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  1. I got another one for you guys: Aaru's awakening (PS April 2015). This game was the worst for me. I deleted it after 10 minutes before I earned any trophy and then quickly eliminated it form my trophy list and harddisk drive.
  2. I usually take a quick look at the trophy list before I start a new game, looking if there is anything missable. I copy the description into a text data and work it up, if there is something to miss. For the rest of the trophys I'm trying to ignore them, I like to enjoy a game for what it is on my first playthrough. Story is the most important thing in a game to me before gameplay, the handling, music or graphics. If that even takes like 40 hours or more, I don't mind. But this does not work with every game of course. Racing, sports or fighting games are different. Also, when there was a game I really loved, like for example Horizon Zero Dawn, Batman Arkham Knight, Last of Us or Alien Isolation (just to name a few) I tend to put them away after finishing the story (which usually takes me much longer than a trophy hunter, for example I had around 250 hours of ingame time in RDR 2 when finishing the story ). I really do this on purpose to get distance from something I really enjoyed, just to come back someday and enjoy it again and getting those trophies I've missed. Another thing is that I always want 100%, meaning if there is something interesting out there I do not own, I like to wait until all DLC are available at a cheaper price or as a GOTY edition. My backlog is so long now that by the time I have finished stuff I wanted to play, the interesting games have already fallen in price again. There are not many games I buy at release, 2 per maximum per year, if not even less. So who waits, wins - I guess. For the boosting: I like to boost stuff with good friends I've made over the years, if no one has the game I'm in a community with very ambitious players or if necessary I set up or join a session here on psnprofiles. I use guides if necessary, but as mentioned before not before second playthrough.
  3. Borderlands 2 - the Tiny Tina DLC As already been mentioned by several user before, this DLC was a whole lotta fun, very different to the main game but very funny. And I don't even like Borderlands that much, but this one was gorgeous. Alien Colonial Marines - Stasis Interrupted Some might wonder now, since the main game was truly garbage. But to be honest this DLC was quite good for what it was, making the game at least a bit better. Grand Theft Auto IV - Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned Great addition to the main game and nice amount of new content The Last of Us - Left Behind Maybe a bit short but still a nice and enjoyable DLC with new insights into a main character of the game Grand Theft Auto V - The Heist DLC We had to wait long for them but they were worth it. Had a lot of fun with friends playing online and breaking the law for becoming rich. Have to say I liked the doomsday heist update not as much as the normal heists. Still sad about the never realized single player dlc for the game. Horizon Zero Dawn - Frozen Wilds The same quality as the main game, really good addition and not to short. Main game was superb as well. Outlast - Whistleblower I liked the dlc even more than the main game. And the groom was just the best weirdest character in the whole game. Batman Arkham Knight - All DLC I loved them all, except of the races maybe. The amount of them and all the little stories were great and made this really special. Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare Already been mentioned by others here before, superb dlc with so much new content for a game that was and still is a masterpiece, just like it's successor That's basically it, I'll update this post when I've played a new lovely dlc.
  4. I can't recommend only one game. Why only one, when there is so much good stuff out there?
  5. Say what you want but this is the greatest gift an developer can make to gamers. New DLC for free after so many years. Bravo Gearbox!
  6. Not unobtainable but a fucking hell of a grind when starting now on all DLC trophies with this little time span left. I know what I'm talking about, just finished U3 on 100% few weeks ago and doing currently the same with U2.
  7. Well I can confirm the crashes, disconnects and the return of the griefers. And I play this game a lot (Rank 96 at the moment). I also have fun, but you're simply lucky if you haven't made those experiences yet, really. PS: Hallo Martin, du jetzt also auch hier?
  8. Lol... Simply go into Gun Rush/Gun Rush Teams via options menu, it's a showdown mode as well.
  9. Did you just stole my avatar? 😀

    1. Chocolate GiddyUp

      Chocolate GiddyUp

      One of you is Decoy Octopus...

    2. Galactic Hyper Balls
  10. It's true. And yep, almost daily one of the challenges implied to "kill 5 enemies with 'insert weapon name here'". Maybe that will change now. There were 7 daily challenges before, now they reduced it to 4 and added weekly challenges which means to basically fullfil at least 1 challenge per day to accomplish the weekly ones.
  11. I really would be happy if they would bring that trophy (Rank 80 currently, never glitched anything). But I honestly doubt it as they never did that in any of there games before as far as I'm concerned. Anyways, ranking up is not that hard! But you must appreciate the online mode. If you don't (which I can understand) it's a very hard grind and nobody likes that. Luckily, with new content now, this will be a little bit more colorful now.
  12. That is the proof that you don't know what you are talking about. If you'd taken a look at the games in my list before commenting, you could have answered that question to yourself, moron. Research more, analyze more, there are a few games out of this genre in that list.
  13. So I read a little through the comments here before playing the game, got hooked by the positive words and played through it. For those who didn't start the game yet... Two things: 1) it's an quick and easy game with easy doable 100%. 2) it's an indie game, walking simulator basically, the story is wonderful but hard stuff too! To me the story is always the center of a game. If the story is good and has heart and mind then there's no problem with limited gameplay. This little pearl here fits perfectly into those conditions. Beautiful music, graphics that are good enough, gameplay as said very little but a story that will let you feel and think about the events that you'll discover. Don't want to spoil anything but let me say this: it's no sunshine lovely little story, it's actually a sad and tragic one. I expected something else but that doesn't mean I'm disappointed or so. Just... surprised. And filled up with feelings and thoughts. And if a game leaves in your memory with those things, it's a well made experience. This game is good. Another thing: I found out this was made by the same developer as The Unfinished Swan and in quite some moments I felt a familiar vibe to this game. Same amount of fantasy and love for the details for the created experience, which is a very good recognition. So I was surprised a little when I searched the web for other games by this studio and realized The Unfinished Swan and What Remains of Edith Finch are the only ones. By a studio that exist for 10 years now. Another example for 'good things take time' I guess. Will keep them on my radar for upcoming releases. 'Giant Sparrow', remember that name for quality indie titles.
  14. Bloodborne I know lots of people love that game, but for me it just didn't work. I didn't like the fighting system, I didn't like the style, the graphics etc... Vessel Played it for 5 min's and decided it is crap. Aaru's Awakening This is the worst shit I've ever played on a PS4 up to date. Total crap.
  15. It's from Illfonic Games, the developers of Friday 13th. So there is nothing much to look forward to.