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  1. Is there a total list? I'd like to know how many points I have after 7 months of guessing.
  2. Marry none, kill both with fun.
  3. Yikes.
  4. For Old Blood and Strider I surely can say that they are NOT easy.
  5. I had the very same thing for a few rounds. Then it changed to triple XP.
  6. This is an amazing gift from EA! 👍👍👍
  7. Alien Isolation.
  8. As much as I'm disappointed by the leaks from the story and therefore decided to not play the game until it's in sale for 20 bucks or less, I'm really interested in this guitar playing thing. I play guitar for 18 years now and this looks like a tool to have fun to mess around with.
  9. You can count me in for the drawing, that game looks really nice. Great giveaway, thank you.
  10. Finally.
  11. Agreed. I got the game with my PS4 back in 2014, it took me years to find the motivation to plat the game. Beside the really nice looking graphics it's been a terrible experience. Best good looking shit game on PS4 imo.
  12. This looks like a 100% Hellblade clone.
  13. You were right. I found it in the download list on my vita. Still wonder why I could not find in the store whatsoever. Anyways, problem solved, thread can be closed.
  14. Yeah just like the title says. Can't find it in the Vita store. Access denied literally... What can I do?
  15. Is it true that you only have to play the last checkpoint of every chapter on Fubar difficulty and it still will count for the whole level?
  16. July 2020: Metal Gear Survive Hitman 2
  17. Great giveaway! And let me say this... dat avatar
  18. same here, this is the last trophy I need for the plat...
  19. And now we are in the next week after that and still there is just another race event. This is really getting annoying... according to this, there will be a featured event from june 15 - june 21... I believe it when I see it...
  20. Metal Slug 3. This game makes me feel like this song
  21. How do I know if a game is R1 or R2?
  22. Are the NA DLC compatible with the EU ps+ version?
  23. Anyone has tips for dark modes on Safari?
  24. Hey guys, I finished the game on Sith Lord regular (was quite tough) and already got all other trophies except 'Sith Master'. I heard or respectively read that it is possible to play the game on Sith Master with cheats and still get the trophy for finishing the game. But I don't know which cheats are allowed and which aren't. Can someone tell me please? Also, how do I need to proceed exactly? Do I have to start a fresh save file or can I overwrite an existing one? I need clear answer. Thank you.
  25. Dude, this helped perfectly! Got the plat now thanks to your informations. Thank you very much!