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  1. I’ve got 586 cards atm still shy of quite a bit for that gold trophy. do you know if you get packs from playing friendly games. Even MT would be nice
  2. EA has lost my trust
  3. Any luck for this working again? Maybe start sending bulk emails to EA to fix this there was definitely some server side code changed to avoid this from popping up. Can’t have just stopped working all of a sudden without some manual change
  4. It appears I have to classic battle for all characters as it has not unlocked hoarder yet
  5. Has anyone encountered this glitch where you have unlocked everything and the trophy does not pop
  6. I just got promoted to division 11 from division 12 and the trophy did not pop as it should. Was wanting to know if there is a workaround for this?
  7. Bump... just saw my initial post and what I meant was after ensuring that you are getting enough points to be placed in the 1st position the game decides that you’re second or third every single time. I am aware that this game had trophy issues that had a patch which possibly fixed this and patched again and possibly broke this trophy- could I get some assistance whether this is the case
  8. I’ve noticed trophies had not popped in psn after them popping in game... This usually happens when playing coop.... Does anyone have a fix for this?
  9. I have PS Now and apparently doa 5 last round is one of the games in the IGC.....However I downloaded it and I tried a few of the easy trophy requirements and they would not pop.... Could some one confirm if the PS NOW copy of DOA 5 allows you to get trophies
  10. The promotion trophy does pop after being the champion it shows that you’re on the top of the leaderboard but placed 2nd or third has anyone else experienced this glitch?
  11. Does anyone have similar issue where the trophies don’t pop....Is anyone having the same issues following trophies which are not popping Playing with assisted mode any of the myplayer (career trophies) Win a myplayer tower diving on a groggy patient payback trophies
  12. Can’t remember if I have done hoxton on death wish
  13. A few trophies not popping in update 1.03 likes of the payback trophies only managed to pop poison mist and run in... rest is still glitched....had to delete the game and not install the patch to unlock a few trophies edit : played my player and no chapter trophies popping up. They really fucked this one up didn’t they my persona photo says everything about this game
  14. I’ve done all of these no trophies popped for the face to face I even did it via adhoc
  15. This is what I did and was just stuck in searching on either ps vita and made sure both vitas were in the adhoc mode