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  1. Thanks for replies guys I have reinstalled game and nothing so far but I’m thinking to start a new career and go through it again on sim mode, I defo did every stage on sim a few times actually Also I re did all stages on quick race mode and nothing so I’m getting slightly worried at this stage it’s the only thing I need for plat Thanks anyways guys
  2. Has anyone come up against the accomplishment MASTER not popping for winning all stages excluding sss in simulation mode ? I’ve done two careers and quick mode on sim mode and nothing after lastest patch ???
  3. I will be retiring from the league, many thanks for having me. Good luck everyone
  4. I see you started following me ............. I am a good source of short game discoveries and the occasional mildly amusing overly offensive repartee but other than that there ain't much to see :) 

  5. And a trophy league isn't one of them lol and no one could tell or make me take the high road, that's for pussy's
  6. If you was to spam every vn on a new account i would say fair play, if its within the rules then what can anyone say? i wouldn't have no issue. You should do that bro im sure you haven't done all the vns yet ?
  7. Zach Version 2 is FAIR because anyone can make a new account and do this, what rule says it’s unfair, it’s the same is any new account coming into this league fresh!
  8. I think it's time we had someone else run this league, it seems Eric has other commitments. I'm used to 2 week breaks not 2 months. Would be nice to get this league back to where it used to be
  9. I assume this league comp is dead now lol ?
  10. Eric when is the next season going to begin ?
  11. Don't see many people score over 100 anymore, old days were beast !!!
  12. Add me anyone Infinate Warfare Zombies BO3 Zombies Nascar 15 Ps3 BF1
  13. I remember hitting 2200 points one season , those were the historic days