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  1. A few trophies not popping in update 1.03 likes of the payback trophies only managed to pop poison mist and run in... rest is still glitched....had to delete the game and not install the patch to unlock a few trophies
  2. I’ve done all of these no trophies popped for the face to face I even did it via adhoc
  3. This is what I did and was just stuck in searching on either ps vita and made sure both vitas were in the adhoc mode
  4. I tried boosting it with my two vitas I have a physical copy of the game and a digital copy both copies are from the same region i have formatted my 2nd vita and changed the psn I’d to one of my alternates and when I tried performing the adhoc trophy it would only search and won’t match up i have tried creating a lobby on one vita and then searching on the other and vice versa but to no avail have not been able to get it to work is there something that I’m doing wrong and if so can I get some assistance with this. cheers, CallanGWProX
  5. Hi guys was wondering been around the block require 2 copies of the game and 2 ps vitas and if so do they do they both need to be the same region game like eu and eu or can one be eu and jp
  6. I have been trying the following trophies Slotted - have been double tapping ⭕ Can't believe you fell for that -have been pressing L2 before scoring 100% have been using 2 controllers and winning 3-0 on penalties None of the above pop on v1.08 I've been trying the following in kick-off with some sliders changed I've also tried with 2 controllers or just playing single player
  7. Anyone available to boost the Online trophies for this game Add me: CallanGWProx
  8. I just got the game hit me up CallanGWProx
  9. And is it possible to earn trophies too?
  10. Once I get confirmation that the EA access game library excluding trials can be accessible on all accounts. I'll subscribe on my secondary account.
  11. I want to know how true this is or whether it is the same as ps4 TQ
  12. I'll probably have to put EA access on hold till there is confirmation that I can play the games and earn trophies on other accounts on the ps4
  13. Just tried it....still asks me for a credit/debit card Was wondering if i could play and earn trophies if I sub via my NZ account that way I can avoid this issue.
  14. I have exactly $30 in my ps wallet for the 12 month sub which is $29.99. Had to get a $20 and $10 from Amazon because I was looking at the EA access for xbone and someone bypassed the issue by having M$.
  15. That's weird because when I attempted to sub to the 12 month subscription it prompts me with a "credit card/debit card required to progress" message. But I'll try to reverse the action for a 1 month sub and post the results here.