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  1. No need to buy a game that will be part of PS+ essential within the next 12 months.
  2. Maingame is harder, I agree. I stood away from it for 8 years. Now I gave it another try. Insane run in the main game first, took me about 10 tries to make it, including replaying the story once to get familiar with the locations again + a few hours to learn the door glitches correctly and looking for ways to skip parts via glitches. In the end i used a small skip glitch in the beginning of the prison part and another one to skip about 10 mins in the female ward. The whole run took me about 1 hour. Still challenging. For the Whistleblower DLC also replayed the story once, then immediatly started the insane run and made it on first try, all without glitches. DLC only took me about 35-40 mins to finish on insane. Was way easier than the maingame.
  3. I've never tried the first playstation VR headset yet. Unfortunately 600 € is way to expensive for me. I'll pass. Again.
  4. If Sony will make a good deal than its most likely it will happen on black friday, so... let's see.
  5. Agree on all of you. Such a simple yet so adorable game. Sometimes less is more.
  6. Basically, @kevao97 already said everything that has to be said, so cheers to you kevao97 for trying to explain what YOU (this works well for you?) got wrong. So again, I did not say stealing is right. I don't approve it. All I did was recalling what made the playerbase becoming toxic before. You can jump around and tell us fithythousand times WHAT is right and wrong, all I did is WHY things became worse. If you understand this as an approval then I don't know what words one must use to make you understand. So before this shit gets more space than it should: please don't reply. Please do not elaborate. Just think about it and move on.
  7. In fact, hackers can be very useful to test the information technology infrastructure of a company to its weaking points to correct them. Of course there will never be an 100 percent safety for any system but obviously, Rockstar had issues here. But I get your point. There is ethical hacking and there is toxic hacking. That being said I believe Rockstar's behaviour of the last couple of years caused the intoxination of the playerbase, including: the refusal of giving Red Dead Online the proper treatment it deserved and that was being promised the terrible remasters for the GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas the kinda useless re-re-release of GTA V for PS5 (and it's once again exclusive extra content) the amount of microtransactions in GTA online the introduction of gta+ for GTA online the Shutdown of GTA Online for PS3 the cancelation of RDR Remaster/Remake
  8. I heard it's alpha gameplay from 2019, but still a surprising leak. Anyways: Rockstar kinda caused this after all their wrong desicions over the last years, it's just karma bitch. This is what you get.
  9. Metal Gear Solid on PS1. Definitive.
  10. B-12 is alive and rebooted in another computer system. That's how I understood it. If there will be a DLC or Stray 2 some day, that would be nice. I wanna see the cat reunited with his family/firends.
  11. It's a cashgrab. And as you see by the feedback from the community... it works.
  12. It will come into PS+ Premium, give it a year and it will appear there. Any bet.
  13. Skip it. It's not a good game anyway. Neither singleplayer nor multiplayer.
  14. After watching the gameplay leaks, I really don't understand why people should buy the remake at all.
  15. I play games for the fun of playing, not the for the fun of taking pictures.