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  1. I use Sony Vegas Pro 13. I made the logo in Inkscape and GIMP.
  2. Hope this video will help people who are having troubles with the "The Modfather" Trophy: Name: The Modfather Desc: Tune a car to level 1299. Rank: Silver Game: The Crew
  3. Hello Internet! I am currently doing a Just Cause 2 let' play on my Youtube channel, SidekickGamingUK, I have been started a new Just Cause 2 let's play and would love for any fan of the game to help me out and give me ideas of what I should do next in my let's play, maybe do an awesome trick or see a cool landmark. Let me know if I need to improve anything. Thanks. Callum Link to video: Link to channel: SidekickGamingUK - YouTube