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  1. I just love Tiziano Crudelli because of... well you know Simply took the first picture of him that popped up. Imagine how he must be going crazy right now
  2. See. I told you. VINCITORE! Football will never come home. 😂😂😂
  3. Nailed it.
  4. Was hyped but then I saw the Teyon logo. So mediocore is the maximum.
  5. Italy will be champions. Mark my words.
  6. Thank you 🇫🇷 & 🇨🇭 for this glory of a game. This is why we love football.
  7. Worst racing game ever.
  8. This is not the first time games suddenly disappear from ps now.
  9. Bugs are still present for a few trophies. The game itself is quite fun. What your getting into? Cast Away - The Game. If you're going to 100% it: Read guides BEFORE starting it. It's not a hard plat after all, but some trophies need specific playstyle and of course those bugs. But it could be worse than it sounds now.
  10. Basically what we've tried for half an hour. Never got in the same room nor even found a match...
  11. Nope, this is the fastest way. It sucks you dry, I know that very well. You could arrange yourself with doing it every day for half an hour. So it will be over in like 100 days.
  12. Nail on the spot, Dude. Loved your comment.
  13. First game was superb. But I won't have high hopes for this. Especially not when I read the word "Disney".