. Saves a lot of money. But. Gotta be wise. Know when to stop and say "I'm at the limit of my knowledge for this", or you end up doing what I did, and that was a $800 fix, when it could have been $150 :/
  5. I was gonna respond sense I've worked with plumbing before(good and bad) as a home improvement company, but you beat me to it! No. It can be worse. A lot. Do NOT manhandle the copper.... You WILL have a bigger plumber bill than before. No over tightening! And please... Turn off your main water in the basement or wherever it is located before doing anything, and make sure you turn the sink and shower on to drain the pressure. And then after you've done your job let all the taps in the house run for like 20 30 minutes. Sometimes the shutoffs can make the water yellow. It's just debris in the shutoff and pipes. This is normal and will go away after running. They're simply not used to being moved. Goodluck! And I pray nothing makes a plumbers bill go up if something happens and you can't fix it.
  6. Ya I had the same thought of why would they put it on ps+, then I realized, and they already probably paid so it wouldn't hurt them financially to just throw it on ps+ for everyone now. So it makes sense
  7. I think at the end in the trailer when she says "cross over" it's meant to be taken as cross play. So everything should still be as it was. It'd be weird if it wasn't
  8. Sony may patent a lot of things, but at least it may give hope to more backwards compatibility. God if I could play my PS1 games on the ps5, even if I have to rebuy them, I'd be happy
  9. This really pisses me off. Netflix, seriously, just keep shows going. I'm at the point(and many others) where I don't want to watch ANY show, until it's truly done. it shouldn't be this way
  10. This is incredibly accurate lol To the OP, play some old games that you cherish that don't have trophies. And just play for the story or game play. After a while you'll see a difference FUN FACT from Dav9834 Years ago the Russians wanted to see how people would do psychologically on a trip to Mars. So they took volunteers and put them in essentially a shipping container for 12 months(no joke). They found the first 3 months were difficult for the people(understatement), getting worse and worse, and then, poof 3-4 months in they were "fine" and adapted. So for the most part people adapt in 3 months. This can be helpful for a lot of things. Jobs you don't like, diets, exercise, etc. In your case, stay away from games with trophies for 3 months and you should start to adapt. Theoretically...
  11. You'd be surprised, in fact watching it a second time you catch on to a lot of things that were confusing or hard to understand at the time because of everything that's going on and all the names. And the lore is more fleshed out because you already know the names. So don't count a second watch out yet! I watched it for a second time with the family this past fall, so that was about a 9-10 month spread. And you may come to terms with the final season like I did, and eventually say ya it could have been better, but for what it was, it was good enough. It's a hard show to end for writers, I would say almost impossible. But congrats on watching! It's such a great show. The sad part is you'll always compare whatever you watch to it now. And it's a highhhh bar
  12. A true platinum gamer, he's gotten to games that are still in my backlog >< He probably can't "join" psnprofiles because it's a for profit site, and he's a big part of Playstation. Someone should still gift him a lifetime membership
  13. The anime is good too if you can find it! A classic imo
  14. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it I loved it, though if I played it now probably not much. It came out during a time when FF was at a low, and it was so refreshing to play a FF game that wasn't tied to FFXIII at the time I think if you played it back then you may have liked it, maybe. But either way congrats on the plat!
  15. Thissssss!