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  1. Haha. I never liked his music in MGS/DS as much as I loved the style of Harry Gregson-Williams in MGS anyway. Farewell Ludvig.
  2. That would happen right next. Sony doesn't care for trophy hunters.
  3. He surely had his last drink. I'm proud of you.
  4. I got your joke and so but... dude, I wrote best ALIEN game, not predator game.
  5. I second that. Dude I triple that! Best alien game to this date by far!
  6. Even though I liked the story the grind was tough and half of my playtime of over 100 hours considered in grinding. I would not want to do it all over again. Really not.
  7. That guy is well known for being a jackass. Don't mind him.
  8. Is this your first game?
  9. The real question is: What will stop first - the Killing Floor DLC trophy updates or the Covid-19 pandemic?
  10. The guy has enough money to buy himself a country. He can chill for the rest of his life.
  11. Your lack of understanding sarcasm is way more scarier. way more.
  12. Nobody asked for this game.