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  1. Just got my Killzone 3 platinum!!! YEAAH

    1. zadorvp



    2. Paulie1313


      Congrats, how tough were the accolades?

    3. Beyondthegrave07
  2. playing catch up with Borderlands 2. Leveling up Gaige :)

  3. Just got God Mode! Who's in for a game and getting some trophies?

  4. Hi! welcome on board!
  5. Getting worse at MW3 ... :(

  6. Looking for someone to play the last 2 survival missions on MW3!

  7. just bought The Walking Dead Season Pass. The game looks promising!

    1. Parker


      Enjoy it. It's a great ride.

    2. Sival001


      Just finished episode one! And yes it really is a great ride so far. Can't wait to play the next episode.

  8. Definately play Borderlands 2! It will keep you online for hours and lets you explore Pandora. The world is big en there is plenty stuff to do. Collecting the best weapons and leveling is just the tip of the iceberg. Trust me. This game will help keeping your mind off other things
  9. EU still got nothing... i'm a bit dissapointed :/
  10. Thx, ill just wait a week and hope it will arrive in the EU psn store. To bad you don't have 1 store for the whole world instead of a few seperate PSN stores... Could make things allot easier.
  11. Got 3 plats...yeah! Need to get a 4th one... never thought getting plats was so addicting xD

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      I was the same way. Last September, I had 1 platnum...Now I have 10!

    3. Sival001


      haha nicely done! I also need to up my average completion though ;) Looks a bit better when it is above 40%

    4. mf_emokiller


      same here going back and playing some old games but have to plat alice soon

  12. I see the US already got it, but i can't seem to download it from the EU psn store. After looking on the web i couldnt find any information about the release so i hope somebody here has the awnser.
  13. Pfff Need a easy but fun to plat game to up my average completion...

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    2. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      finish some of your God of War games if you still have them.

    3. Sival001


      hmmm good point. Ill finish god of war 1 first. almost forgot about that one.. hehe thx Dark Knightrisen

      Hows Ni No Kuni? is it any good? @sir_bee

    4. Sir_Bee


      If you like JRPGs it is incredibly fun and addicting. I think that the story is well written, and well presented. It is an easy plat as in there is nothing that is overly difficult skill, but it is very time consuming (60 + hours)

  14. Getting my first plat of the year soon for Playstation Allstars Battle Royale!