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  1. Tough words for somebody with an account name like this.
  2. October 2020: - Just Cause 4 - Hitman HD Enhanced Collection
  3. Forrest Gump. Walk The Line or Bohemian Rhapsody?
  4. Of course Alien! Dirty Dancing or First Blood?
  5. The Grey. A Clockwork Orange or Taxi Driver?
  6. Sometimes it has very similar vibes from Alien Isolation. In a good way! In my opinion this game is like a mix of: 50% 2001 A Space Odyssee 25% Life (that sci-fi movie from 2017) 15% Event Horizon 10% Alien I really enjoyed it.
  7. Mad Max Fury Road. Basic Instinct or Knock Knock?
  8. Clueless, but I would never watch any of both Let's see... what about... Full Metal Jacket vs Saving Private Ryan?
  9. So basically everything except Singapore and the legacy maps, right?
  10. Hey there. Just wondering, the game has 15 additional DLC (not talking about the second additional trophy list). Which one of these are included in the version that is available in PS Now?
  11. Pulp Fiction. Next up: No Country For An Old Man or Collateral?
  12. The Invisible Man, sounds more exciting to me. Contact or Interstellar?
  13. Man, that's actually a tough one. Both fine movies about a prison break. But I must go with Shawshank Redemption. I think I got another tough one: 12 Monkeys or Fight Club?
  14. Well that was the lamest state of play so far...