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  1. Maybe this could help you: and this:
  2. Always loved this cover for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.
  3. Disappointed that there is no new trophy set
  4. Seems like you clearly need an update too. They releasing those expansions only for current gen, PS3 doesn't get any updates for years now. Red Dead Online is not really a flop, but surely less entertaining than GTA Online.
  5. Hopefully with new trophies. Not afraid of criminal mastermind challenges at all - looking forward to master them!
  6. More like Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted 🤔 Anyways, Capcom is doing the right thing. Good to see the Resident Evil series is getting back on track again. If it will reach the same level as Resident Evil 2 Remake, we'll get a very fine game.
  7. Problem solved. Thread can be deleted.
  8. January 2020 predictions: - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Just Cause 4
  9. Hello guys, as the GOTY is currently on Black Friday Sale in the store, and the US version is way cheaper than the European one I'd like to know if someone can tell me that the US version has German audio output and German subtitles as well?
  10. Guys I don't think you need to answer anymore since the topic opener got his question answered and gave response.
  11. My shining says its 235 matches this time 🤔
  12. I understand the hype. Just played it for the first time and finished Claire's A scenario and it was the best Resident Evil experience in a very long time for me. The atmosphere was superb, fucking Mr. X scared the shit out of me, graphics are damn fine, controls are very good. Storywise it was good as well, a bit more empathy for the characters aswell as between them would have been nice. Played on normal difficulty and tried to use ammunition sparingly, in the end I had lots of bullets left. But overall still a very good experience and worth the hype. As comparison, I found Resident Evil 7 to be an okay game, better then the latest releases, but not a great game. But this one here is. It is a game for fans and well... it delivers. Hope Capcom continues to keep that level in their future releases of the series as we would get some very fine horror games again from them...
  13. I'm currently playing the Resident Evil 2 Remake. I'm not far into the story but to me it's the best Resident Evil game in a very long time. The atmosphere is superb, controls are fine and I also like how the zombies survive several headshots with the pistol. Can't wait to proceed into it A remake of RE3 would be highly recommended! I'm with you there, Code Veronica was also a very nice game. But before they bring this back there is another thing that clearly needs a remake: DINO CRISIS!
  14. This is my 3rd entry: this time I choose the bullet time ability from Max Payne, because a good doge could save your life!