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  1. Games I enjoy playing is what got me to try trophy hunting long ago. It was to see if I could achieve the possible plats. If I didn’t decide to trophy hunt, I think I would have just played my games and only beat them.
  2. Nothing for me i’m interested in with this sale.
  3. It does not feel like a chore to me. The games still in my backlog keeps me playing the PS3. My main system is the PS4, don’t really mind switching back in forth between systems.
  4. Metro Last Light on PS3
  5. It’s going well, doing online trophies for PS3 games and 1 single player game currently. Still have my goals that I hope to accomplish.
  6. Congrats on the Tales Of Zestiria plat.
  7. Always do like games with story dlc’s. Hopefully, it will be good.
  8. The trophy list looks easy. I can see this possibly having dlc trophies. Might wait and get it later on.
  9. Thanks a lot for all these tips, just got this plat.
  10. #167: Warhawk Warhawk Supreme Achievement All your base trophies are belong to platinum. After 197 hours, it's finally over. One thing I learned was I should had got this done when I got the game. Man, this was a grind and it's all I played since the announcement of the servers closing. Had many times servers giving me errors at times. Longest part of the grind was the Air-To-Air kills and the XP to rank up. Nearing the end, I just listened to music so I wouldn't get bored. Playing the PS1 version of Warhawk years ago motivated me to go for this. Glad I made it just in time.
  11. #167 Warhawk


    Done just in time

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    2. TheYuriG


      Congratulations, have been seing your lobbies lately, glad to see you finishing as well

    3. J2V89


      Thanks! Had to put many hours each day just to make it 

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

  12. Need help with downloads because I got the publishing glitch issue. Will download others as well in return who needs it. PSN: J2V_89
  13. Nice with Yakuza 6 as your 100th plat. That project Judge game looks amazing.
  14. I'm having that issue too. Happened today and yesterday.
  15. Nice job on the Dragon Quest XI plat. That's a game I will get and play.