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  1. Congrats @FrenchDevil54 You Won Resident Evil Remastered for PS4 NA! (a few months late, but better than never right?.... heh...) Please Check Your PM! And Just in Time for The RE2 Remake Coming Later This Month! Get Playing!! Congrats!! 😀 https://app.randompicker.com/protocol/580203x33853
  2. My friend, she's playing undertake. Great to hear her talk while I'm grinding in my games. 

    If interested http://www.twitch.tv/ladymythril

  3. Kuromakuro s1&s2 Solid 6.8 Dav9834 rating
  4. ^^^^^This @Seskinator I don't buy a tv that's not on rtings.com. You know exactly what you're getting. Shame they can't do every tv. Having said that, unless you're determined to have a 4k tv. I would wait until Oleds become cheaper. I still have my 1080p Panasonic plasma from 2009(that I bought used!), and you'll have to rip it from my cold dead hands for me to switch to 4k LCD. Though I may switch for a really great stable oled with hdr in the future when they're cheaper.
  5. Ok polls are "closed!" pictures have been taken! Looks like Nightmare before Christmas Original take #1 (again I think) Congrats!! I'll announce the winner of game giveaway PS4 Resident Evil Remake once I throw it at randompicker!
  6. All Hallows' Eve Song Vote XXXVI Poll will be "Closing" in 11 hours!

    Get your vote in! Listen! - Vote! - Enjoy! 


  7. Both! Don't have a choice because of a high ceiling and large window 10' up that doesn't have shades. Which kinda sucks because psvr is way better in the dark, so for optimal virtual reality I have to wait till sundown. But if I had a preference, I think it still would be both. Depending on my mood
  8. Ya I figured why not, I separated it with something random. That could be a thing going forward for those that didn't get a song in time but wanted to share, we'll see.
  9. Voting Is Up For All Hallows' Eve Song Vote XXXVI !!!

    Listen! - Vote! - Enjoy!

    Happy Halloween Everyone!!

  10. ▲▲▲Made by the scary talented SV Member Masamune_316 Click Here - Youtube Playlist Song Candidates Watch Before You Vote! Got a Q? Read the Rules & FAQ! Unfortunately do to RL problems there will be no mashup sorry!!! But Songs Posted Will Be Available To Hear On This Post!
  11. I'm going to have to make a new thread with a working poll Sorry everyone I'll link it in the OP
  12. What the heck happened to my precious poll!!! I worked hard on copying and pasting!!! Contacting Mod
  13. YES! I was completely surprised they got filled in less than 24 hours! SV will always be beloved ❤
  14. Np! And I think that's 18 songs! So no new songs will be taken! We'll get them up on the OP soon for voting!