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  1. I would sit in my sisters lap when I was a year old watching her play the nes. That was back in 1988. I don't think I was more than 2, definitely younger than 3 when I was playing proficiently without assistance. Paperboy!!! And now I feel old.....
  2. Net neutrality is a bit more complex than the talking points and fear mongering. I'm neutral on the decision because it was fine before net neutrality. Does comcrap still suck? Yup. Others? Yup. This will change little for actual consumers either way. And they call it neutrality, but it's not actually freedom or guarantees. As we found out Netflix was throttling. Yeah it's not your isp for those who want to point it out to me. When they come up with a plan to have fiber in every home(literally), I'll take it seriously. Or get rid of isp throttling/data caps period. Until then, I'm uninterested.
  3. I don't know if nier automata will ever be cheap. I think it's going to be one of those games that stays around a certain price point. I know it hasn't been a while, but it's a gut feeling based on what they've done on steam and what other sales have looked like. And how certain games never go below a certain price.
  4. Although I have to add, if you pay me I'll do all the spec work! Heck I'll build the damn thing too! But as much as I'd like the cash, doing all the spec work is part of the fun of building it. And you become far more intimate with how it's working too. And it's cheaper. But if you get to a breaking point, I'll definitely do the hours of research for a couple hundred! It'll pay for my new ssd lol
  5. I can tell someone's getting the vr bug! Well I usually start with the motherboard and work my way from there. Especially since the motherboard will determine well... Pretty much everything. Though I'm pretty sure with what you picked out, any high end brand new motherboard will fit as long as it fits the case, just be wary of ALL the specs. (that case you picked doesn't take the larger motherboards btw, minis and smaller it seems). I would get a much larger case with more room to work with for all components. Especially sense I'm going to recommend a seperate water cooling system. But you can never have too much power! The more watts, the better in your case(no pun intended!). Sense I'm going to recommend looking into water cooling (seperate, not integrated), 1000watt would be safe. But the best way is to add it all up from what you've chosen. I disagree with hydro, if you're spending this amount, def go with 32GB ram. It will definitely come in handy, I love having 16 just for web browsing! That doesn't speak if Adobe premiere, photoshop, after effects, etc is used. So I would advise against a gpu with integrated water cooling. The 1080 ti is def top of the line, I'd actually encourage you to wait until the next iteration sense you don't want to finish till july. Which could cause you problems as sockets and such change. Plus price if you decide the 1080 ti is still sufficient. Also big note. LEDs just add cost, don't bother looking at anything with leds unless it fits perfectly or you don't have a choice. I would recommend against 2 1tb ssds 1 will only be used for the operating system. So 256GB Samsung evo pro will be great for the OS. Sense it's a desktop I would have 256GB evo pro ssd for OS 1TB evo(not pro) for some stuff And a 2-8TB regular hdd for everything else. I wish I could have helped out far more, again I usually start with the motherboard and work my way, but I also haven't built a pc in 4 years. My truly truly personal recommendation so you get the performance with a lower $$$ sign, is to wait and then search people's builds and how well theirs is holding up. People love to post their new builds. You take a lot of work out. Also the motherboard is very special because it can bend you over due to it being fickle. I had an msi that no matter what would just give me tons of problems with overclocking. It would work, then it wouldn't one day. I finally just let it run without overclocking it. And that was with meticulous numbers so everything was balanced, ram speed, cpu speed, etc etc. Explained why I got it sub $200. So ya again I highly recommend copying someone elses(and there's plenty out there). Because your wallet and performance aren't going to add up as it stands. I had more to say.... But I forgot... In the end building a pc isn't difficult, but planning each part can be, every # has to fit with the rest of the components for best results. Especially if you overclock(why wouldn't you?). And even more so if you want to plan for the future(not near future). Again I hope I helped at least a bit. I am rusty.
  6. Umm, you're welcome.
  7. Major respect to your gf! Iris is the best character! She needed wayy more game time
  8. Really? Farming with Iris isn't gaining traction? >< I thought it'd be cool, like an angled top down God mode where you tell Iris to plant what where based on demand from the many restaurants, etc. It'd be a really cool simulator. Damn now I really really want it ><
  9. When the price comes down I'm definitely getting it. I loved the fishing in FFXV. Even though it's not 100% the same in the vr version(why take the radar away? Really!? Stuff like that can and has been implemented in vr! I digress) The only thing I'm worried about is that I heard with the move wands you actually have to make the reeling motion, which that would kill it for me. But that was a while back, hoping it's not true. If it is I'm using a dualshock, may anyway. But cooking with ignis.... Hmmm ya I'd be down with that! Depends on how they would make it though that would determine it for me. Taking pictures with prompto just reminds me of pokemon snap, and how much I want a sequel :'( But how about farming with Iris!
  10. I honestly don't know from the translation. But damn does it sound good! Why can't I have these games in vr! " Utilizing continuous kidnapping cases, ghosts, UFOs, SFs, spy wars, military affairs, and mystery, centering on the famous "mystery of Fatima's third prophecy" that operates a device called "Tear" that can go between ghosts and reality I challenge the incident to go. Eventually the end of the world and the battle over the beginning ... Any number of times to meet with you again ... Tears that create a miracle of the machines that were created on the basis of ancient o - parts "Tear" The stories of people over it and it was also used as a forbidden book "Necronomicon" to revive important people who have lost. The ghost world built with wire frame graphics The ghost world in the VR investigation creates a deeper immersive feeling and a sense of realism differently built by old-fashioned wireframe graphics for old PC fans. Various perspectives, branching to several stories - The narrative progresses through the choices in the game, diverging to a number of stories, from the perspective of various characters. The truth of a complicated intertwining story has become a mechanism that can not be clarified unless all of it is solved. There are over 20 end endings. 〇 VR Visual Novel A completely new type of VR visual novel who enters the mysterious world of VR and follows the mystery. All game play can only experience Playstation® 4 without any discomfort. 〇 Release full size games at reasonable prices!" https://www.jp.playstation.com/games/tear-owari-to-hajimari-no-shizuku-ps4/ Btw you should get psvr, it's pretty damn cool
  11. I preorder games because I want the developer to get the most amount of money(outside micro transactions), as I'm not a fan of used and how they destroy studios(yes they do). It also gives them incentive to make more and better games in the future. We do the same with movies, books, tv shows, cars! Everything. This is by game by game basis for me though. And sometimes you just want to play day1 like I did with destiny. But pre-ordering games in October/November probably not wise. But hey have you had a good time with the game? How many hours of entertainment have you poured into it? To preorder it you must have really wanted it. That justifies the minimal price difference. I don't regret getting attack on titan(game) for 60, and it's had its drops. But it's just a fun game that I definitely got my worth out of, and still go back to blow off steam.