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  1. Not 100% sure. If I search for the game here on psnprofiles it says there is only one version of it in Europe, simply the EU version. However, back when I boght the ultimate edition with all DLC this particular DLC was not part of the ulimate version. I think it probably is because of Hitler is included there. But I want my game 100% and of course also shout this MF. Can you lead me where to find the BLES code? I own the game digitally.
  2. Hey guys, there is a DLC for a game that I like to buy. The game is Sniper Elite 3, the DLC is hunt for the grey wolf. I own the German main game but this dlc is unfortunately not available in Germany. I have a second account in Austria and the DLC is available there. My question is: will the Austrian DLC work with the German main game?
  3. God I hope this shitty feature will never return on any playstation console ever again. The only service I'd like to see is direct integration of instagram, so I could easily upload my screenshots/videos from the best moments in the games. Made a fine collection over the years. But uploading them still only is possible over detours.
  4. true words.
  5. Now the clock is ticking really loud for online servers of ps3 games, guys.
  6. Big fan of that fantastic game but sorry Sir, that's simply wrong. Any Uncharted, COD, GOW or yes of course FIFA would be able to reach those numbers easily...
  7. 1. If it's a game I really wanna play then I do not mind about the trophies. So enjoyment stands above everything. 2. But when playing games simply for trophies (happens from time to time), I look up the trophy list and if there's too much ultra rare stuff in a game that I think I won't enjoy long anyway I tend to stay away from these games. Because when I play them I also want 100%. An example in my list would be Hustle Kings... I'm one of the lucky few to have 100% in on PS4. That may looks great but getting there was a long grind which not only took many many hours but also luck. It surely was no fun and it was the crazy devil in me pushing me there. Looking back I can say I wish I'd never started that damn game. 3. Optional DLC and the price for the full package are also a factor. The 100% thing again. But thanks to a very long backlog catalog, I'm in a luxurious position which allows me to simply wait for a game/goty to drop in questions about the price. 4. Some things just never will enter my list, like Hanna Montana or Bibi & Tina bullshit. These are what I call "baby games" I would feel ashamed for. (Damn! I already have Doki Doki in my list, which also is a baby game. Yes I feel ashamed for that one ) PS: I really don't mind the leaderboard or maintaining a steady quota of trophies, this is to hardcore for me. There are some guys out there who take the trophy hunting way more serious than I do.
  8. So I have the same problem... all treasures collected but in the statistics it says 99/109 treasures. Really don't wanna go and collect them all again + checking every single time if the were counted in the statistics. This is the last trophy I need for 100% in the game So... what to do now? Does it help to delete the game and reinstall? With or without the patch? Will the save file still work?
  9. That number will increase soon. There's too many fans out there.
  10. Cool boss. But what exactly is this thread about now?
  11. Voted for the money which I would use to buy Ghostbusters The Videogame Remastered . Nice Giveaway!
  12. Oh my god thank you for posting this! I just woke up cause sleeping makes me feel good and this just makes me just wanna start bustin yeah yeah yeah
  13. Highly recommend playing this game. It's fantastic, it's fun and it's not too hard but a good challenge though. Also don't worry about the online dlc trophies. Yes they seem hard but there is a community out there that will help you getting those trophies. The guys I played with were gods in this game, the blew my mind! It was just crazy how they nailed down the enemies and bosses.
  14. I just watched a profile from a guy on PSN who already plays the game and the spelling was correct there. Could the mistake made been here on PSNP?
  15. The nightmare never ends 😂