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  1. Thanks a bunch! I was able to get all the TIPs, character profiles and the scenes Now all that's left to do is wait for the save bug to be fixed...
  2. @Garcia Thanks so much Do you happen to remember how to get to the Bad End Ep. 7???? I'll try out your suggestion for the TIPs and character profiles Thanks! When is the best time to access all the character profiles, because doesn't TOi shut off after a while?
  3. Hey guys! I stumbled upon this topic by mistake while looking up all these bugs in Xblaze It's pretty disappointing that the game has all these bugs and glitches The bugs are preventing me from getting my last 4 achievements + the platinum one Wassup, Poindexter? (You've read every single one of the TIPS) Photographic Memory(s) (Unlocked all of the scene recaps.) Hey! My eyes are up HERE! (You've read the profile of every character.) Setting the Record Straight (You've seen all of the summaries) I'm not all that sure, but I feel like I've read all the character profiles and I've read every single TIP and I'm still lacking the achievement >_< I even made a list of all the TIPs: Common Route/ Hinata Amanohokosaka Clan Azure Shrine Maiden Black Beast Boundary Crystal Discover Call Drive Embryo Enhance Exorcist Gain Art Gates of Sheol Grimoire Hakuou Academy Irregular Type Ishana: City of Mages Legacy Weapon Mages Magic Guild Maka Raja Mitsurugi Agency Murakumo OOPARTS Origin of the Grimoire Phenomenon Phenomenon Intevention Proof of Existance Restricted Ward Sealed Spear: Izayoi Seithr Serial Killer Shin Yokozaki Sleipnir Strange Red Takamagahara Ten Sages The Azure Wadatsumi Incident TOi T-System Union Wadatsumi Wadatsumi Facility Es Route: Awakening Release Embryo Storage Kusanagi Restriction Release Soul Eater Kuon Route: N/A Mei Route: N/A Gag Route: Azure Black Curry Blue Curry Cake Shop -Ten Sages- Crimson Potato Curriliant Goddess Doki Doki Duel Sechs! Green Onion Legendary Ingredients Offline Meeting Rainbow Meat Seches Appreciation Day Temple of Dao Yellow Carrot Just like you guys, I'm having trouble saving on Es Route 10B and Gag Reel Episode 4 Also, in the Extras>Scenes, which scene goes between the "Bad End Ep.6 (Fade to Black)" and "Es & Hinata Dark End Route (The Black Beast)"????? That's the only scene that I'm missing