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  1. Any fun? Good Story? Good gameplay? Any comparable titles to be named?
  2. Got the trophy earlier today too. This is the video showing what I did. All 8 plants planted using planks. All planted at the same time.
  3. never found a yucca fruit... Edit: Oh wow there really is a yucca fruit... but still all 8 plants planted but no trophy...
  4. Resident Evil 2 Remake Resident Evil 3 Remake Code Veronica X Resident Evil HD Remaster Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil Zero Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil Resistance Resident Evil Relevations 2 Resident Evil 5 Side note: Even though I grew up with the series I decided leave out the originals RE,RE2 and RE3 because I can't remember them very well, mostly I watched my friends playing those. Also skipped Resident Evil 6 on purpose, since friends highly recommend me not to play that one. Never touched Relevations and Operation Raccoon City as well. The remakes did a very good job, besides the new ones like RE7 (or the trailers for RE8) are not my taste and don't feel like a Resident Evil.
  5. They're all the same.
  6. Yup found a few but you really have to look very closely.
  7. I suggest you listen to your own avdice.
  8. A potential GTA VI will not be released on PS4. That's for sure. Thread can be closed actually.
  9. In Germany we pay 19% value added tax (currently a 16% Covid-19 exception) so I can only laugh about this...
  10. Day one buy for sure. If only it would be true...
  11. Everyone who can resell his/her PS5 now with a profit is making easy money. Congrats to those people. Drain the idiots who can't wait or control their feelings. Drain them dry!
  12. I'd like to see this coming on PS4 too.
  13. Okay. I see. The series is definitely not your taste. But your argumentation is silly. Anyways, this is not the thread to discuss this. Any opinion is valid.
  14. Looking everywhere... can't find any?!? Help is really appreciated!
  15. Dezember 2020: - Marvel's Spider-Man - Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy