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  1. Any news when the season pass will be available?
  2. Yup, one can expect more DLC's with trophies. Looking forward to it too.
  3. Great news! Really had fun with this game and was looking forward for the DLC. Happy there are also some new (and super easy) trophies too.
  4. Only on Konami-Plus, available in a nearby future
  5. Go for it. Singleplayer is and will always be gorgeous masterpiece!
  6. Sorry, I had to post it.
  7. Problem solved, thread closed.
  8. No easter sale this year? What's up, Sony?😮

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    2. Cobbsquatch


      I dunno man, Easter is getting less and less important and has been doing for years. It's "mainly" a religious holiday and less and less people are bothering with religion these days. But whatever they call it, all their sales are the same crap over and over for the same crappy prices, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    3. enaysoft


      lol. Yep. Definitely what Cobbsquatch said.

    4. Solid-Fisch


      @cobbsquatch I kinda disagree. It's the second most important christan holiday after christmas and people still care about it. Me not that much. I was just expecting a nice sale, lol. I agree on your opinion that the sales are almost all the same crap over and over.

      @enaysoft You still don't get my point. I know there is a spring sale. I don't need any links. I was expecting a special easter sale. that's all. 

  9. I got an error message yesterday night two times and also twise today. Wasn't playing online but been talking to a friend in a party. The error occured only 3-4 seconds. My friend (also on PS5) reported the same. We thought it would be issues on psn?
  10. I've just listened to the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album in it's full entity but as a long time Chili Peppers fan (I know almost all of their songs and I started playing guitar 20 years ago because of Frusciante) this time I really don't know what to think of it...
  11. Lol. This thread is posted in the off topic, so about 95% users would not even recognize. You can calm down. This site won't go down. The thread itself is really important and I'm glad there are at least a few people concerning about it.
  12. 'The Outsider' trophy won't pop for me even after multible tries... any suggestions what could cause that problem? Edit: Nevermind, it popped later for whatever reason when I killed a random creature.
  13. This. I was about to mention them when I read your comment. You're 100% right. I've done a lot of collectibles in a lot of games. We all have. But none other then the online treasures in Uncharted 3 could take this cake. The grind of a lifetime. The worst collectibles ever. It's been 42 treasures for the collector trophy and 57 treasures for the hoarder trophy. And all of them dropped randomly. I grinded for them for at least 150 hours, probalby even more I guess. When I got my last one it felt like winning the lottery. And 100% in Uncharted 3 feels like winning the lottery with 50 billion dollars 3 times. In a row.
  14. preordered already.