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  1. Someone once said to me: "Actually trophies are nothing more than little polygons that pop up in the corner of your screen." In a physical way that is 100% correct. Which means trophy hunters are polygon hunters. But there is more to this as we all now. When I started playing PS3 I didn't care at all about trophies for a year or so. Then a friend asked me why I don't collect them and I answered that I don't gain anything from that. He said something like yeah but you could at least collect those of your favorite games. Also helps you to find out things about these games you didn't knew yet. After a while I thought I should give this a try and did the platinum on one of my favorite games: Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater. That was on January 21, 2014. For this I had to complete the game about 4 or 5 times to get all trophies. And... he was right! I did found out quite a few things about the game I never knew, like the 3 snakes that can be collected at the final fight for example. But thats just one example. In this case this game had quite a few hidden things that made my discoveries very enjoyable. I even remember finishing the campaign on one day twice. My second platinum was Grand Theft Auto V a few weeks later. From that point on, I decided to collect all the trophies in the games I play. Or at least try to. Over the years I think I made quite a good progression. I'm now at 99 Platinum and my #100 shall be Red Dead Redemption 2, I'm so deeply in love with this masterpiece! In first place I still play the games I like. I use to look up for trophies guides and especially hidden trophies, besides that I always start my first run through a game blind, for the experience you know. I don't mind taking time. It's still about the fun in first place and that will never change. I might have a few simple games in my list but basically I will never play a game just because I could collect trophies fast and simple. I know quite a few guys who do that. I will never understand their motivation behind that. Being trophy-level 100+ but playing tons of shit games... that means nothing to me. There is no competition to me except that I'm my own enemy. Thats why I care way more about completion than the level. Having that said one might say "yeah but you've got hidden games in your list". Thats true, it's 2 games actually: Fifa 12 and NBA Prelude 2017. The first game had it's servers almost shut down when I played it and the DLC already wasn't available anymore, second one had the servers shut down 4 thats before I found out about the game and there was no single information about closed servers. So I decided to hide those 2 because I can't 100% them anymore. I think some of us have similar experiences. Now is trophy hunting a waste of time? Yes. But let me ask you - wan't isn't? You can waste your lifetime on traveling, family, sports, other hobbies and so one. In the end we'll all die anyway. But way more important is how you live your life. You should enjoy it. I enjoy myself with collecting trophies and playing games as much as I enjoy other things like music, women or nature. I don't think there is a right or wrong into anything in this life at all. Just let's have fun. Nothing means anything at all.
  2. I just watched all the movies last September and ranked them on a page called moviepilot, here's my ranking: Saw 7.5 / 10 Saw III 7.0 / 10 Saw II 7.0 / 10 Saw IV 6.5 / 10 Saw V 6.0 / 10 Saw VI 5.5 / 10 Saw 3D 3.0 / 10 Jigsaw 2.0 / 10 I think the franchise was good for the first 3 movies. Then it started focusing creatively more on the traps than the story and became slowly but constantly weaker. Last movie was crap. Franchise should be left alone for good. And please never any reboot cause there's only one Tobin Bell. Also played the first game on PS3, it was not a great game but it translated the Saw vibe imo.
  3. Servers are dry for years. I made all the online stuff 4.5 years ago and servers were empty as fuck. Still people get trophies so yes, still obtainable. But I heard only possible over US-servers and some tricks, which I'm not familiar with. But just search for gaming sessions on this page, people there should know what to do.But beware, it's no fun. It really isn't.
  4. Then it must be a shitty game. They always develop crap.
  5. Yup. AATCHB has some fantastic live versions of several songs. I'm a big fan of NIN even though I'm not so much into their last records anymore. But Trent Reznor is the man. Highly respect his abilities as a musician.
  6. I love to play this on my guitar!
  7. Just heard from this game for the very first time in Sony's 'State Of Play' video today. From what I saw, I imagined something like a mix of Alien Isolation and the movies 'Gravity', 'Life' and 'Moon'. I just read a little bit about it now and found an article on a German page that stated the game was created by veterans and former employers of studios from Rockstar North, Rocksteady, Creative Assembly, CCP and IO Interactive - which sounds great so far. Will keep an eye on this and hoping for the best.
  8. Really? As you can see on my profile, I'm just about to plat the game at the moment. I tried to connect with the online services just because I was curious, but it doesn't work. Here in Germany at least.
  9. I remember I had to boost the online trophies around 16 months ago because the multiplayer was superf*cking dead. Nobody, absolutely nobody to be found online. Such a disappointment to never find out if there was any potential since there are (or were) quite a few modes to choose. And the game itself isn't bad at all. To me still the best splinter cell so far. But to be honest Ubisoft have so many games with so many servers to take care of, I can quite understand why they shut it down. Why support servers for a game nobody wants to play online? Pretty sure they will never bring the service back.
  10. So how hard is it to get 100% in the game now? Never played it, but it was on my list.
  11. I get all the Queen - Dont stop me now references (quite a few lol). But where exactly are the die hard references?
  12. This is unnecessary. I finished this on 100% almost 4 years ago. I remember it being ok, but nothing great or really special about it. I found WWII Berlin to be the right setting for this but always felt something missing. Having that said, it was still better than the third game which was boring as hell (never played the fourth but also not really interested). I really don't see why this game should get a remaster but yeah whatever... Rebellion Games probably needs money.
  13. This post is the only true answer.
  14. Is that so? I'm having an animated theme on PS3 since 6 years and not a single freeze.
  15. It's February 2019. And still it's very easy to find a game.